Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Propaganda, Even From the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)

Guys, I've stated a thousand times that Congress is a mere "show body" that what happens there is, "Theatre" or more accurately, Psychological Operations.  But the depth and length of this Psychological Operation literally staggered me today.

I learned something absolutely new that was shocking (this happens about never at this age). But it goes to the foundation of a lot we have discussed and heard the politician harp on for decades. I repeat,  this was staggering news to me. But, I think the financial experts around Donald Trump already knew this since he said at his last speech, "We are going to conquer the debt and the deficit. It's easy . . Really you have no idea how easy it will be." When he said it, I thought "Man, I can't believe you said that!"  Then he punched the same point a few more times. Now his statement does not seem so much like hyperbole. 

As it turns out BY LAW, passed in 1985 the Congressional Budget Office has been LYING to us in their "future debt projections." EVERY future national debt projection from 1985 to this present day has been a LIE. A Psychological Operation Propaganda LIE! They are projecting the National Debt by 2050 to be 170 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), when in fact by an honest projection it will be 40 percent of GDP.  (This isn't fantasy folks.)

Amazing! Every LYING Politician (that means all of them) have been perpetuating the exact same LIE. I wonder what else we will learn as the psychological propaganda "control walls" continue to crumble. They have wanted us to feel HELPLESS, as if the problems were too great and too difficult to solve. They wanted us in a PANIC, so we would accept any answers they contrived. Wow, just wow.

Click the link, Click the video on that page and Go to minute 31:40 (since all before it is B.S.)

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