Friday, July 19, 2013

Children of the Beast - Commentary on our present predicament.

We have a very small window to take control of THE BEAST, or be controlled by THE BEAST.  Those presently caught up in the Racial debate, those telling the truth about racism and those spreading lies about racism - both sides are caught up in a psychological operation of the "The Beast." 

Our enemies are White, Black, Yellow, Red and Brown. RACE has NOTHING to do with it.

We face three domestic enemies who are working in concert, who are using the powers of The BEAST against us.

(1) The Radical Progressivist/Marxists,
(2) the Civilization and Violent Jihadis, and
(3) the NeoCons who are cooperating with them.
Together they have cobbled together over decades the international financial apparatus that has produced The Beast and controls everything, our food and water supply, our healthcare, and to a great extent with the modern "anti-education establishment" and Propaganda Media, (ALL COMMERCIAL MEDIA) controls our very way of thinking.

They each are presently cooperating with each other for the destruction of ANYTHING Judeo/Christian, moral and good. Presently they are conducting a Psychological Operation to separated GOOD and LIBERTY LOVING people from one another along the lines of primitive racial fear. They are expertly playing on the fears of EVERYONE.

The Marxist/Muslim/NeoCon Cabal that has taken control of our country, Western Europe and much of the Middle East, understands that to create the International Marxist/Muslim state that is their goal, (The international Marxist/Muslim Caliphate - owned by the international money establishment) that true Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and any other religion and/or philosophy that contains The Golden Rule, have to be destroyed, subverted and conquered to conquer the U.S. for the Ummah. They are willing to use the NeoCons (conservatives) and the Marxists (american liberals) to accomplish their goals.
This massive enemy is pervasive in the U.S., and the majority of people calling themselves Christian are totally blind to the threat and the massive loss of Liberty we Christian Citizens have already experienced. 

Why do I say this?

We have experienced a TOTAL destruction of Privacy, wherein our only private communication is silent prayer. We are NO LONGER secure in our papers, our conversations, our correspondence via mail, or web, our financial records, etc., etc., etc.  Where there is no Privacy, there CANNOT exist LIBERTY, in the physical world.  This massive Marxist/Muslim/NeoCon apparatus that is enslaving us has to be smashed.  

I wrote thirty years ago about the sudden expansion of technology that can be traced to the year 1844 with certainty. In 1844 The Beast was loosed upon the earth. Now, it has control of EVERYTHING. When you cooperate with the media generated "meme" and battle across FALSE lines, battle enemies based upon RACE, you have become a TOOL of the BEAST, a child of the BEAST, allowing the MEME of the Beast to control you, by focusing your anger away from our true enemy, by subverting your good efforts for LIBERTY.

This present Racial debate is insanity, all but the true Racists on both sides understand this. The true racists are comrades of the Beast, White and Black, controlled solely by the hatred that IS the Spirit of The Beast.

I know that my description of The Beast will infuriate some who have the End Times mapped out in a narrow and false theology called by the Church "Chiliasm"
, but before your blast me you need to observe.  Read the description of the Mark of the Beast in Revelations and tell me how it could function aside from the present all-pervasive web of technology.

Archpriest Symeon Elias.

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