Friday, August 19, 2016

Saint George and Donald Trump

It would take someone spiritually deaf, dumb and blind, and lacking the intellect, and the loving mentor of Helen Keller, not to realize that Donald J. Trump is a genuine DRAGON SLAYER.  We are witnessing an epoch in history with implications that make the story of Saint George shrink.

Yet . . .

I don't watch Christian T.V., except an occasional news show on CBN (2 or 3 times a year) and a couple shows on EWTN (mostly the Divine Mercy Chaplet, The World Over, about ever three months - and episodes of Fr Spitzer's Universe, when I can't sleep - I record them). But I have watched CBN enough to know that:

 (1) their human interests stories are almost always shallow and plastic, PART of the Satanist Culture, pretending like the Culture is not INSANE, you know, desperately wanting to "fit in" and "be normal."

(2) their real news stories are REAL enough to be painful - many times VERY UGLY and morbid - AND THANK GOD FOR IT! Today the TRUTH is NOT pretty; it is more than ugly, it is sick and insane.

But take a look at this correspondent, he usually reports gut wrenching, ugly stuff, and he is GIDDY, GIDDY MIND YOU about Donald Trump.

Trump is a nominal Christian, actually a poster child for the reality of what is WRONG with Christianity in the U.S., in its broken condition . . . - -

Who am I to talk - we have lived, in more ways than one, sort of parallel lives - well, minus the BILLIONS - I'm talking about damage to us personally by the Cultural Marxist Culture, the damage of the glitz and the sexual revolution, divorces and the lot. It took me half my life to figure it out.

I know in my GUT, that IF Trump is elected, and IF the TRUMP MOVEMENT is Christian enough, Christianity will get a temporary reprieve, and a period to redouble our efforts to TAKE OUT the CULTURAL MARXIST invented Culture.

I do not doubt that Jesus Christ, via the Trump Movement and Mr. Trump is about to give American ChristianISM their LAST chance.

I seriously doubt that American ChristianISM is up for the task. So VERY LITTLE OF IT is Christ's Church.

American ChristianISM is loaded with FAKE spiritualists who haven't been in a "church" in ages, all worshiping a Jesus of their own invention, of their own EGO.

I taught a class at a local Church this week, a series I am doing called "Heresy and Politics." At the end of the class a woman in her fifties walked up to me and said, "Father, I really can't believe that MY Jesus, would say the things you have said." She was in shock when I said that HER Jesus had never spoken to me.

And worse, fully HALF or more of the "churches" are PURELY heretical, teaching "Forensic Justification," Something I always called Antinomianism - If you don't know that word, read "Art, Messianism and Crime - Sade, Wilde, Hitler, Manson and others - by Stoddard Martin" - I'm tempted to believe that "Stoddard" was actually "Malachi Martin" - though Malachi denied it to my face. I met Malachi through Thomas J.J. Altizer.

- It is more than a little grief, knowing that this is only a reprieve and not a VICTORY. I doubt the heretical American Christian army is equipped and up for the task.

But I have to admit, I said to my sister-in-law yesterday, that I was having a hard time battling back my smile.

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