Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Tiny Dot of Perception

It is absolutely pathetic and extremely lazy to equate, (1) God "revealed through His Creation" as Saint Paul clearly understood and stated in the first chapter of the book of Romans and any sane human can grasp, that is HIS Glory, even our (mankind's) highest grasp "of the very Godhead, by the things that are made"  with (2) our silly, narrow, anthropomorphic cartoon mythology contained in the theory of evolution.   

The narrow minded evolutionist's defense perfectly fits what I call "second path spirituality/theology" an extreme rationalism incapable of seeing the mystery of it all,  lacking the humility to admit what is beyond the human's ability to grasp; seeing creation in evolutionary "concepts", believing that such models contain cataphatic and unquestioned "knowledge," (unable to accept even where the cataphatic model breaks down); it is devoid apophatic humility.  Science  and Orthodox Christian Sacred Theology devoid of apophatic knowledge is NOT science or orthodox theology. Rather it is some cartoon invented in pride.  

One of the extra-canonical texts says, "When one grasps the power of a small block of wood, one comes close to The Way."  That mystical writer dismissed as "dreamer" actually stated the truth of nuclear physics.  Modern science has not yet unlocked the power and knowledge of a single one inch by one inch block of wood.  Hidden in the molecular structure is an atomic structure and hidden in that atomic structure is a sub-atomic structure and hidden in that is a structure that progresses into an infinitude of infinitesimal reality, an actual physical structure of energy centers passing into and out of our dimension.  Any honest physicist will attest to the reality of that statement.  

We look at the matrix of it all, from one tiny perspective, and then we  "scale" all of matter and all the universe, from the infinitude of the infinitesimal, to the infinitude of eons of light years in the space/time continuum, from our tiny dot of perception we crow like a cock, and beat our chest like a baboon, claiming knowledge of it all. When, in proportion, to claim we perceive with the perception of a WORM is a statement of hubris - pure pride.  But lacking the worm's humility we claim that we understand it by some silly rationalist cartoon of reality, devoid of the vast knowledge WE DO NOT HOLD.   The “concepts” are not the experience and reality of the thing, the map not the territory. The outline or in artists terms the "cartoon" is not the object itself, even the most sophisticated portrait is not the person.  

If we walked to the pinnacle of scientific physical and biological knowledge presently held by humankind (and we cannot because it is TOP SECRET, held by the elite for weaponizing purposes) we would see things that totally amaze us. We would be like aborigine staring at a big screen T.V. trying to make sense of the pixel dots.  But even if we comprehended what was shown us, we would only be a millimeter up the scale of possible knowledge, which scale is an infinitude long and NOTHING we would see would define and explain this place, our cognition and LIFE. 

A young friend used the word hubris describing me for daring to question his self-satisfied conclusions where he tries to validate the evolutionary paradigm.  However, hubris is what possesses each generation of physical scientists who history has proved, generation by generation claim more knowledge than they hold, where the hubris and pure silliness of each generation is exposed by subsequent generations. When that process fails in the popular scientific literature and culture, something is very wrong; a dogma has replaced REAL scientific knowledge.  Such is the dogma of evolution. Right now in terms anyone can discover with a little research, the 19th century primitive evolutionist/Darwinists look silly indeed. 

What is a wonder of wonders, is that the mystery of The Faith, once and for all delivered unto the Saints, in no way questions what I have just said. That mystery of faith in each priestly blessing contains wisdom beyond this epoch of modern science and human knowledge, when it includes the words, "and unto eons of eons. Amen."  When the prophets, psalmists and holy father speak of "universes" (plural), worlds (plural), eons of time (plural)  and constantly acknowledges the unknowable quality of the passing of a single moment in time, they are acknowledging the apophatic grasp of all that is, acknowledging in humility what may be known and what is not known from our tiny dot of perception on the Master's Sanctuary Wall.

I am not anti-science. Science like any knowledge or weapon can be helpful/healing or destructive. I am for moral, life-engendering science. My objections to science should be obvious, (1) when it is death engendering, (2) destructive to human dignity and (3) claims knowledge it does not hold and attempts to teach ontology with theological implications from that flawed base. 

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