Monday, May 13, 2013

Benghazi Was NOT about American Politics or an Election

Benghazi wasn't about American Politics or an Election: That is the FAKE alternative media meme being offered. It glosses over the reality of Obama's active aid and comfort to the very enemy he claimed to have conquered, (Al Qaida. These are acts of treason by the way) and the arming of Al Qaida and its operatives in the continued take down of every "strong man" that stands in the way of the Muslim Caliphate, which Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood masters planned, for which Obama was groomed and the which is soon to be realized.

Obama, with the able help of Hillary Clinton and her Muslim Brotherhood (very close confidant)handed to the MB, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and Turkey, soon to follow Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, if Obama is not stopped. At the same time they have been working overtime to make America a purely Dhimmi nation, subservient to the needs and wishes (Political Demands) of Islam.

Who is Hillary's Muslim Brotherhood Lover?

About the media and the manipulation of Public Opinion: as long as the Elites can keep you thinking this is about "rightwing/leftwing politics" they have you in their control. And if you accept that Benghazi was about "politics" you have missed the REAL story. The FoxNation video linked below, while containing many FACTS is still an example of the FAKE alternative media, painting a FAKE political scenario. I wrote last month about this saying:

"Knowing that public opinion will not go away, that the strict Soviet Style state controlled media will only produce an alternative media even underground media, they created social media to rob alternative media of its power. A REAL alternative media would have articles by people with genuine knowledge of the subjects they address, and by that measure, their words being confirmed by reality, by the facts on the ground, would have impact, would create as it were a collective "alternative orthodoxy." These Dystopian monsters are so smart, so versed in the Behavioral Science of B.F. Skinner's means of controlling humans - that they created for themselves the alternative media, and installed people like Glen Beck, Alex Jones, Fox News, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, and The Nation and then left everyone else the opportunity to express opinion via social media."

Social media is not a reliable alternative media, because the opinions and "research" of the ignorant, the propagandist, the expert and the truth-teller are all given equal weight. And the vast majority of opinions expressed on social media are simply a rehash of what the “Controllers” have programmed, via the “main stream media” and the left/right alternative media. And those who speak with knowledge about the Dystopia makers, the ONLY TRUE Enemy of the American People, are floating in a sea of tinfoil hat folks who believe that the Pope is the Anti-Christ, the Vatican is Babylon, Jews are evil, there really are Space Aliens, and Elvis is not dead.

Here is the movie trailer the propagandists financed through second or third party hands, to create a patsy for the purpose of (not covering up the Benghazi massacre) but to attack the 1st amendment right of free expression, for the purpose of installing Islamic anti-defamation laws here in the U.S., making it illegal to "offend" Islam. Thus silencing all Truth telling about Islam.  We have to remember that ANY TRUTH told about Islam is an insult to Islam. And according to the Pew Research center, nearly all Muslims world wide are so radical that they believe it is justified to use suicide bombers to "defend Islam" against Truth Tellers.

Pew Research Muslim Survey - Be VERY Suspicious

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