Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I am glad I am not Carlos Arredondo

There is nothing the FBI hates more than appearing stymied in the glare of intense public attention. (i.e. Olympic Park bombing 1996). 
I have the sinking feeling that if this Boston bombing has a Muslim Connection, under Obama's orders the public will never know it. The FBI and the intelligence establishment is looking for a Richard Jewell, as they are doing the actual investigation. I THINK (solely opinion) this is fact. If I were Carlos Arredondo, I would this moment be in fear for my life. All it would take for the FBI and the intelligence community to cover their asses, and discount the possibility of a Muslim connection would be to find Arredondo "suicided" and a convenient confession laying by his side, fake receipts for Pressure Pots recently purchased, etc. They have already established he was suicidal, and he is a vet angry about American's Foreign policy by war. Didn't Janet Napolitano warn us about people like him in that early 2010 terrorist directive that went to law enforcement across the country. A perfect pegion - may God protect him.

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