Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wake Up, Sweethearts, Wake UP!

In June of 2013, it became legal for the Federal Government to "Propagandize to the American People." Sadly even this announcement was an act of propaganda, to make you think they had not been openly lying (propagandizing) to you for two decades plus. Lying about almost everything. But let us take that June 2013 pronouncement as FACT. So now we KNOW it is legal for the Federal Government to propagandize to us, because they have admitted it.

What does this mean?

My Bishop who was the son of a Christian Martyr in Ukraine, told me about how and why his father was killed by the godless communists. Christian services had been banned in the Soviet Union, (with a few exceptions) and local commissars had brutally enforced the ban. The Church had gone underground, meeting in secret. As an act of propaganda, Stalin passed a law guaranteeing "freedom of religion." When the religious people took him at his word and came out of hiding, holding public services the ministers and priests were rounded up imprisoned or killed. Yet, freedom of religion was a guaranteed right, according to Soviet Law. Just like the Right of Privacy is "guaranteed" in this Omni-Surveillance Totalitarian Security State. As are guaranteed Democratic processes of elections, which are actually Trotskyite parties of "control" as pernicious as the Russian Communist Party ever was.

If it is legal for the Government to use propaganda on us, could they put on a great show and battle in congress tooth and nail, and spew their arguments with great speeches on the floor of the House and Senate, even conduct long filibusters to make people think they are great constitutionalists and heroes and make appeals to support for their side on T.V. 24/7 each side passionately arguing over say, 
the Iran Deal? 
or the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty? 
Or pass pure FAKE legislation, (pretend laws - like Stalin's freedom of religion), simple acts of propaganda, like the new laws that supposedly reigned in the NSAs Gross Domestic spying? (which did nothing of the sort.) Could it be?

If the Federal Government can put on massive psy-opts shows using the chambers of Congress as pure theatre, could they do stage productions in public, in schools, on main street for propaganda purposes, (Boston Bombing, Aurora, Sandy Hook, 911 . . . .)? For propaganda purposes?

You see once a government has the power to mind control its own people, it has nearly ALL power, because few are able to tell the difference between the propaganda and reality. It leaves us with a great many hypnotized people: 
who believe the "official story" of 911, 
who think that we have been fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq for the last two years, 
who think that we are a Constitutional Republic, 
who believe the RNC and the DNC are just neutral referees who oversee the process of holding primaries and conventions, and pass rules to make the process FAIR, without a clue they are massive Trotskyite psy-opts operations.

Today, Freedom of the Press in America is exactly like Freedom of Religion under Stalin. Anyone who tries to practice it is killed or otherwise destroyed.
If your government has the power to bend your mind, and control your opinion through sophisticated programs of lies, called "propaganda" what can you know for certain, of your own country, your own government and your own nation's actions abroad?

During the Soviet Union/Cold War Era, the enslaved Soviet Bloc People reached to outside sources for real news. Sadly, what they got was Western Propaganda, the Voice of Liberty, Radio Free Europe, Liberty Radio, now called the Broadcasting Board of Governors, who write the script and/or censor everything you hear or read, except PART of what you read on social media. How long this tiny bit of Light will be available to us, is hard to tell. National and World events will govern that. 

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