Tuesday, October 13, 2015

RNC Herders Invading Trump Sites

Wow, one person claiming to have worked for Bush 41 in the White House, and another claiming to have met both Bushes when they were in office, arrived on my FB page today.  What do you think their purpose could be?

Here are the exchanges:

Speaking of Jeb Bush, Kristy Hawkins said:

Kristy Hawkins · 2 mutual friends
I hope he does drop out. In my humble opinion, he is nothing like his brother and Dad, which in my opinion, is a good thing. I loved George Bush and George W. I may get ridiculed for that but I had the honor or meeting both of them while in office and it is 2 days that I will never forget.
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Butch Robinson Please go away with that talk of his Dad and Brother as if they are some sort of heroes. You are an ignorant lady. Sorry to be so blunt, but you need to get a clue.
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Butch Robinson You must be okay with the Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Security State BWBush created. Jeez!
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Kristy Hawkins Feel free to block me BUT I will say one last thing. I have as much a right to speak my mind as anyone else. And just in case you care, I'm on the Trump Train.
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Butch Robinson You got on the Trump Train by pure luck or God's Blessing, because your intellect did nothing to drive you here. And BTW, I never questioned your right to speak ignorance and romance foolishness. I merely expose the IGNORANCE of it.

  • Lindy N. Hester I worked for President George H. Bush, and met his son President George W. Bush and both are honorable men. Unlike the trash that is in the People's House today. Jeb Bush isn't the same, and want be nominated..
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    • Butch Robinson Read the above exchange and go away if you are that ignorant. You have nothing to share here.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester Butch, why are you so harsh on those who disagree with you?
    • Butch Robinson Or better take the time to read this and see you have the same opinion at the end. 

    • Butch Robinson Lindy N. Hester, because our NATION is at state. And were I speaking ignorant "opinion" and not relating the documented FACTS of history, it would be another matter.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester Thats your choice.. So be it...
    • Butch Robinson There is only one way to properly respond to political lies, and that is EXPOSE THEM. Your hero worship of the men that helped destroy our Republic and give us this Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Security State is SHAMELESSNESS or IGNORANCE. It has to be one or the other.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester I have never had President Bush as my hero. I was blessed to have worked for 15 years at the White House, President Carter thru President Bush (1). And I retired because I refused to work for President Clinton. I have seen the enter workings of the White House. But I have No heroes. 

      I will support whom ever is the GOP nominee. And I'm not stuck on Mr. Trump. 

      I have read Ayn Rand, and the lady did in fact have a vision. But you do know she was a communist. 

      It is well over a hundred days before the first ballot is cast in Iowa. There will be many changes. I just don't believe Jeb Bush will get the nomination. Thats my opinion. And many don't share that opinion. 

      But there are many who will say Mr. Trump will not get the nomination. I have no idea who will be the nominee. But I do believe Jeb Bush will not get the nomination. And its not because of his last name.

    • Butch Robinson From your comments you think I'm an ignorant Libertarian, a devotee of Ayn Rand. You are either clueless or a propagandist. The bottom line is there is only one candidate in this race that is not a puppet of the Globalist Criminal Financiers, and if Trump is not the nominee, voting means simply voting for your own slavery, that is assenting to be governed by Globalist TRAITORS, like Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester Never used word ignorant, toward you, thats you word.
      • Butch Robinson https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=973486866025932&set=a.105996809441613.3075.100000938839441&type=3&theater
        Butch Robinson
        Is Donald Trump running against Jeb Bush, no not really.
        Is Donald Trump running against Ted Cruz, no not really.
        Is Donald Trump running against Marco Rubio, no not really.
        Is Donald Trump running against Rand Paul, no not really.
        Is Donald Trump running against Ben Carson, no not really.
        Is Donald Trump running against Chris Christi, no not really.
        Is Donald Trump running against Carly Fiorina, no not really.
        And if Clinton, Sanders or Biden is the Democrat nominee, Donald Trump won't be running against them either.
        Donald Trump is threatening a COUNTER-REVOLUTION!
        He is running against the Globalist Elite that own the Republican and Democrat Parties,
        and own the Media,
        that own all the Spin Doctors.
        He is running against the establishment that controls the six corporations that own the T.V. and Radio Media, all of he major news papers and most of the small so-called independent newspapers, and 99 percent of the publishing houses; The Elite that Own and Control the Federal Reserve, and all the Western Central Banks that have held our economy hostage to their New World Order Agenda, that have literally plunged our nation into generational debt to finance their WORLD CONQUEST AGENDA, while robbing us of Constitutional Governance, and relegated our children and Grand Children to debt slavery in a quasi-Marxist Poverty State.
        This ELECTION is between Donald Trump and the Globalist Criminals that control every aspect of our Government, every NGO that is pushing a Globalist agenda, from the Rockefeller Foundation, and the likes of George Soros, UNESCO to USAID.
        You need to FOCUS and decide, whether or not you want another Globalist Puppet of the Elite, or an America FIRST Nationalist, with a 30 plus year history of advocating and America FIRST Agenda.
    • Butch Robinson Wise of you not to use the word ignorant, about me. I would quickly prove you wrong.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester Thats very nice of you.
    • Butch Robinson I'm not the subject here. Your LIES concerning the men that destroyed American Constitutional Governance is.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester Thats you opinion. And there you go again, calling people liars..
    • Butch Robinson If the men who created a slow motion Coup d'etat in the U.S. are "honorable" that word has come completely unstuck from MEANING.
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    • Butch Robinson That is NOT opinion.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester You have the absolute right to believe what ever you want. You don't have the right to tell others to believe what you say.
    • Butch Robinson I don't CARE what you believe. I do care to expose the lies you tell.
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester You believe what you want. And I don't care what you believe.. Your opinions carries no more weight than anyone else's.
    • Butch Robinson Then why are you on my page commenting?
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    • Lindy N. Hester
      Lindy N. Hester I will not comment on your page. You are out..
    • Butch Robinson BTW Lindy N. Hester, just expose her Solipism. She thinks that one person's opinion is just like another person's opinion, without regard to education, research, and dedication to TRUTH, etc. According to her little maxim, "Your opinion carries no more weight than anyone else's." That is the common meme of the Cultural Marxists, as if objective truth is impossible and all subjective opinions are equal. Then it is all about "feelings" She FEELS that the Bushes are honorable, though HISTORY and FACT paint a totally different picture.
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  • Eddie Wagoner Good.
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  • Butch Robinson Vis a Vis Lindy N. Hester and Kristy Hawkins (two Bush political insiders) 
    BTW, no matter how much anyone opines, including me, the FACT of the National Emergencies Act, and its use in creating a Coup d'etat in the U.S. cannot be altered.

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  • Annette Russell Lindy ,what about Bush Sn.he spoke about getting us into the NWO ??? .I like our freedom that we Americans enjoy.

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