Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waking the Dead and the Deeply Sleeping

The present challenge to power via the several Obama scandals:

As you know I have said from the beginning that the ONLY weapon we have is information. The Cabal that has taken control of the Civilized West, number only about ten thousand. We the people number in the hundreds of millions. The ten thousand are the internationalist huge money, so in control of money that money is not longer important. What is important to them is power. And to keep power they have to (1) To keep people chasing the wrong boogey-men while they consolidate both financial and political power. (2) To do so they have to control the narrative.

At the moment their political power (the control of the narrative) is under the FIRST serious challenge in the last twenty five years and it is due to "information." Ordinary people (citizens) inside the beast who have seen their own Liberty beginning to cave in around them are speaking out. This forms a second "orthodox scenario" (another narrative) that ordinary (not yet awake) people find very troubling. Now it solidly crosses the Left/Right political divide. Whether this challenge will prevail is of course in doubt, but still it is the first REAL challenge in twenty-five years. I am heartened by it, not euphoric.


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