Saturday, August 15, 2015

Controlled Opposition - A Very Important Term

Controlled Opposition is a term you need to come to understand to keep from being manipulated by them.  They are psycho-political "controllers." 

I tried to warn you people that many of these so-called "Tea Party" taking heads are actually "controlled opposition" in the control of the Criminal Globalist Elites that have control of our government and OWN the core mechanism of BOTH PARTIES. Mark Levin is one of these people and you have allowed him to manipulate your mind for years, now.  The number of the psycho-political controllers are many. Almost every talking head you see appear on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, and the other networks, both the anchors and contributors are part of the Mind War Mechanism, controlled by the NSA/CIA/BBG.

Here is a conversation I had with one of these Psycho-Political Controllers, a darl'n of the FAKE Tea Party movement. He is "reacting" to my picture/post about Trump not truly running against the other candidates, but running against the Criminal Globalists than control our Government.  He is part of that Globalist Cabal, financed by them. 

Kevin McCullough · Friends with Ava Aston
Truly one of the dumbest things posted on Facebook today
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Kevin McCullough · Friends with Ava Aston
Trump is for universal healthcare
Trump is for funding planned parenthood
Trump is for his friendship with the Clintons
Trump is not a conservative
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Butch Robinson: Kevin McCullough you are simply a liar. Go away.
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Butch Robinson So you would prefer a conservative puppet, indentured to the Globalist Elite Financiers? Good for you.

Kevin McCullough · Friends with Ava Aston
Butch there are ample pieces of video out there that prove the 4 things I just mentioned...

Chris Shipler ^^^ And there are ample videos and articles to prove that all but two of the candidates are controlled by billionaires who want the North American Union and open boarders, and the new TPP deal, and endless war and amnesty, even the ones who claim they don't now that they are running.

Who gives a crap.. obviously you don't.. you have picked you savior.. now go vote for him/her..
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Butch Robinson Amen, Chris. These ignorant wankers need to read a book and learn something.
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Kevin McCullough · Friends with Ava Aston
No... I haven't picked a savior... But TRUMP is the furthest thing from a Savior we've ever seen. 

No consistency on any issue important to true conservatives.
NOTE*** NOW IS THAT STATEMENT TRUE?  Firstly what is the stance of a Traditional Conservative?  
(1) Sound Money - Trump condemns the manipulation of currency all the time and has for 30 plus years.
(2) Secure Borders, since you cannot have a Nation, without secure borders, you cannot protect the people of your nation without secure borders. Trump has a 30 plus year history advocating for secure borders. 
(3) Protection of American Free Enterprise. There is a difference between "Globalist Capitalism" that owns countries, and the protection of American Businesses. Which amounts to the protection of American workers and the American Middle Class.  - Trump has a 30 plus years history as an America First nationalist, advocating what I just mentioned.
(4) Protection of National Sovereignty from Sovereignty busting Globalist Trade Deals.  And Sovereignty busting treaties of all kinds.  Trump has a 30 plus year history advocating FAIR TRADE, that accomplished the goals above, and not FAKE Free Trade deals that are fixed for the welfare benefit of foreign countries. 
(5) Honoring of the Constitution, and the Republic it created, the Bill of Rights and the right of people to Life, Liberty and Property. - again, Trump has a history of advocating for this because without it, none of the above is possible. 

Now back to our FAKE Tea Party Psycho-Political Manipulator. 
Mark Wilson · Friends with Rhandi Pendergrass
One thing is certain all of those in office have sold the American people out and it's obvious by their actions, if we do not abolish DC America is finished and right now Trump is our only chance...
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Chris Shipler You are yacking your jaw about bullsh*t.. everyone of these guys, is a spin machine right now.

Tell me.. how many delegates were awarded for the "fake debate", or Ohio, or Iowa, or S. Carolina, or Florida.. or explain the RNC rules on how delegate are dispersed and how the candidate will be selected. Or which of the RNC rules are voted on before the convention and which rules stay in place?

Tell me what happened at the 2012 RNC and how it impacted the guaranteed "crowing" of Jeb bush.

... and then while your at it, who is Morton Blackwell, John John Sununu and what part do they play in the RNC rules game.
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Butch Robinson:  Chris Shipler, let me introduce you to one of the psycho-political manipulators, Kevin McCullough (I thought the name sounded familiar) He is a long time party hack and disinformation agent - literally a psycho-political manipulator. Do I remember you on Fox news Kevin as a contributor? (the answer is yes) NEOCON establishment all the way. He writes for "The American Family Association" founded by the infamous "Donald Wilmon" and financed at the beginning by CIA asset and Cultural Marxist manipulator, Paul Weyrich. Part of the NeoCon far right CIA created network. And don't believe he hasn't "picked a savior".
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Kevin McCullough · Friends with Ava Aston
Yeah... A bunch of that is gibberish... Am anything but an establishment hack... Actually founding member of the Tea Party... Spoke on the National Mall when we had 1.7 million show up... But don't let reality get in the way of your insane hallucinations.
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Butch Robinson: Well, considering that a bunch of political hacks took control of the Tea Party movement very quickly, even forming FAKE Tea Party groups, your protestations fall on deaf ears.
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Butch Robinson 1.7 million, so was that the Beck Ecumenical Revival Service where Beck told everyone to go home, pray and be good. It was a confuse and defuse psychological operation, a way to pacify the anger, while the Agenda marched faster.
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Chris Shipler .. and while you at it.. tell us what HW Bush's NWO speech was about, how many military bases the US has around the world, how many "current" military conflicts we are actually in.

.. Then tell us about NGO's and how they are used throughout the world. Oh yeah.. give us a run down on the BRICS nations and what they are doing right now. or the STO, or the New Silk Road being built across Central Asia and who the players are.

.. and then after you have enlightened us on all that, then tell us about the North American Union plan and how Bush and Clinton and Bush and now Obama are part of that and all the connected trade and security deals that were enacted under those administrations.

... and when you are done with all that, come back and I have about 50 more questions for you.. and if you have no idea WTH I am talking about STHU and go away and let adults continue talking.
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Chris Shipler I can't stand phonies, ignorant people, or liars.. or game playing jerks.

Get a fricking life. read a book.. something
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Chris Shipler You have weird friends, Butch (smile emoticon)
You have to stop listening to these spinners like Mark Levin. 

Trump a closet liberal?
Sadly, we are past the "social conservative" meme. My sister-in-law a life long liberal democrat told me that she is voting Trump no matter what ticket he is on. I was shocked and asked why? She said, "Because, if we don't save America, secure our borders and restore the American middle class, none of us will have the resources to battle for any cause. The Globalist Corporations will control everything." My liberal democrat sister-in-law, GETS IT. I hope you all do the  research and discover what is really happening to our country, the reality of the power structure Donald J Trump is challenging.

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