Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pew Research Muslim Survey - Be VERY Suspicious

The Pew Research Group went to great length - four years of surveys about the attitudes of Muslims around the world. (Not allowed in Saudi Arabia, or Syria). They tried to make Greater Islam look peaceful but even with slight of hand could not pull it off.

Now if you think I'm being unfair to Pew Research tell me what this particular survey question indicates. The news media, even Fox is reporting that it shows that only six percent of Muslims in Albania for instance approve the use of Suicide Bomber to defend Islam. The lying heading says, "Majorities Say Suicide Bombing Not Justified"

(1) Notice that the question is the defense of Islam - NOT the defense of Albania, not the defense of home and family, community and country - this survey is about "religious views."  The question is about the defense of Islam. (2) and much as they report it, it does NOT say that six percent of Albania Muslims favor the use of suicide bombs. It says that six percent favor the use of suicide bombers and some division of 92% favor the use of suicide bombers as well under certain circumstances. (3) The REAL question then is what percentage of Albanian Muslims totally reject as immoral and WRONG the use of suicide bombs as a political tool of Islamic defense. My guess would be nearly zero. (4) Which begs the question exactly what constitutes "an attack on Islam" from which Islam would need to be defended with suicide bombers.  We have seen that a cartoon in a Dutch Newspaper was an attack on Islam, some stupid video on YouTube we were told was an attack on Islam. I know for instance that Mohammed was a child molester and false prophet, so I have just attacked Islam and trust me the majority of Albanian Muslims would cheer to see that Dutch New Paper destroyed by a suicide bomber and people like me silenced for all eternity by any means needed.  Obama obliged the Islamic world and placed the producer of that YouTube Video in prison on trumped up charges.  That whole fiasco of the video and carnage and betrayal of Benghazi will be told.

Be VERY suspicious of the veracity of this survey. Why? This same sort of deception clearly indicated on this graph is repeated again and again in its content.  You will heard it touted and anatomized by a great many experts in the next few day and possibly weeks and NONE of them will be telling the real content of this survey much less the real picture of Islamic Militancy in the world. AND this survey will be "recalled" by the experts for a few years to come.  Study it and gain the tools to discredit the illusion of Muslim "Moderation."  Muslim Moderation is a MYTH.

Also, be VERY suspicious of the present push following the terrorism in Boston, to try paint the greater Muslims community as peaceful. We endured the same lying propaganda post 9/11/2001. George W. Bush being the useful-Idiot-Dhimmi repeating on an endless loop, "Islam is a Great Religion" "Islam is a Religion of Peace." It is the standard Jihadist ploy of CIVILIZATION JIHAD, first the fist and then the soothing voices of "moderate muslims" and their Dhimmi apologists telling us how we are responsible after all, for being ignorant and not fully understanding the stresses and sensitivities of Muslims.

THINK! - WAKE UP - consider the puff pieces CNN has run, trying to turn these stone cold Jihadis in Boston into poor isolated and misguided victims of "culture shock."

If a huge percentage of Christians favored the use of suicide bombings against those who insult Christianity . . . in FACT if only a very tiny, tiny minority of Christians favored the use of suicide bombings to "defend" against those who insult Christianity we would never hear the end of it.  The viciousness of Christianity would be played on an endless loop on every broadcast outlet for months, and JUSTLY so.

Yet here we have the real viciousness of Islam painted as some hope of moderation.  This is insanity.

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