Thursday, July 4, 2013

Benghazi and Dr. Muhammed Morsi

These people know what Benghazi was all about. 

Take a moment and engage with me in the exercise of time travel and alternative outcomes. 

What would have happened IF on the night of 9/11/2012, the Benghazi Heroes had chosen to Stand Down?

(1) Ambassador Chris Stevens would have been kidnapped by “unidentified” Islamists in Benghazi Libya. 

(2) An all out assault on free speech would have “increased.”  You may recall that Obama, Holder, and Clinton had all made statements about “the dangers of saying insensitive things about Islam.” The propaganda media was filled with it.  Remember? How our slights of tongue create waves of violence in the Muslim World.  The Council on Islamic American Relations (C.A.I.R., a Muslim Brotherhood front group) was openly calling for Islamic anti-defamation laws to be passed in the U.S., making it illegal for anyone to 'insult' Islam.  Had it gone as planned, the conspirators would have told us that Stevens was kidnapped BECAUSE of American insensitivity. 

(3) There were already drum beats from Egypt as the M.B. President of Egypt, Dr. Muhammed Morsi, was pressuring Obama to free “the Blind Sheik” Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, to us an imprisoned terrorist, the mastermind of the first Would Trade Center Bombing in February of 1993. To the Muslim World the most beloved and respected Koranic Scholar in all of Sunni Islam.  Obama had floated the idea in the media of possibly “sending Omar Rahman to Egypt to be imprisoned there.”  

(4)  Morsi would have been called upon as a wise negotiator, arranging an exchange of Rahman for Stevens and this would have happened before the November 2012 Election.
The American people would have appeared foolish and dangerous for kicking the Islamic Hornet's Nest. 

Obama would have appeared wise and in charge, the able "expert" on Islam, taking advantage of his "Islamic allies," who are capable of making "terrorists" reasonable.  

Morsi would have been viewed in the Muslim world like a LION for freeing the most beloved and respected Koranic Scholar in the Islamic world from an American prison. (Taking him out of the hands of the infidels).  

Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood would have cemented their rule in Egypt, become the LIONS of Sunni Islam and the Egyptian revolution of July 4th 2013 could not have happened.  

(5) This is not such a flight of fancy.  More than one victim of the Benghazi attack reported hearing the “demonstrators” saying, “Don't shoot, the Doctor has sent us.”    Dr. Muhammad Morsi in Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist circles is known as “The Doctor.” 

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