Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ebola is Man Made

If the New World Order Elite had not vocally touted their Eugenic/Malthusian/Genocide Agenda, had not written tomes in praise of it, under headings of "saving the earth" and "the population explosion" and other tomes to genocide and eugenics, this idea that the defense establishment had created a man-killing weaponized version of the Magburg virus would not seem so sinister . . . just the defense industry playing with their wish list of super-weapons.  But knowing that their stated goal is genocide, the elimination of 90 percent of the population on the planet, weaponized Marburg should be concerning.  ("The Pivot of Civilization - Margaret Sanger." )

Here is the cover story told to the media, the "official history of the discovery of Ebola":

+++ The scientist who discovered the Ebola virus from a blood sample of a dying Catholic nun way back in 1976 in Congo warns that the latest outbreak is caused by the deadliest strain of the virus - 9 out of 10 infected will die from it. In an exclusive interview to TOI's Kounteya Sinha, professor Peter Piot, who was 27-years-old when he made the discovery and is now the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says the present outbreak is the largest and the longest ever and could soon see it spread across the world including India." - yea there are a bunch of low caste Indians bucking the NWO's confiscation of the ancestral lands.

The is the discoverer of Eboli, according to the official version.
'I would sit next to Ebola sufferer on Tube', says scientist who discovered deadly virus
Professor Peter Piot says he is confident there will not be a major outbreak of the Ebola virus outside the west Africa region because it requires "very close contact" to spread

Recorded in the Congressional Record (Church Committee hearings) Ebola was one of the retro-viruses which the CIA had weaponized to use with a delivery gun that shot a micro dart, that felt like a "mosquito bite" when the person was hit. The then secretary of the Navy, Richard Danzig said, "If I was planning a bio-terror event, I'd do things with subtle finesse, to make it look like a natural outbreak. That would delay the response and lock up the decision-making process."

Remember DHS/FEMA have been brainwashing thousands of Pastors and Priests to act a herders in case of biological attack and forced quarantine and forced vaccinations, etc.

Bottom left is Senator Frank Church a true American Hero, holding the CIA's assassination tool, the "heart attack gun."  Point and shoot and the person dies of "natural causes" with no possibility of proving foul play.

Here is the DOCUMENTED real story: Ebola emerged first in three European vaccine production laboratories, virtually simultaneously, in 1967 NINE YEARS BEFORE it was "officially discovered in the Congo".

Then named the "Marburg virus" named after the Marburg, Germany, address of the Paul Ehrlich Institute, wherein one of the first outbreaks took place. It was a monkey virus brought into the country by Litton Bionetics ( LB - listed in the Congressional Record as a leading biological weapons contractor for the U.S. Military. Ebola is just weaponized Marbug monkey virus. Just like HIV is a weaponized monkey virus.

Litton Bionetic's research lab located in the West Nile region of Uganda, currently the heart of the African AIDS belt, collaborated, from 1960 to 1978, with the International Agency of Research in Cancer "IARC" which was funded by the National Institute of Health, but centered in France? Why, in France? Because they were doing things that were against American law. This all came out of Litton Bionetics and the Nation Cancer Institute and NIH's monkey experiments and using African villagers as guinea pigs - according to eyewitness testimony - Dr C Sally an MD researcher and employee on location - a whistle-blower.

All the mythology that this and HIV came out of the Kitum Cave is not far from the truth, since the bio-weapons lab of Litton was located near the cave.

BTW, the history of all this goes back to the CIA, which was formed merely as a cover for the Third Reich intelligence groups, led by Reinhard Gehlen - The Gehlen Organization. and Kurt Merk - The Merk Network. Project Paperclip, the NAZI exfiltraion program brought over 2000 scientists and technicians, Hitler's finest to America, and was directed by Rockerfeller front men along with General Alexander Bolling and Henry Kissinger. Among the CIA draftees, was Erich Traub - Hitler's top biological weapons developer - who became an employee of the Navy in 1948 - and as history has shown the NAVY has been at the forefront of biological weapons research ever since alone with a list of companies, with ties to the likes of the those just named and Foster and Allen Dulles.

Project Paperclip team at Fort Bliss - Moving NAZIS to the U.S.

G Edward Griffin, from decades of Congressional Record research makes these connections. At the center of these "new' viruses - actually bio-weapons, was the people just named, but the Companies Merk Pharmaceutics, (the German intelligence organization know as Merknet - absorbed into the CIA - was run by members of the Merk Pharmaceutical family) Farben (Farbenfabriken vorm.) Bayer Company of Ludwigshafen, BASF (Badische Anilin und Soda-Gabrik of Ludwigshafen) - Sterling Drugs, American Home Products, American Cyanamid and even the FDA. Similar connections are made by Elaine Feuer in her book, "Innocent Casualties: The FDA's War Against Humanity."

Some cracks in the wall of lies:

My Prayers continue for our future, for the Humanizing of our culture, for LIBERTY and LIFE to win.
Archpriest Symeon Elias

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