Monday, April 1, 2013

Wish It Was an April Fools Joke - But it is just a typical day in the "culture of death."

On this April Fools Day, following my peaceful walk, while I ate lunch, I turned on the T.V. and watched only one single hour of news and what greets? What should by any measure be a joke, but rather is a clear indication of the growing insanity of what the Secular Progressive Agenda has brought us.

A man stands in Church during Easter Service yesterday, shoots his father talks about killing other Christians who were celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, shouting "it is the will of Allah . . . this is what Allah wants . . . Allah wants me to kill you."  Now wait for it, the commentator said, "Police have still not identified or established any motive for the incident."

I could not help but be reminded of the report Saturday night, about hundreds being assaulted in Chicago on the Miracle Mile . . .  wait for it "Without Injury." 

A woman, pretending to be a man, who had partial sexual reassignment surgery, married as a man to a natural female in Hawaii, had two children him/herself by artificial insemination and natural birth, and now wants to divorce his/her wife, only to discover that in Arizona he is not married and so cannot divorce. Now wait for it, the commentator laments that, "It is a pity that laws have not kept pace with the changing times." In other words, it matters not how Frankensteinian the monsters of "science" become they should always be pandered to by an ever changing process of laws of convenience.

Two children, lily white boys, 10 and 11 years of age are to be tried for conspiracy to commit murder, rape and assault. Why?  Wait for it . . . because they hatched a very elaborate plot to murder one girl, mutilate her, rape her and kill five other students.  They created a seven stage plan and when accidentally caught on the day planned for the event, in possession of a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, knives and other tools needed, were arrested. According to testimony, one witness being their own defense psychologist, have shown NO remorse.  He saying, "These young men are dangerous."  You think?  The commentator said, "Who can understand how this could have happened.  Surely, they just need therapy and should not be tried as criminals." As it turns out, one of the boys has an older brother in prison for murder, so he would have to be fully aware of his actions. Never dawns on the "experts" that THEY are creating these monsters whose conscience is seared and turned to ashes in a single decade of life, exposed to sexual and every other violence in the media, are abuse by "sexual education" at too young an aged in public schools, they play fanciful games about gaining power by killing, etc.  Do you think this idea of mayhem arrived in a vacuum????? That they created it out of a childlike innocent imagination from whole-cloth?

In Texas a county prosecutor and his wife, gunned down in their home, execution style, on the heals of his assistant prosecutor being gunned down on the street in the last few weeks.  What the media is styling, revenge killings by the Texas Aryan Brotherhood - a drug ring running Drugs from Mexico . .  . so the narco-war that has killed thousands in Mexico, hundreds in Southern Texas has moved to the beautiful and peaceful countryside of East Texas. So much for the great job on the border, Obama.

Our President attended Easter Church services, conducted by an apostate priest in the apostate Episcopal Church - a group whose central driver is at this point in time and for the last hundred years has been the "Gay Agenda." (I have the documents from one hundred twenty years ago.) He could not help but attack conservative protestant and catholic Christians, calling them bigots by the following words, "It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back ... for blacks to be back in the back of the bus ... for women to be back in the kitchen ... for immigrants to be back on their side of the border," Rev. Leon said. 
"The message of Easter is about the power of love over loveless power," he continued.  The massive hypocrisy of claiming Christ's love as the driving force to attack and vilify Christians who hold Traditional and in truth the ONLY Christian view of morality as knuckle dragging bigots is too much to stomach. Claiming that we hate integration and black people - when the Evangelical, Pentecostal, Orthodox, and Roman Churches have ALWAYS been integrated! What churches have had the greatest outreach to immigrants of all kinds? The Catholic Churches in the U.S. both Orthodox and Roman and of late the Evangelicals would have to have the largest percentages of immigrants by far. All groups that teach Traditional Morality.  His accusation is totally false!  He, himself is expressing bigoted behavior and speech.  Shame on you,  Rev. Luis Leon, you soil the white vestments you wear with a smiling face by a month filled with hatred.

What next?  North Korea, according to White House spokesman, J Carney, "there is no credible military threat." Same echo from the pentagon and from the state department. Yet, Obama has deployed
Aegis warships, Aegis missile batteries, patriot missiles, B1 Bombers, B2 Stealth Bombers, and Stealth fighter bombers to the area. All for "no credible military threat."  By the way, let us not forget that this anti-missile defense technology is something Obama fought against.

Just to top off the insanity, some female Princeton University alumni suggested rightly, (with sound biological evidence) that college coeds might want to plan to marry in their twenties, so to have healthier babies, and not focus exclusively on their careers until their thirties.  Of course she is being pummeled as an idiot.  The commentator said . . . . wait for it, "With all the modern means fertilization, the pressure of a woman's 'biological clock' has been removed." As fate would have it . . . . wait for it . . . . The next story was about the sudden epidemic of ADHD in elementary school children, where one in every seven children is a victim and one in five boys of high school age, drastically up from four years ago. THINK! A female infant is born with all the eggs she will have throughout her life.  Do you think there could be a correlation of older eggs and this rash of autism, ADHA, and a host of other cognitive disorders? After all they have admitted the increased danger of Downs Syndrome in older eggs.  Maybe it is also related to the myriad fertility drugs in use for women past prime breeding age, and possibly the harm of extended hormone exposure in birth control pills.  Come on, let us admit it, it is all a little 
Frankensteinian isn't it?  A little touch of Joseph Mengele, something dangerous to humankind and our chances for survival. 
Nature is nature and artificial is artificial.  Nature has unbelievable qualities of correction and adjustment as the history of humankind proves. It is immutable by the latest archaeology finds and DNA study that the human species rather than "evolving" has shown unbelievable stability for a very, very long time.  Artificial has myriad paths of unintended consequences.  I'm old enough to remember children dying of leukemia because they were taken to the shoe store and feet Xrayed every few months to properly fit shoes, (the experts said it was safe.) And my cousin who died of thyroid cancer in his thirties, the result of acne treatments in his teens (the experts said it was safe.) But you don't have to be old to understand the real limitations of depending on the "experts."  Today, there are thousands of people suffering and dying from heavy metal poisoning, from . . . await for it,  artificial joint implants.

Just another day at the mercy of "the expert"  - that is the scientific high priests of the Secular Humanists who have created the culture of death.

One more - It was announced that there were two records broken on Sunday evening (4/1/2013 - was on Monday.) The Mini series, "The Walking Dead" and "The Bible" garnered audience of 12 million and 11.7 million respectively. I cannot help thinking that stat says something good.  The series "The Walking Dead" is about a boring, grinding, contagious and spreading evil, where the evil acts with a primitive but cunning collective intelligent like the cooperation of a pack of wild animals. Those who are alive are outnumbered and struggling for survival against enormous odds.  Knowingly or unknowingly the producers of this mini-series have created a metaphor of our times. We speak of "moral decay" "the destruction of individuals" "the destruction of collective society" and a "culture of death"; the Zombies are parody of that evil.  Next the fact that "The Bible" was so successful is also a healthy sign.  I have criticism of many shortcuts taken to tell the story, especially the glossing over of the story of Sodom.  However in the picturing of the beginning of The Church following the Crucifixion and Resurrection they use a theatrical device that I found profoundly demonstrative of the reality of those times and these times. They portrayed the reality of the Holy Spirit's presence with the leaders of the Church, the Apostles and their successors and other Christians, in the "person" of Jesus Christ. They rightly portrayed the fact that Jesus Christ has remained IN and WITH the Church from the beginning.  For those who have never experienced his presence, via the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, this promise to never leave us is thought "metaphor" and not actual presence in power and reality. For those who completely disbelieve, this idea of his abiding presence by the power of the Holy Spirit, is just foolishness. But I dare say that on Monday morning there are many more who grasp this than did the afternoon before.

I wish today was just April Fools Day.

P.S. - There was one touch of sanity in that hour. A Roman Catholic Priest stated, "There is no such thing as Gay Marriage. It is an ontological impossibility. You can call it what you will, name it anything, use any word, it still will not be marriage." 

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