Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Great Computer Hack - Propaganda

The Great Computer Hack of the Office of Personnel Management - as Psychological Warfare:
The Tale of Two Governments: One real, one for show.

Listening to the slug congresswoman on CSPAN this morning droning on about how absolutely nothing was safe on the internet and that "we needed to re-think the amount of personal information that is placed on these sites." It dawned upon me:

(1) that the easiest way to protect computer data that is held for specific use, is simply to disconnect the particular server holding the data from the internet. Someone will have to explain to me why the personnel records of all present and past federal employees was on the internet in the first place. Why? Before the days of the internet such records were physically held in secure paper files. Why would the digitizing of those records require exposure to the internet?

(2) What is the meme they are pressing with this story of the Great Computer Hack of the Office of Personnel Management?

Is it not to impress upon the public the idea that the computers of the federal government are antiquated, that they do not keep up with modern technology. Along with this hacking story we have seen a barrage stories about "antiquated computers and software of the federal government," the IRS still functioning on the antiquated DOS system (which for what their real job is DOS is perfectly adequate for the task) and another agency just now installing Window 97, "which isn't even supported anymore," just to mention two. Even the ObamaCare Website roll out was part of this operation. You see what I am saying. They are painting a meme for you, painting the Federal Government's computers and computer expertise as old and antiquated, incapable of launching a website, and as a victim of Grand Hacking by the Chinese.

What is the reality that is different from the meme?

(1) The federal government operates computer systems that are the very fastest most powerful computers in the world, that operate near the speed of on centrillion calculations per second, (one centrillion is 1 followed by one hundred groups of three zeroes. To accommodate that speed of calculation, to quantify it, every second is divided into a billion parts, or one billionth of a second. Inside that billionth of a second would be data generated in Terabytes, ten Terabytes contains all the information in the Library of Congress. So, that, along with these possibilities and realities of information processing, comes the requirements of massive storage, and they have that as well, and are constructing the storage capacity at an exponential pace, preparing what they call, "a coming tidal wave of information" due to human knowledge doubling in shorter and shorter periods of time.
This is the REAL power of government.
This is the REAL government.

This REAL government records every keystroke you make, and every keystroke and every word said by every official and most individuals around the world including Russia and China. So that IF there actually were a computer hack of the antiquated computer system holding the records of less than 30 million people, it would have taken only the amount of time needed for the old software to work and spit out its hard-drive data and the likely Hacker is the NSA, not China or Russia, or ANONYMOUS.

(2) The Great Computer Hack of the Office of Personnel Management, whether it physically happened or didn't happen, is a propaganda ploy, and not a true vulnerability to China, as the meme goes.

(3) And rather than the picture of the hobbling, stumbling, bumbling, behemoth that is the Federal Bureaucracy, limping along in dazed confusion, which is ALL SHOW, that is the SHOW Government, you need to remember the reality of the Secret Government, the Hidden Government that is operating on technology light years ahead of our knowledge, and has become arrogant, having subsumed so much power.

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