Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Martyrs of Otranto - Do they really matter?

Today is a very special day in the battle against world wide Political Islam. 

The Martyrs of Otranto

Read the above article about the Martyrs of Otranto for context and then the Associated Press article below this paragraph, about the actions of Pope Francis this morning. It relegated persecuted Christians to, "Christian churches have been attacked in Nigeria and Iraq, and Catholics in China loyal to the Vatican have been subject to harassment and sometimes jail over the last decades."  Most ignorant Americans read that line and the lunacy of it does not jump out at them. It seems perfectly reasonable in the "regular world" all things considered - which NEVER are.  All things about Christian persecution includes Christian assassinations, beheading, and ethnic cleansing of Christians in MANY countries in the last thirty years, and all the same happening in MANY countries THIS VERY DAY. 5/12/2013.  Yahoo, Google, and a host of other American media markets printed the exact same A.P. article whitewashing the persecution of Christians around the world today. God help them if they actually mention present persecution of Christians at the hands of Muslims.  

Pope Francis gives church hundreds of new saints
American Christians do not have a clue what pushing back the tied of Political Islam requires. American Christians are ignorant of and unarmed against the violent and propagandized Jihadi insurgency that is already taking them down. 

Fundamentalist Christians keep awaiting the coming of the anti-christ, when Jesus told us what we needed to know:

"For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."

When the false prophet Mohammed arrived his poison was spread into the Church very quickly in the form of the "iconoclast movement,"  (the anti-IKON people - calling the sacred IKONS of the Gospel and the Biblical Story - Idols). The Church quickly condemned this Mohammedian LIE and beat back this error within the Church. (if you call a hundred fifty years of struggle quickly.)

But, Today a great many Protestant Christians still hold this Mohammedian error and condemn the Church for her sacred IKONS. And ironically, these same conservative Protestant Christians believe they are the only ones capable of battling Islamic error, when they are imbued with more than one aspect of it.

Think! Today they continue to cooperate with the first major "civilization Jihad" launched against the Church, trying to get the VISUAL methods of teaching the Gospel and indeed the whole Bible (which the true Gospel is) banned, causing the Church to be handicapped, losing one very powerful method of sharing what is REAL. Humans are visual and to be robbed of the visual means of sharing the Gospel, of honoring God and all his family, represented by his Saints and Angels, and the visual means of worship, is a profound loss. It makes of Protestantism, a poverty of the Gospel, instead of a richness of the Gospel.

Second they have turned the Bible into a Koran, and accepted the "radical individual spirituality" of Islam.  While denying the reality, presence and thus STRENGTH of the visual Church - present upon the earth since the time of the Apostles, unchanged in core teaching, they follow one Christian Imam or another, solely on the grounds of how he "interprets a book." This is not Christian, this is Islam. One can't battle Islam while being partly capitulated to it.

What is so funny about Protestant, and especially evangelical and fundamentalist's protest against the Church's use of IKON, they themselves have produced truly deformed and truly attrocious icons of their error,  in modern media, like those horrible end-time and other movies, tens of thousands of sentimental images, instead of sacred images, and that last Bible series to run, and by now millions of hours of heretical images on "christian T.V."

To face the challenges we face, the violent and propagandized Jihad, we have to dig deeper, grasp our faith better, find our true core Christian Heritage or America is doomed to the same fate as the Coptic Christians of Egypt. (At the time of this writing they were being slaughtered in the streets by the Muslim Brotherhood and their Jihadi Thugs.)

Warning don't punch this LINK if you do not want to see an Egyptian Christian (Coptic Christian) girl raped in the streets of Cairo while the Muslim mob screams "Allah 

Don't think that the Coptic Christian's present persecution is the result of them having "lost faith." It is presently the result of the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood, placed in power by a Muslim American President, placed in power by AMERICAN CHRISTIANS. (better than 80 percent of Americans claim to be Christian, there is no way this Muslim was elected by Jews and Atheists.)

THINK, the Coptic Christians are ORIGINAL APOSTOLIC Christians. Their Church has existed in Egypt for 2000 years - and has stood, FAITHFULLY IN TACT, proudly using the IKONS of THE FAITH, against Muslim influence and violence for 1400 years.  They could not prepare for an enemy like America to come along. Who could?

By comparison - American christian-ism has already invented the latest heresy - Chrislam (the admixture of Islam and some form of Protestant rebellion). If Americans do not dig deeper, their shallow "iconoclast heresy" will NOT survive Islamic aggression for even another quarter century. Already the false ideas of "inclusion" and "tolerance of all things demonic" have allowed for a massive Islamic insurgency in every level of American Society, institutions of culture, education and governance. 

 Wake up and gather with the Apostolic Churches, which have in eras past, fought back the Muslim Aggressors in Europe and Saved Western Civilization.  Stop sitting on the fringes, with Islamic error, carping at the True Apostolic Churches, which have proved Jesus' Prophetic Words, "against which the gates of hell have NOT prevailed."

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