Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let Us Be Very Clear.

If Sarah Hall Ingram is a "Superb Civil Servant" who oversaw the persecution of conservative and Christian groups by the I.R.S.,

as out-going I.R.S. Commissioner Miller claims,

Then pigs fly

Rednecks don't drink

 Momma was always right

Teen-aged sex is always innocent

Swamp Land is a good investment

Bill Clinton never inhaled 

 Hillary Clinton is not bi-sexual

The Pope is not Catholic

Looks make no difference

Talent and creativity are worthless

The Government has your best interest in mind

Obama is not evil

 And Obama is not a Muslim

Mother Terresa was a poll dancer.


The proverbial check REALLY IS in the proverbial mail

Shepard Smith is not gay

Bill O'Reilly is an intellectual

Anthony Weiner is the Mayor that New Yorkers DESERVE . . . . . wait . . . . .

Anthony Weiner IS really actually the mayor New Yorkers deserves and his bi-sexual muslim brotherhood wife, (Hillary Clinton's lover) does deserve to be the first lady of New York City . . . . . wait .. . .this is all wrong . . . or right - how about patently obvious! 

The trans-sexual Sarah Hall Ingram 

is a "Supurb Civil Servant" when  the sun shall be turned into darkness,

and the moon into blood,

before that great and terrible day of the Lord.


Oh yes. Outgoing IRS Commissioner Steven Miller,  who has no relationship whatsoever with Sarah Hall Ingram, is absolutely right that he/she/it is a wonderful and talented employee of the I.R.S. and deserves our respect and even adoration as a "Superb Civil Servant" - Sarah/Steve/Sahir whatever your name and gender is, enjoy the adoration fella, ma'am . . . whatever. Steven Miller has your back . . . . or is that you backside?

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