Sunday, October 4, 2015

Trump is FINISHED - so the media keeps saying.

September 30th, 2015:
Here is a summary of the CIA Media's assault on Donald Trump over the last 100 days. If you have watched the saga of this MASSIVE CIA Psychological Operation you will recognize most, if not all of these bullet points. Each one of these are attempted "meme generators." 

*He won’t run

*He’s not serious

*He has funny hair, we hate funny hair

*Bankruptcy!!! OH NOES! (pretend it’s not legal, mmmkay?)

*He won’t file his candidacy papers

*He’s never held public office. He can’t win.

*He won’t connect with the voters

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Univision

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Nascar

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Macy’s

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to ESPN

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to McCain

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize on demand, period.

*He’ll never poll well. He’s finished.

*He’ll never lead in the polls. He’s finished.

*He’ll never file his financials. He’s finished.

*He’s offended all veterans. He’s finished.

*He thinks raping his wife is dandy. He’s finished.

*Some contrived, bizzaro crap about breastfeeding. WTF?

*He’s against Amnesty. He’s finished.

*He’s for Amnesty. He’s finished.

*Just scream Amnesty…it’ll dazzle everybody

*He doesn’t really want to be President. He’s finished.

*He said stuff about blood! OMG OMG! He’s finished!

*He’ll be exposed in the debates and fail miserably. He’s finished.

*Frank Luntz said Trump has collapsed. He’s finished.

*Redstate claims he won’t make it to Iowa. He’s finished.

*George Will says Trump can’t sit down to tea & talk to voters. Finished!

*He’s offended all women. He’s finished.

*He’s just a carnival barker. He’s finished.

*He won’t last,he’s done after tomorrow… week…err…next month

*He can’t defeat Bush, He’s finished.

*Megyn Kelly claims Trump hates women, calls them fat pigs and tramps. Trump is Finished!

*Trump admits he hates only Rosie O'Donnald.  He's Finished.
*He can’t beat Hillary ,it’s already been decided, He’s finished.

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to Megyn Kelly

*He falsely claimed he’s Batman. He’s Finished.

*He insulted Mexicans again by beating up poor Jorge Ramos, He’s finished.

*He’s not a REAL conservative (in Spanish!), He’s finished.

*He won’t sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk. He’s finished.

*He DID sign the Pledge. He’s a jerk.. He’s finished.

*He thinks Candidates should speak English! OH THE HORROR! He’s finished.

*He failed the Hugh Hewitt Trivia Quiz of Crap, He’s finished.

*Foreign policy is much more important than  immigration. Trump is finished.

*His 5 second comment re: Syrian Refugees = Detailed Amnesty Policy! He’s finished.

*He joked about Carly’s face! OMG OMG OMG. He’s finished!

*He won’t apologize to Carly. He’s Finished.

*He won’t apologize to Carson. He’s Finished.

*He can’t win without the Evangelicals. He’s Finished.

*Bobby Jindal called him names. He’s Finished.

*Ben Carson questions Trump’s faith. OMG! He’s finished.

*The country wants a Minister not a CEO. He’s Finished!

*Scott Walker drops out. This is bad for Trump. He’s finished!,

*Greg Gutfield thinks Trump is a clown. He’s Finished!

*His poll numbers are down. He’s still in the lead. He’s Finished!

*Trump won’t give us details. He’s finished!

*Trump releases 2nd Amend policy details. Ignore it! He’s finished!

*He’s finished if he doesn’t apologize to all Muslims.

*Carly won the debate. His poll numbers are down. He’s finished!

*Trump fatigue is upon the electorate. He’s Finished!

*Some random dude said “Obama is a Muslim”. It’s Trump’s fault. He’s finished.

*Trump MUST apologize for random “Obama is a Muslim” dude

*He’s finished if he won’t apologize to Jeb!s wife - Courtesy Sundance @ ConservativeTreeHouse dot com. 

Days 100 Plus:

*He hasn't put his Tax Plan to paper. He's a jerk. He's Finished
*He put his Tax Plan to paper. He's a jerk He's 
*Most economist really love his Tax Plan. He's Finished.  

*His Tax Plan gambles on creating a vibrant economy, He's Finished!

*Marco Rubio has found his Death Star weakness, Trump's vanity and personal insecurity. He's Finished!

*Trump says, "Let Russia battle ISIS, why do we have to do everything?" He's Finished!

*If someone beats up an illegal alien, He's Finished!

*If someone attacks a Mosque in America, He's Finished!

*Rubio won't participate in Trump's "freak show," He's Finished!

*Rand Paul calls Trump "a clown," He's Finished!

*Jeb Bush tells Trump he "needs to put on his big boy pants,"  He's Finished!

*The Loser, Mitt Romney says, "Trump will not be the nominee," He's Finished!

* "Donald Trump Cancels Q&A, So says Hispanic Chamber of Commerce,"  He's Finished.

* "Hillary Clinton Mocks Trump on Saturday Night Live," He's Finished.

* "Contractors who contracted with Trump on his many hundreds of business projects employed illegal immigrants," He's Finished. 

* 10.5.15 - Some Pollster said that "Trump's popularity has peeked,"  He's Finished. 

* "Trump University, Donald Trump's Real Estate School, shut down following the Economic and Real Estate Crash of 2008,"  He's Finished!

* 10/7/2015, Donald Trump leading EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, by very LARGE MARGINS. Joe Scarborough says,  "With these numbers at this date, if it were anyone but Trump, the media and the party would be saying, 'Game Over.'" BUT, It is obvious that Donald Trump is FINISHED!

*AS of 10/7/2015, Donald Trump leads in ALL THE POLLS in EVERY STATE and has spent much less money than all the other "top" candidates.  It is grossly OBVIOUS that Donald Trump is FINISHED!  The question now is how does he gracefully bow out of the game?

* Donald Trump and "Imminent Domain" . . . now this is his REAL Achilles Heel.  He's Finished!

* Megyn Kelly appears on the Charlie Rose show, sounding "tail-tucked" and says she "really does not want to feud with Donald Trump, that it hurts her, hurts Fox News, and hurts Donald Trump," the latter is true of course, you can see how Donald is suffering. Obviously, He is Finished!

*Way back in the Dark Ages, Donald Trump did an Interview for Playboy Magazine. He's Finished!

* Trump at the top of all polls and New York Times says that "Donald Trump is looking for exist strategy."  He's Finished!

* Lauren Batchelder, Jeb Bush plant asks snarky questions and acts snarky at Jon Huntsman's fake group called "No Labels" (the real label is Mormon Republican Establishment Group.) Donald Trump is Finished.  

*Obama says Trump will not win the nomination.  Trump is Finished!

* Donald Trump received nearly 4 million dollars in UNSOLICITED contributions in the 3rd quarter, when he was SUPPOSED to be self-funding. He's FINISHED.

* Donald Trump forces CNBC to change their format and keep the debate length to 2 hours instead of 3.5 hours.  That's it - Trump is FINISHED!

* Trump mentions that 9/11 happened on President Bush's watch.  How dare he!  He is Finished!

* Secretary of State John (the perjurer) Kerry said that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President because he does not believe in Global Warming.  That's it!  Trump is finished!

* It was revealed that Donald Trump voted against this guy.  Like I said, Donald Trump has always been an America FIRST nationalist, and has never knowingly voted for a New World Order Psychopath - Of course this means that Trump is Finished. 

* 10/21/2015 - It's official, Trump is way ahead in the polls for 100 days running, and ahead in EVERY state and national poll by a LOT!  More than ever, it is obvious that he is FINISHED!

* Carl Icahn launches super PAC to support Donald Trump, with $150 million, biggest one-time injection, ever!  Now Trump is certainly Finished!

*Icahn says super Pac is not to support Trump but to educate people about Corporate Inversion! Trump is 

*Two very thin (suspect) polls in Iowa say that Trump is trailing Ben Carson.  This has to be it. This time for sure. He's Finished!

* 10/26/2015 Jeb Bush says that he has "lots of cool things to do . . . if you want Trump, well, Vote for him!"  Oh my God, Trump is really finished now. 

* 10/28/2015 Trump wins the CNBC Debate according to all the large post debate polls.  RT America describes the debate as, "Trump’s last stand?"  Oh no! Trump is Finished!

* 11/4/2015 All the media is constantly calling Ben Carson the "Front Runner" and claiming that "Trump is Trailing Carson" - NOW, he is REALLY Finished.
But . . . .

*Trump makes SNL promo where he calls Ben Carson, "A total loser." Trump is Finished!

*Trump appears on Saturday Night Live, and was funny. Trump is Finished!

*Trump drew twice the audience as Hillary on SNL, a four year record audience. Trump is Finished!

*Ban Carson caught in plagiarizing scandal. Opps, never mind. Carson just did not understand the concept of plagiarism. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson caught lying about his association with Mannatech. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson caught sensationalizing his biography. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson tried to hit his mother with a hammer. Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson tried to stab a friend and they made a movie about it.  Trump is Finished!

*Ben Carson chased people with bricks and baseball bats. Trump is Finished!

*At the debate, Ted Cruz can't name the Departments of Government he plans to close, just like Rick Perry in 2012. Trump is finished!

* Carly Fiorina said she met Putin in a Greenroom. Trump is Finished!

* Carly Fiorina said she did NOT meet Putin in a Greenroom.  Trump is Finished!

*Trump complains about Carly Fiorina constantly interrupting others during the debate. Trump is a son-of-a-bitch, He is Finished!

*Trump was polite and differential at the debate. Trump is a son-of-a-bitch, He is Finished!

NOVEMBER 11TH, 2015 2:14
NY Times Delivers Slobbering Wet Kiss to Trump on Debate Day - Trump is Finished!

* Reporter claims Donald Trump called for a data base to track all Muslim in America.  He is Finished!

* Some Black Lives matter provocateur got roughed up at a Trump Rally for acting like an ass.  That's it, Trump is Finished!

* Liz Mair, the former online communications director of the Republican National Committee has started a Pac, so that the RNC could secretly try to sink Trump.  He is FINISHED!

* Trump says Black Lives matter guy was acting nasty and deserved to be roughed up.  Damn, Way to Go Don . . . . I mean . . eh . . .er . .Trump is 

* Trump said that Muslims in New Jersey Cheered the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.  I saw the same raw footage he did that day. They DID cheer and celebrate.  But still it has to mean that Trump is FINISHED!

* A black homosexual commentator for the Washington Post says that Donald Trump is destroying America and that people who support him are DEVIANTS! - That's it Trump is Finished!

* Virginia historians say that Trump has mislabeled part of one of his golf courses on the Potomac river as a historic battle ground.  How could such a thing happen. Mr Trump have you no conscience?  Have you no decency? Trump is FINISHED! 

* The Boston Globe says that the GOP establishment is frightened that Donald Trump will tarnish their image.  (after falling in the floor with laughter I have to say) Obviously this is it. Now, Trump is Finished!

* Donald Trump mocks a lying spastic ex-New York Times reporter, who retracted his own 14 year old story about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating on 9/11, because the story proved Trump RIGHT!  Oh my God! A Spastic Reporter!  Trump is FINISHED!

* Donald Trump didn't mock this lying Washington Post/New York Times reporter, Serge F. Kovaleski, because he is a spastic. He mocked him because he is a LYING spastic. This LYING spastic, claims that he does not remember writing the story about witnessing the Muslim's celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11. You don't forget such a thing, you JUST DON'T.

* Sarasota Florida, Trump had to give two speeches today. The venue was for 5000 people and 12 to 15 THOUSAND people showed. So Trump gave two speeches. Obviously this is just another symptom of Trump's failing campaign. He's FINISHED.

* Nicolle Wallace Accuses Trump Supporters of 'Sinister Sentiments' - Oh! My! God! Surely he is finished now!

 *Following Jihadi attack in San Bernardino killing 14 and wounding many more. Obama said, "Surrender your arms so I can protect you." Trump said, "Arm yourselves, take responsibility for your own safety, you are the first line of defense against these Jihadis."  It is clear that Trump is Insane. He's Finished.

* December 2, 2015 Trump still dominating all the polls. Sure sign that he has plateaued, this happens mere day before an implosion, when Trump will be finished.

December 7th, 2015.
* OH MY GOD! Can't he just SHUT UP!
Donald Trump says that since we are facing an Islamic Jihadi Insurgency, as evidenced by the events of San Bernardino, we need to halt Muslim Immigration until we understand what we are dealing with.  This is IT, Trump is FINISHED!

* Attorney General Loretta Lynch, cautions that she will pursue prosecution of people who tell the truth about Jihadis.  - Trump is FINISHED and may be prosecuted.

December 8th, 2015
*  Chris Christie says that Donald Trump's statement about halting Muslim Immigration "demonstrates what you get when you are dealing with someone without governing experience."

*But that has to mean, he is finished. Right? 

* Obama and other Globalist Puppets scream that Donald Trump is un-qualified to be president!  Trump is Finished !

*Petition to ban Trump from UK passes 300K, could be debated in Parliament. For SURE Trump is finished now!

* All Republican candidates scream that Trump's Immigration ban is un-constitutional.  All legal experts prove them wrong. Trump is OVER, TOAST.

1952 Immigration statute and current law.

* Rand Paul back-peddles and says that Trump is right on Jihadi Immigration - Now Trump is REALLY finished!

* Ted Cruz back-peddles and offer legislation in the Senate very similar to Trump's proposal - A Sure Sign Trump is FINISHED!

* Just like I state in July of 2015, that the last resort to stump Trump would be to try to brand him as a new Hitler and his supporters as 21st Century Brown Shirts, Nazis and Fascists.  - Surely Trump is Finished now?

*The Fact that Tump is drawing crowds in the thousands and tens of thousand, is the most obvious sign that he is FINISHED!  It is just a matter of time. 

*Media Stats, via Chris Anonymous:
Check out these stats..
Trump media mentions in three days before his "stop the flow of Muslims into the country until we figure out what is broken..
19,364 media mentions (before comments)
64,638 media mentions (after the 'ban them' comments)
And all the other candidates only 'garnered' 2,566 mentions.. combined.. (post "ban them" comments)
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.. lite a fire ?? Because Trump is Toast!
Courtesy of Chris Anonymous.
Tracking 236 polls from 33 pollsters - Updated 6 hours ago (12/13/2015)
Record of advertisement money spent by the Candidates so far. Look at it, it cost Lindsey Graham almost THREE MILLION DOLLARS to be a ZERO in the polls. Bush's 5% cost THIRTY THREE MILLION DOLLARS. Trump's 35% cost LESS than a quarter of a million - NOTHING like this has ever happened before in politics. Those Trump deniers who try to compare Trump to Ross Perot, and Herman Cain and the like refuse to look at the facts. There is NO similarity whatsoever.
Trump:34.5% (Spent $216K) 
Cruz: 14.4% (Spent $850K)
Rubio: 12.6% (Spent $13.1 million)
Carson: 11.7% (Spent $2.4 million)
Bush: 5.2% (Spent $32.5 million)
Florina: 2.5% (Spent $1.million)
Paul: 2.4% (Spent $900K)
Christie: 3.1% (Spent $7 million)
Kasich: 2.2% (Spent $8,4 million)
Graham: 0.0% (Spent $2.7 million)
Well, of course it is obvious, very, very obvious that Trump is FINISHED!

*Thousands and Tens of Thousand turning out for Donald Trump Rallies. The other candidates are drawing crowds in the Tens of Ones.  A Sure sign that Trump is Finished.

*Besides, Jeb Bush assured us that Trump would be sinking before the NEXT Debate in mid-December! He'll be finished or at least on his way out by then.

Oh God no!  I can't Be!   December 10th 2015

* Oh but we have five days to turn this thing around, so that Jeb Bush doesn't look like a total buffoon! - of course Trump is finished!  These polls and huge crowds, that is just smoke and mirrors, all in your mind. Go Back to sleep!  Trump is Finished, Trump is Finished, Trump is Finished!

* Jeb Bush says that we must temporarily halt Muslim Immigration - Trump is Finished. 

*Friday evening 12/11/2015 the Climate Change Politburo signed the CC agreement.  Obama gave a two minute speech carried only on cable (cabal)news and not reported in the News Media since, straddling the American People with another 100 Billion Dollars a year in debt. This of course means Trump is FINISHED!

* Sunday 12.13.2015 the news coverage turns grim. Have you noticed that suddenly the media has moved to GRIM mode. Facial Expressions and sighs and pained looks usually saved for the "War Mode" the media uses just before the bombs start falling. The hysterical anger and vulgar bashing of Trump has turned into grim fear mongering. So now it is Donald the Dangerous, Trump the potential Tyrant. - Surely, people will come to sanity and Dump Trump!

* Two suspect polls, just before the debate, say that Ted Cruz surged 21 point in a week in Iowa. This is it, Trump is Finished!
* Wait aren't these the same polls that showed Ben Carson was surging in Iowa, just before the last debate? Either way Trump is Finished!
* Ted Cruz, was exposed lying like a dog, caught on tape saying one thing in private to his billionaire bosses and lying about it, denying it on national T.V.   Let us not kid ourselves, Ted Cruz being a hypocrite means Trump is Finished!

The Problem with American Christianism

Ted and Heidi Cruz - an Introduction

Ted and Heidi Cruz - an expose'

Ted Cruz's NeoCon Bonafides

* It was discovered that Marco Rubio's close relative is a drug smuggler.  Trump is Finished.

* Chuck Todd (CNN-CIA)says that he was raised in the same area as Marco Rubio and everyone's best friend or family member was a drug smuggler. (I shit you not, Chuck Todd actually said it 6.39 eastern standard time 12/14/15 CNN)"if you grew up in Miami you have a friend, you have a relative caught up in it" i.e. drug smuggling - and of course he means, Trump is FINISHED!

*The national polls show that Donald Trump will
easily beat Hillary Clinton. But that will all change after the debate. Trump is Finished!

*Slugs turn up some not so flattering pictures of our First Lady . . . errrr  - I mean, the wife of the loser Donald Trump. He is finished now!  Just wait till the evangelicals see this!

*Trump leading in all the polls with Evangelicals, except the two fake ones in Iowa! He is Finished!

* People are coming to realize that the election is not between the left vs the right, Republican vs Democrat, but between all the Puppets of the Globalists, vs an America FIRST Nationalist, Donald J. Trump, who is FINISHED!

*Donald Trump is Mounting a COUNTER-REVOLUTION!  - He's is FINISHED!

*Donald Trump is running against the Globalist Elite that own the Republican and Democrat Parties, 
and own the Media, 
that own all the Spin Doctors. 
He is running against the establishment that controls the six corporations that own the T.V. and Radio Media, all of he major news papers and most of the small so-called independent newspapers, and 99 percent of the publishing houses; The Elite that Own and Control the Federal Reserve, and all the Western Central Banks that have held our economy hostage to their New World Order Agenda, that have literally plunged our nation into generational debt to finance their WORLD CONQUEST AGENDA, while robbing us of Constitutional Governance, and relegated our children and Grand Children to debt slavery in a quasi-Marxist Poverty State.  - TRUMP IS FINISHED!

*This ELECTION is between Donald Trump and the Globalist Criminals that control every aspect of our Government, every NGO that is pushing a Globalist agenda, from the Rockefeller Foundation, and the likes of George Soros, UNESCO to USAID. TRUMP IS FINISHED!

* 12/14/2015 Two large national poll show Trump in a field of 15 vote splitters, busting the 40% ceiling with his closest "also ran" 27 points behind. The pundits keep talking about Trump having level out, having reached his ceiling, at this rate he will have leveled out about 55% by the time for the first primary  - Of course this just makes it DOUBLY obvious to all but the dullards among us that Trump is FINISHED!

* Vladimir Putin says that Donald J Trump "is a very colourful and talented man, no doubt about that . . . He is the absolute leader of the presidential race, as we see it today. He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it.”  This of course means Donald Trump is Finished!

* Trump says he appreciates Putin's kinds words, and that he has always said that he thought he could get along with him and work with him "to solve a lot of problems, a lot of problem."

* Joe Scarborough said, "But Putin has invaded a lot of countries and kills journalists that disagree with him."  Trump is Finished.

*Trump tells Joe, "We've killed a lot of people also, Joe, a lot of unnecessary killing." O My God, No he didn't!  Trump is Finished! 

"We kill people too . . a lot of stupid things going on in the world, a lot of stupid killing" Donald J. Trump.

Joe is a NeoCon, in support of PNAC and has been itching for war with Russia for decades. Were the FSB to foment a coup in Ottawa, and install a puppet government like the CIA did in Kiev, what would be our reaction? My God we have 1400 military bases around the world and covert operations in almost every country on earth and RUSSIA is the aggressor? Give me a break!

*Trump refuses to be rude by rejecting Putin's kinds words. Trump is FINISHED!

* CNN Claims that Trump and Putin have a 'bromance." Trump is FINISHED!

Meanwhile Jeb Bush threatens Donald Trump's Life at the 12.15.15. CNN debate. "You will NEVER be President of United States."  Trump is REALLY FINISHED now.
Jeb Bush's Terroristic Threat

*CNN edits out Jeb Bush's Threat, when they replay the debate on 12.18 and 12.19.  - coverup - that means Trump is Finished!

* How can it be? Trump won all the post debate polls saying that he won the debate, ALL of them, and most in the 50 to 70 percent range out of a field of 13. Wow!  I mean . . Trump is Finished.

*Trump continues to rise in the post Putin, post Debate Polls. Something's not right here, because Trump is Finished.

* Trump has only spent 217 Thousand dollars on advertising his campaign.  Trump is not a Serious Candidate, he is FINISHED!

*Jeb Bush is a serious candidate and will probably be the GOP nominee, because he has spent almost FORTY MILLION DOLLARS in advertising. Jeb will bury Trump with cash - Trump is FINISHED!

*Latest National Poll, Trump 42 percent, Jeb 3 percent. It is becoming more obvious every day that Trump is Finished!

*Lindsey Graham drops out of the race. Other candidates are feverishly seeking his endorsement - NOT, but Trump is Finished!

* Trump chides Hillary Clinton for not having the strength and stamina to be president. Which was highlighted when she was absent for part of the CNN Democrat Debate, taking a potty break.  - Trump is Finished!

Boston Globe convoluted explanation why Clinton was absent.

*CNN and other announce more fake polls, the week of Christmas. Trump is Finished!

* Experts are saying it is most likely a two man race, Trump vs Ted Cruz, but 2X Cruz's number and you don't reach Trump's number.  Trump is finished!

* Oh my God, no he didn't!  

Trump Doubles Down On ‘Schlong,’ Veteran Journalists Back Him Up



* Oh no!  Donald Trump threatened to answer Hillary Clinton's accusation of Sexism, with an expose' of the sexual PREDATOR to whom she is married!  Really now, we all know Bill means well.  Trump is Finished! But he needs side-burns.


* 12.29.2015  Donald Trump announced today that he is THIRTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS under budget, and leading in all the polls, but because he is facing twice that spent already to try to destroy him, he is planning to spend a minimum of two-million dollars a week, between now and February 1st.  (that means that Trump will have spend a total of 8 million by February and Jeb has wasted 59 MILLION and is know where).
CNN said the fact that Trump was not previously spending money, proved that he was not a serious candidate.  Now that he is going to spend money, they say it means that Trump is scared, because Ted Cruz is really winning in Iowa and Chris Christy is "eroding his lead" in New Hampshire. These CIAmerican Media Prophets remind me of these guys.

But still, Trump is Finished!

1/6/16 - This morning on NBC, they were talking breathlessly about Chris Christie, "consolidating power" and taking down Trump.  These psy-opts agents on the media are so obvious now, even the dullards ought to get it. Meaning of course, Trump is FINISHED.

A small analysis of the CIAmerican Media's psy-opts tools.

* You need to FOCUS and decide, whether or not you want another Globalist Puppet of the Elite, or an America FIRST Nationalist, with a 30 plus year history of advocating an America FIRST Agenda. Because Trump is Finished!
Since Trump began to rise in the pools we have found out that virtually every espoused position of the “conservative media” was a total ruse. The Salem Media group primarily among them.

Red State (Eric Erickson) now finds himself proclaiming that Jeb Bush is the most conservative governor he’s ever known. Web sites like Twitchy, Hot Air, Human Events, Michelle Malkin and National Review suddenly singing the praises of a Jeb Bush they formerly said was just another GOP establishment sell out.

Jeb goes from RINO villain to GOP hero faster than you can say Donald Trump.

“Conservative” punditry like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Stephen Hayes, Charles Lane, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg and many more opining on all media a previously hidden “open borders” position. All of a sudden they are telling us walls will never work, illegal aliens are the bedrock of the U.S. social fabric and it’s profoundly unfair to even contemplate their deportation. Oh, the humanity.
That’s a serious dose of sunlight upon a previously hidden agenda. *BTW even Breitbart has reported false stories about Trump. 
Wow, what a ride.
The New American Revolution.

Liberty's Thunder  - Liberty's Primer

BREAKING NEWS- POLL FRAUD – NBC interviews 59 people to give Carson Lead!
september 27, 2015 dianne marshall

It’s pretty pathetic when NBC reduces its integrity to zero in order to show a poll that can boost their darling of the week clean up to the top claiming a neck to neck competitive edge against Trump. In this case it was Ben Carson.

Trump supporters and I’m sure even Carson himself were wondering just how that happened.  Now we all know.  NBC polled a whopping 59 people in their unbiased interview survey. And if I’m reading this correctly that number was derived from 21 % of Republican primary voters out of 59 interviewed.  GOOD GRIEF CAN IT CAN ANY MORE EMBARRASING FOR NBC AND THE GOP THAN THIS?

NEWSMAX  lead in to their liar breaking news about the polls with this:

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are virtually tied in the national Republican presidential race, while Carly Fiorina is now tied for third place with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

In the GOP race, Trump is the first choice of 21 percent of Republican primary voters — followed by Carson at 20 percent and Rubio and Fiorina tied at 11 percent each.

Then at the very bottom of all their jibber jabber  (if you bothered to read that far) NEWSMAX  ended with this:

NBC reported that the poll was conducted Sept. 20-24 — so mostly after Walker suspended his campaign on Sept. 21. Only one GOP primary voter (out of 59 interviews) had selected Walker before he was removed from the survey.

Please tell me if I am missing something here or if I read this exact? I don’t know of one Trump Supporter who has left the building….so something is rigged here big time….I think this makes the most sense.  Polls have to give the numbers they interviewed to come up with their results and 59 were the only numbers offered.  So you tell me?

The entire poll explanation can be read here.
Read Latest Breaking News from

By Dianne Marshall


  1. Trump will be finished campaigning when he Is be sworn into office and can get to Work straitening out our country. We need a leader not a Traitor to the US like hillary and obama. We don't won't someone that can be bought by the highest bidder. And that is the appeal of trump. Not to mention that he says it like it is.

  2. The more he tells it like it is....the higher he goes in the polls. TV can act like he isn't but....he's doing it. Doesn't matter what anybody thinks.


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