Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"I Don't Need Their Money" Donald Trump

"You see, I don't need their money. First day in the Oval Office I will not owe them anything. They may call, they will call and I can say, 'I don't owe you anything.'"

When the attacks on Donald Trump start being aired, following Labor Day, pay close attention who is mounting the attacks. It will not be from the Candidates campaigns, though they have coordinated with the GOP/RNC for their coordinated effort. The ads will be run by innocent sounding organizations that are actually the candidates' Super Pacs.

Jeb Bush's Super Pac is called, "Right to Rise." The list of donors includes anonymous shell corporations, 28 former ambassadors, and hundreds of wealthy and moneyed elite from around the country. All the money is from big Elitist Donors, and very big, Elitist Donors. Of course the Dummy Corporation tell the real story - puppeteers hiding their financial puppet strings. Total money 114 million dollars.

Ted Cruz's Super Pac is called, "Keep the Promise II" and it has at this time only one donor, who gave 10 million dollars. (Rather this is the story they have been telling, it is not true.) OF COURSE this BILLIONAIRE DONOR doesn't want anything in return for that TEN MILLION DOLLARS. He just LOVES to give millions to politicians for no reason whatsoever, but the good feeling it leaves in his heart. The guy's name is Toby Neugebauer. He is the billionaire founder of a private-equity firm, and he is the father of Congressman Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas). (For all you Cruz Supporters who find Donald Trump's billions offensive, remember that your candidate is propped up by a man worth Billions.)MORE INFO on Cruz: Cruz ACTUALLY has three Super Pacs, "Keep the Promise I" "Keep the Promise II" and "Keep the Promise III" That 10 Million above is only part of the story, the part they have been telling. It is 38 million. This from the WSJ: "A network of super PACs supporting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign, including some committees funded entirely by one donor or family of donors, has collected almost $38 million. But some of the money came from people with divided loyalties.
"Keep the Promise PAC, collected $1.8 million from a range of donors, including Robert McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, who gave $500,000. Mr. McNair also gave $500,000 to the super PAC supporting former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and donated another $500,000 to the super PAC supporting Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker‘s presidential bid.

Most of the money given to a sister group, Keep the Promise I, was an $11 million contribution from Robert Mercer, a reclusive New Yorker who is co-CEO of hedge fund firm Renaissance Technologies. The super PAC, however, gave $500,000 to a super PAC supporting another 2016 candidate, former corporate executive Carly Fiorina. (That is actually four pacs, Keep the Promise PAC, then I, II, and III)

Marco Rubio's Super Pac is called, "Conservative Solutions PAC" It has rasied 17 million dollars. (more info when we find it.) From the WSJ: 
Three quarters of the $16 million raised for a super PAC backing the presidential campaign of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio came from just four donors. Norman Braman, a billionaire auto dealer and longtime friend and patron of Mr. Rubio, contributed $5 million to Conservative Solutions PAC, a group backing the senator’s Republican presidential bid. The New York Times NYT reported earlier this year that he plans to spend $10 million to fuel Mr. Rubio’s campaign. Mr. Braman’s donations to the group were spread out over three months: He gave $1.5 million in both April and May, and another $2 million near the end of June.

Lawrence J. Ellison, the chairman of Oracle Corp.ORCL gave $3 million. Another $2 million came from Laura Perlmutter, a philanthropist who is married to Isaac Perlmutter, the billionaire chief executive officer of Marvel Entertainment. Besilu Stables, a horse racing company in Miami, donated $2.5 million.

About half the amount the super PAC raised–$7.9 million—came in the final 10 days of June, just ahead of a June 30 deadline for the report filed with the Federal Election Commission. The super PAC spent $107,525 largely on consulting and fundraising. It has $15.9 million on hand.

Correction: Larry Ellison gave $3 million to the pro-Rubio super PAC, and Laura Perlmutter gave $2 million. An earlier version of this article incorrectly said Mr. Ellison gave $4 million and Ms. Perlmutter gave $1 million.

Rand Paul has three Super Pacs, the head of one was just indicted on Federal corruption charges, for Bribing a key figure away from support of Michelle Bachmann in the last election cycle, who then endorsed Ron Paul, Rand Paul's father, for president. The fellow who was indicted is Jesse Benton, long time Rand Paul supporter and confidant, who heads his pac named, "America’s Liberty PAC".

Paul's second pac is called, "Concerned American Voters," run by Jeff Frazee and Matt Kibbe. You may or may not know that Matt Kibbe, famous for the "fake tea party" group called, "Freedom Works," I say FAKE because Matt Kibbe was a long time insider and operative of the Republican National Committee (RNC) (the group that runs the GOP primaries and convention). Before most ever heard the name, Tea Party, suddenly Kibbe arrived on the scene, on all the media, claiming to be a 'spokesperson' for the Tea Party Movement. (Senior Economist at the Republican National Committee then Director of Federal Budget Policy at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, both Globalist New World Order organizations.) 

This and Judson Phillips' Tea Party Nation were two ways the RNC coopted the Tea Party Movement in 2010, 2011.

Paul's third pac is, Purple PAC - According to FEC filings, the third super PAC, PurplePAC, is being run by Cato Institute co-founder and president emeritus Ed Crane and aims to focus on digital media. The CATO institute is a NeoCon Think Tank, controlled by the same Globalist forces we have documented control the Heritage Foundation, incestuous with the Council on Foreign Relations, the grand daddy of all the Globalist NeoCon institutions. Seeing this the idea that Rand Paul is an "outsider" is laughable. CATO's major supporters are the Globalist Koch Brothers. So the same powers behind Scott Walker are also behind Rand Paul. 

Scott Walker's Super Pac, is called, "Unintimidated PAC." It is headed by two former aids, and political handlers, Keith Gilkes, who managed Walker’s victory in a 2012 recall fight, and Stephan Thompson, the manager of his 2014 reelection. James McCray, is the national finance director for the PAC, He is a D.C.-based fundraiser (Lobbyist). Oracle Corp. gave $3 million. Another $2 million came from Laura Perlmutter, a philanthropist who is married to Isaac Perlmutter, the billionaire chief executive officer of Marvel Entertainment. Besilu Stables, a horse racing company in Miami, donated $2.5 million.

About half the amount the super PAC raised–$7.9 million—came in the final 10 days of June, just ahead of a June 30 deadline for the report filed with the Federal Election Commission.  I forgot to include that the NeoCon Globalist, the Koch brothers, have pledge 900 Million to Scott Walker. 

The largest donation to the Fiorina super PAC -- close to $1.6 million -- came from Jerry Perenchio, the former CEO of Univision (tell me she will be tough on immigration when the former head of Univision is a large source of her money) and national finance co-chairman for John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign with deep ties to California. The super PAC had previously announced raking in around $3.4 million, and Fiorina's campaign said it had raised $1.4 million.

Ben Carson's Super Pac, "2016 Committee" is hiding the origin of 1.2 Million dollars. Between all the spokes-persons for the PAC they confirm they have collected $5,000,000, but cannot account for 1.2 Million that seems to have appeared from no where.
Carson has three Super Pacs, but one called "National Draft Ben Carson Committee" claims to have rolled into the "2016 Committee" and ceased operation but as of August 5th 2015 the FEC says they are still in operation. The other committee is "One Vote" according to their June 30th filing they had raised only 100K.

Of that Five Million Dollars raised, I can find public acknowledgement of only the following donors, which makes only a small portion of that money a matter of public record. I would bet the next filing has a host of dummy corporation listed. Since the GOP/RNC Elites are financing his Iowa bid.

 Mark Oldfield, owner and CEO of Source Support Services, a Georgia IT firm. Oldfield shares the No. 1 spot as top donor to the Draft Carson super PAC in 2014, giving $101,520.

Mike Horan, president of Ajax Paving Industries, a concrete and asphalt firm with offices in Michigan and Florida. Horan also donated $101,520.

Harry Bettis, an Idaho rancher who supports Republican candidates and causes. Donation: at least $71,000, which appears to be his largest contribution to any candidate.

Caster Family Trust, a family operation in San Diego linked with Terence Caster, who owns A-1 Self Storage, a chain that has been boycotted because Caster helped fund efforts to ban gay marriage in California. Donation to Carson: at least $50,000.

Jeanette Quilhot, co-owner of an Indiana horse farm. Donation: at least $80,000.
Link to Bobby Jindal's Puppet Masters.

It appears that Carson's Campaign has raise more money than his pacs. Carson's campaign told CBS News in early July that the Republican has raised $10.5 million since he formed his exploratory committee on March 3. Of that total, $8.35 million was raised since in the April-June quarter that ended Wednesday June 30th. The 209,940 donations to Carson's campaign since March 3 have come from 151,060 individual donors.

Please note all these figures, except 900 million pledge to Scott Walker are from the Federal Election Commission filing on June 30th.  We can assume facing the Trump challenge that these figures are MUCH higher now, at least for the candidates and their pacs, through which the GOP/RNC Globalist will used to try to destroy Trump. 

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