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Christian County Clerk Jailed - How Did We Get Here?

Lecture by Archpriest Symeon Elias - a plea for American Christians to WAKE UP!

Clerk in Jail  - Homosexual “marriage” an ontological impossibility. 

I am as opposed to gay marriage as anyone could be. In fact I know that the concept is INSANE, since a man, cannot be both a man and a wife and mother, nor can a woman be a woman and a husband and father. That is a violation of the law of non-contradiction that says two things cannot be both true and false, in the same place, at the same time, in the same respect. This truth is indubitable and the reason why the Cultural Marxist are seeking to destroy the male and female pronouns in our language, to cover their insanity. Yes, our culture has grown insane. 

I hope Christians are waking up. When we consider that in 1990, 89% of all Americans self identified as Christian. Now it is about 78%. All I can say is that there is something massively wrong with that Christianity that produced this Culture of Death. At the very least, Christians are guilty of collective neglect, since the Cultural Marxists working to destroy Christian culture have succeeded almost unimpeded. 

At this point calling this country Christian defies logic. Many Christians rave and fume and experience cognitive dissonance, unable to let go of the mythology that this is a Christian nation, seeing the rampant paganism, they cannot accept that both the culture and the government are now clearly and solidly pagan.  How did this happen?

Going to your Church and having an emotional experience is NOT going to free you from the chains that bind, nor keep your children and grand children from becoming LITERALLY the "play things" of the Luciferians. 

You can squawk about it, complain with a thousand tweets, insta-grams, and facebook posts how "unconstitutional it all is" but until you learn the tools the enemy is using to destroy our culture, you will be POWERLESS to resist. (powerless to resist its influence in YOUR own soul, in your own thinking, no matter how many Christian "emotional/spiritual experiences" you have.)  Jesus didn't tell us to be as emotional as babes and children, but to become WISE as Serpents, harmless as doves.

Sadly the rebellion of many Christians is actually channeled into political power structures that CONTROL THEM, psycho-political manipulators who take their moral rebellion and confuse it and defuse it and USE it. They keep you complaining about the evil fruit produced, but have you caring for, financing and supporting the trunk and roots of the evil tree, itself.

This is the most important question any Christian can be asked at this point in history: 

Do you realize that what we are battling in America, in the world and in our own hearts, minds and souls, is the spiritual/mental fog of Cultural Marxism, (Luciferianism) used by the Globalist Elite, to destroy any semblance of Christianity left in our culture and then to destroy Christianity itself and ultimately Christians themselves? Really? do YOU realize this? Please continue reading whether the answer is yes or no, because it is a matter of life and death.

The Globalist Elite function on the spirit of the anti-christ, they are literally Luciferian, viewing REAL Christianity as the last obstacle to be eliminated to create a one world religion in the service of a one world government. They are busy creating many counterfeit Christian "churches and movements" readied for that New World Order System.  They aim to destroy Real Christian culture, from inside that culture. (And their plan is too nearly complete!) To do so they had to make Christianity itself the enemy, sin a virtue, giving the "moral high ground" to the perverts and degenerates in our land. In fact, "sanctifying their degeneracy." That is the reason for their press for "Marriage Equality" (a civil contract was not enough).

Even the secularist/pragmatics Christopher Hedges by honest observation understands that modern American Institutions have turned on us, and the situation is INSANE. 


Following the plan, devised decades ago, they have actually chosen the most degenerate and controllable to appoint to the Federal Judicial Bench. Not all Judges, less the program get out of control, become too obvious, and the perverts exercise too much power and threaten their masters, just key figures where needed (hundreds of them). They have to have vocal public dissent (Justice Antonin Scalia) to make you think there is actually opposition to the agenda.  They did the same with the legal profession, the educational profession, greater academia, the medical profession and most especially the psychological/psychiatric and political professions. (And BTW those who call this "conspiracy theory" are Cultural Marxists or their useful and STUPID Idiots, parroting their Marxists master's memes.)    

The goal and methods were stated clearly by the psycho-political controllers, in documents from the bowels of the Kremlin, opened to the public for a short period following the fall of Communism in the U.S.S.R. (very early 1990s).  But where the Russian people had experienced the brunt of forcible conquest, massive slaughter, and oppression, and rebelled, silent Christian moral rebellion becoming the core of the Russian Mind-set, Culture and Consciousness, to the point that none of the state apparatus, the bureaucracies, institutions and industries could function anymore. While pretending to work, the Russian people made certain everything would fall apart and endured the privations of their own making. To be "industrious" in Soviet Russia was to come to the aid of Lucifer, to increase ones own slavery and they knew it. The Globalists Elites could not overcome the collective passive sabotage, no matter how much money was pumped into the USSR by Wall Street and other entities of the Global Elite, who CREATED IT. (And that is the real reason Soviet Communism failed, it was not some magic of Ronald Reagan, or actions by a Sainted Pope (they merely helped it to collapse with minimal bloodshed - no small feat!) But the real reason the USSR came crashing down is because the Globalist Elite (Wall Street, London, Brussels) realized they were wasting money on a failed experiment, and withdrew their financial support. They will do the same here, if enough people wake up.

However, the same power structure was at work in American society and culture and redoubled their efforts once they had decided to abandon the Russian Communist experiment. That power structure did not fall with the USSR. It was working from the inside of our culture and institutions, including government, politics, education, medicine, and even segments of Christianity itself, to reduce our population to the status of stupefied degenerates, easy to control through psychological conditioning, psychotronic mind manipulation, paved highways of degeneracy and LEGAL and illegal drugs. 

Aldous Huxley, the brother of one of the key psycho-political controllers who was the first head of the U.N.s UNESCO, in the 1950s, at that time, spelled out the plan in two paragraphs, stated on the two pictures below and many have documented the progressive success of this plan decade after decade for any to see who were awake enough NOT to experience cognitive dissonance.

One in four American Adults is on some form of LEGALLY Prescribed Psychotropic (mind altering) Drug. GET SOBER! One in five American Children are on some form of LEGALLY Prescribed Psychotropic (mind altering - and mental/emotional development hindering drug) STOP ABUSING YOUR CHILDREN FOR YOUR OWN CONVENIENCE.  

This project is complete in all of Europe, the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia. The Ghost of the Republic

The two most important chroniclers of Cultural Marxist's success and this sad epoch of American History are (1) Charlotte Iserbyt (pronounced is-er-bee) (The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America) who records the methods the Psycho-Political Controller used to make Americans STUPID, subverting our educational system from one of Classical Education which taught the tools of THOUGHT and REASON, to one of Marxist Operant Conditioning, and (2) Antony Cyril Sutton, a British and American economist, historian, and writer, who exposed, with unquestioned documentation, the means by which the Luciferian Globalists took control of our economic life, then control of American Power, in a series of books entitled, "The Federal Reserve Conspiracy" "Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler" "Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution: The Remarkable True Story of the American Capitalists Who Financed the Russian Communists" (and there you have the key to what is presently happening in the U.S. because they financed BOTH communism and the globalism that controls our government and owns BOTH political parties) "Wall Street and FDR"  and "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones."

You have to stop being "reactionary" raving and ranting at the latest insult (the latest fruit to fall from the poisonous tree). You have to learn the root and structure of the TREE itself, so that collectively be may lay ax to that truck  and restore SANITY to our Culture and Nation.   

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