Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paul Ryan's Gay Display Today

Watching Paul Ryan's GAY DISPLAY TODAY - and the reaction to it, I realized that people are finally catching on, beginning to understand what I mean when I talk about the secular humanist's two parties, the Republican and Democrat - BOTH pushing the same Agenda by different means.  

The Republican's job has been to sucker the conservatives into supporting what is diametrically contrary to their core principles.  They THOUGHT they would accomplish this with Romney and it failed.  (though millions consciously sold their souls) The Puppet masters didn't really think that Obama could get a second term - they thought that Romney would be elected and people would think they had won something.  The Agenda would have accelerated, as people would have gone back to sleep.  The fact that Obama won - when that was not their intention - has exposed them in a way, and given us a window to strike a blow for Liberty.  Were Romney elected, Fast and Furious would have gone away.  Were Romney elected Benghazi would have gone away.  

Obama is being exposed now, (you will see - this second term will be a gross embarrassment) and the NeoCon Republicans are being exposed also, as they push for The Agenda, expose who they really are - and people are shocked.  None of this has any context without the reminder that it was George W Bush, who subsumed dictatorial powers under the Emergency Powers Act, Suspended the Constitution and through legislation gutted the Bill of Rights, and handed dictatorial power to Obama who has been ruling like the tyrant he is, LEGALLY.  All the screaming about his "unconstitutional and illegals actions" is pure lie.  The Republican President and the Republican Congress passed the laws, invoked the National Emergency and set Obama loose on an unsuspecting and (stupefied) Population. - WE are at the last moments of saving our country (we can't say saving the Republic, because it is gone).  Now it is a question of Liberty or Slavery - We are left with RAW resistance and we must publicizing every hypocrisy and every crime.  EVERYONE - Do not back off, redouble your efforts to share the truth. Benghazi first - Fast and Furious Next - some people are going to prison!

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