Monday, August 10, 2015

Glen Beck's "The Blaze" Proving Their NeoCon Bonafides.

Matt Walsh wrote a hit piece on Donald Trump and his supporters for the NeoCon Glen Beck's New World Order, CONTROLLED Opposition RAG, called, The Blaze.  Let us deconstruct it. But first I want to thank Matt for a valuable service. The more Trump supporters are insulted, the greater their numbers will grow, the more people are educated about the unique qualities of Donald Trump's Candidacy and the fact that the media is controlled by a faction that does not want Trump elected.  I think Matt Taibbi said it best:

 “Trump’s followers are a gang of pissed-off nativists who are tired of being laughed at, belittled, dismissed, and told who to vote for. So it seems incredible that the Republican establishment thinks it’s going to get rid of Trump by laughing at, belittling and dismissing him, and telling his voters who they should be picking.”

Matt Walsh:  I suppose it’s no use getting angry at Donald Trump for his repugnant and ridiculous antics. He’s an impetuous phony with no integrity, and he’s just doing what impetuous phonies with no integrity do. It just so happens that he was lucky enough to be born wealthy so he can afford to seek attention by running for president, whereas the typical childish brat is relegated to sitting in the back of the classroom flicking boogers at the girl in front of him. That’s all Trump is really doing — political booger flicking —  the only difference is that he’s old, rich, and famous, with millions of admirers who proudly insist that a political booger flicker is just what this country needs right now.

The Orthodox Philosopher:

(1) Amazing that Matt pictures Trump as a "booger flicker" when in fact that could sum up Mr Walsh's article. But he is flicking boogers at you and me.

(2) Matt's picturing of Donald Trump as a spoiled little rich boy, may work when you are talking to welfare liberals and you use the Saul Alinsky tactic to create class warfare.  But Trump's supporters are not that. They are the hard working people who call themselves Republican, Democrat and Independent. They know that Matt's picture is propaganda.  \

What is the reality?  

Donald Trump inherited 400 million dollars and turned it into a net worth of TEN THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS, taking time to get a Class A Education, and using his WISDOM, WIT and many years of HARD WORK.  Trump has made hundreds of Real Estate Deals, and he created 128 Businesses. Of the 128 Businesses Trump created, only FOUR have failed.  The average failure rate for new businesses is FORTY PERCENT.  Trump's failure rate is 3.22 percent.  Were he not a truly exceptional businessman, he would have, by averages, failed FORTY NINE TIMES.  So much for the Donald Trump, spoiled little rich boy meme.  

(3) Certainly Trump's supporters are angry.  But a great many people, conservatives, liberals and leftists are angry. In fact the percentage of people who say that things are going well in our country and are NOT angry, number in the single digits.  Trump's supporters represent something MORE than anger.

Any sane person has to be angry when looking at the state of our country, the greatest promise history has ever produced and its wealth being squandered by politicians who are owned by the Globalist Elite Establishment, having taken control of our Government, through their ownership of BOTH political parties, decimating the American Middle Class and forcing our children and grand children into generational dept slavery.  

But we are not just angry, we are the people who understand what a TWENTY PLUS TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT is going to mean for the quality of life and promise of our children and grand children.  
We are the people who realize that there is an AGENDA at work, followed by BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES that has caused this situation where our Constitution is voided and our Sovereignty threatened, where in the place of our Great Constitutional Republic, we have instead, an Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Security State.  


We are intelligent enough to know that our working class is FORCED to compete with slave or virtual slave labor in UNFAIR TRADE DEALS, that ROB US and line the pockets of the same Globalist Elites previously mentioned.  This is the INTELLIGENT REBELLION that Trump has tapped. Trump's supporters understand what this Graphic explains, that is the decimation of American's Middle Class.  (Statistics from 2011, it is much worse today.)

(4) We are also intelligent enough to understand that NO career politician nor neophyte candidate, like Carson or Fiorina, with moderate wealth, can gain office without sucking the teats of the Globalist Elite Financiers, who OWN BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES, and without accepting the strings that are attached to that money. We witnessed already in this cycle, when Trump entered the race, Jeb Bush suspended his campaigning and spent FIVE DAYS, sucking the TEATS of the Representatives of the Globalist Elite on K-Street. The K-Street Lobbyist are their AGENTS.  Jeb came away with 110 million dollars. We are intelligent enough to understand that money comes with strings attached.  It is not a quid pro quo, which would be illegal, but it is an unstated agreement and EVERYONE knows it.   

We are intelligent enough to understand what it means when Donald Trump said, speaking of the Globalist Elites and their Lobbyist Agents,  "I don't need their money." "My first day in the Oval Office I will owe them NOTHING."  Do other candidate in either party have the resources to make that statement?  Some are great people, and they may start out with grand and idyllic ideals and goals, but they have to sell themselves BEFORE they CAN take office, because a presidential run in this cycle is likely to cost ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS.  

(5) Trump's supporters are intelligent enough to realize that the same Globalist Elite, that have taken control of our Government also OWN the Media. Even Glen Beck's communication empire is in hock to them.

(6) Trump's supporters are intelligent enough to realize that this is NOT truly election season, or at least the Globalist Elite did not intend it to be, and it was not until Trump entered the race.  Business as usual is that this is "selection" season where a mere 132 Globalists who OWN BOTH PARTIES use the Kabuki play of primary elections to make YOU think, YOU have elected your candidate. It is always a Globalist puppet that is "selected" by a mere 132 Globalists. Trump is the only candidate that is not in their control.

Video introduction:
This fellow is as liberal as I am conservative, and in our research on the state of our government and the state of our political system, we have come to the exact same conclusions and understanding. Not one word he utters isn't fact. We all have to learn the lesson he teaches on the video or we will be stuck like insane people, endlessly trying the same political processes expecting different result and NEVER getting it. My presentation would have had different emphasis, but it would have been basically the same.

This Harvard professor of Law and Ethics (now there is a mind twister) explains cogently why 132 people in the U.S. totally control the election process and select the candidates. He also explains without realizing it how the CIA controls the elections, since you cannot draw a line where the CIA ends and the Globalist Elite begin, they are ONE. He also explains without realizing it the quandary Donald Trump causes for a FIXED the election system, since he is not dependent upon the Elite for money, he destroys their ability to FIX it by the "selection" of one of their puppets. 

Please watch the video, so you can understand how absolutely UNIQUE Donald Trump's Candidacy is, and so you may have the knowledge Dr Lessig teaches to judge Matt Walsh's remaining words. 

Here is the link for the rest of Matt Walsh's silly tirade.  I would suggest reading it with the knowledge you have just learned from Dr Lessig.

I want to add one more thing before I pass you off to Matt Walsh's venom.  It is this.  Donald Trump has been absolutely consistent in his America FIRST nationalism for more than thirty years.  Watch this appearance he made on the Winfrey show in 1988, and see for yourself he is still saying the same things.  He has felt so strongly about the raping of the American economy by the Globalist through control of the U.S. Government, he has, over the years, spent a small fortune taking out full page ads in major newspapers, exposing their actions. Google it.


  1. I notice you use class warfare in your support of Trump. Isn't he one of those 1% "Global Elitists" you're lambasting? How do you know Trump isn't a plant by the global elite to further increase their strangle hold? He knows many of those people and is wealthy enough to travel in their circles. Maybe he has done so well and made so many successful deals because he is working with them, and has been for years. Why do you think Leftists love George Soros? Leftist hate rich people but love George Soros. It's because he says the things they want to hear and throws the a few scraps from the table. All the while he works in the background knowing he can do as he pleases because the left won't come after him.

    Yeah, Trump is just an uber rich guy with the best intentions for you and me. He would buy us and sell us in a minute. It would be just another deal for him.

  2. Mark, you obviously don't know the difference between the Globalist Criminal Financiers who own most of the Central Banks in the World and ALL of the Central Banks in the West, who shuffle paper and create money out of thin air, who own entire nations, and control our government, and OWN both political parties and all their puppets (with the exception of Donald Trump) Vs an American Business man who Actually BUILDS things, buildings and businesses.


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