Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sodomite Hero and Christian Loser

What is the overarching psychological operations media message for this week? Or as they say the weekly meme. 

Sodomite Sports Figure: glorious, hero, life changing realization because of Boston Bomb, lauded and praised on every news outlet. 

Christian Sports Figure: loser, possible career ender, exiled out of country only hope of reviving losing career - a losing career BEFORE given an opportunity, whose career was sabotaged purposely - since nothing that happened with Tebow and the Jets can be explained any other way. Jets paid big bucks and purposely sidelined him then played inferior players and created a terrible season. This was not bad logic at work, or accidental circumstances wounding a career, it was purchased sabotage. 

If you think this contrast wasn't orchestrated to send the clear message, Sodomite-Hero, Christian-Loser then you believe in the accidental unfolding of the media mythology and nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing on any major New outlet, is ever aired that does not fit the Agenda. 

What do you think explains the "hyper-coverage" with correspondents STILL on the literal site of the Boston Bombing, where NOTHING has happened there in two and a half weeks???? The "mind conditioners" are BORING the images of the Boston bombing into your psyche. Why? (There are multi-manipulative reasons - but a digression to the point here) 

Prior to the Boston Bombing, you couldn't watch five minutes of news without catching a story about so-called Gay marriage, which is an ontological impossibility, but part of the Agenda. It was a virtual DRUMBEAT of stories, boomed out at regular intervals like the cadence of a bass drum for WEEKS. And when hundreds if not thousands of stories around the world are news worthy, they are ignored and the now NON-story of the Boston Bombing is covered 24/7 and when they decided to break the cycle and give something else coverage, it is:
Sodomite Sports Figure: Glorious
Christian Sports Figure: Loser.

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