Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July - Egyptian Style - The Lesson of the Egyptian Revolution

Burned out hull of the Muslim Brotherhood Headquarter in Cairo - July 3rd - 2013

LISTEN CAREFULLY to the underlying Media theme, vis a vis the Egyptian Revolution, it is very ENLIGHTENING concerning ISLAM everywhere: 

Because you would not accept the Sharia Tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood, you have done it now. Because NOW they have lost faith in enslaving you through democra-cide and will NOW turn to violence. 

Here is the Implicit threat of ALL OF ISLAM, ALL THE TIME, stated as it rarely is, Explicitly. "Make Liberty reducing concessions to us, don't fight back politically OR we will turn violent." Living with Islam is like living caged with a pit bull and only one food source. To survive, sooner or later you have to take out the pit bull. 

When the terrorism and Guerrilla War tactics start, these same critics of the Revolution will say, "See, we were right! Because you disenfranchised the Muslim Brotherhood, now you face violence and terror. Your actions were unreasonable. You should have known better." That is what they will say. But what will be the REAL lesson to be learned if the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its little babies, the Jihadi THUG groups it created will not accept a peacefully evolving democratic republic in Egypt and resort to terror and guerrilla war? The real lesson is they have to be put down. Why? Because you can't live peacefully caged with a pit bull and one food source. The "food source" is the civilization, the culture. For the Islamist it is THEIRS, that is SHARIA compliant or it is a fight to the death. In their minds it can be a slow death or a faster death, but the "culture" will belong to them. You heard the Muslim Brotherhood's thugs chanting last evening, Sharia or Martyrdom. Translated that is "Our Culture or Death."

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