Tuesday, August 9, 2016


I want you to listen to this fellow's assessment of the Summer of 2012 (the video at the bottom) and realize that everything he said was true.  I have said it was the darkest period of our history so far.  It is a simple FACT of current history that without PRAYER, and the FORCE OF FAITH that caused the Globalists to again and again expose themselves in the last four years, his dire predictions would have come true. 

BY FAITHFUL PRAYER, WE STOPPED war with Russia over Syria, and over Ukraine, WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STOPPED Obama from bombing Damascus. 

We the American People in cooperation with top U.S. military brass that MUTINIED, in cooperation with Putin's military commanders, went around the CIAmerican propaganda Apparatus, and with Christians in Syria, exposed the False Flag Gas attack that Obama wanted to use as an excuse to slaughter more Christians in Damascus. Later the U.N. investigators prove us RIGHT.

WE the American People exposed Benghazi for what it was, and gave the Egyptian people the knowledge they needed to throw off the yoke of the Muslim Brotherhood, OBAMA had placed upon them and 33 MILLION of them listened and stood in the streets for weeks, bringing the country to a halt.

WE the American People exposed ISIS as the CIA's Arab Legion.

WE the American People exposed the CIA/State Department/Muslim Brotherhood Alliance.
WE the American People exposed the NSA's omni-present world wide surveillance and the JOKE that the 4th amendment has any meaning.

WE the American People exposed Extortion 17 and the FAKE Osama Bin Laden kill and the ACTOR who the CIAmedia claims actually took Bin Laden out.

We the American People exposed Fast and Furious.

We the American People exposed the False Flags that was the Aurora Colorado Theater Massacre.

We the American People exposed the "crisis actors in Boston."

We the American People exposed the False Flag that was the Chapel Hill, N.C. Muslim Murders (actually I exposed that one single-handedly and embarrassed the hell out of CIA agent Anderson Cooper and CIA-CNN.)

We the American People exposed the False Flag of Sandy Hook- which was ALL crisis actors, and TOTALLY FAKE.

We the American People, in cooperation with French, Dutch, and Russian citizens expose the CIA/U.S. State Department control of the Coup in Ukraine

We the American People in cooperation with French, Belgian, Dutch, Russian and Malaysian citizens who exposed the Obama coordinated assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, that created the Malaysian flight MH17 Massacre.  

Are you exhausted yet.  NOT ME.  We have just begun the exposures!

Trust me the list of EXPOSURES of the Criminal Globalist STATE of AMERICA would be many thousands of entries, this is just an overview off the top of my head.  Some one could write a TEN VOLUME book set, a 1000 pages each book on the subject and STILL not tell the story of our work on alternative media, overcoming the censors and insults from PAID Globalist Trolls, FBI, CIA, NSA, BBG, and Muslim Brotherhood psy-opts Trolls, as we exposed the reality of THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE.

It seems light years since 2012 so much has happened, and yet, it is only four years, but the battle still rages, because the Globalist Criminals have absorbed a 'uuuuugh' number of tactical shots making them bleed (in the propaganda MIND WAR GAME) and they are losing, they have also taken some strategic blows, Putin's resistance, Brexit Vote, other Nationalist movements in Europe, and the Trump Movement - these are LIFE THREATENING WOUNDS. 

They were in perfect control in 2012 but they are now wounded by all the exposures WE the Observant American People have been able to push PAST the CIAmedia and place the information in the PUBLIC SQUARE, so now they are desperate and in their desperation keep stumbling and stumbling, and have become more apparent to the less observant, and tens of millions of Americans have awakened and joined the COUNTER-REVOLUTION that is the TRUMP MOVEMENT, that existed PRIOR to Trump's campaign, when Trump was just a supportive member of the movement, helping expose the Criminal and Illegitimate Globalist Regime and their puppet parties.  WE HAVE SMASHED HALF OF LESTER LAND.

Who would realize the depths of the scheme, to place a totally CIA invented person in the White House, a puppet with NO power of his own, totally invented, hollow, a lackey for Soros and Gang . . . who would realize the depth of it, without Trump's exposure of Obama's birth certificate and his financing the Sheriff Joe's, forgery posse that with the top experts, latest and most modern forensics PROVED without a shadow of a doubt the document Obama produced in answer to Trump's challenge was a FORGERY.  

THIS IS NOT AN ELECTION PEOPLE, THIS IS A COUNTER-REVOLUTION AND YOU HAD BETTER START THINKING IN REVOLUTIONARY TERMS or we won't win, and we won't survive.  After all, they have stated it clearly, "The Future Must Not Belong to those who insult the Prophet Mohammed, Bless His Holy Name.) - Barrack Obama.  

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