Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Dystopian Media

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The Dystopian Orthodox Message of the Media - Read Cultural Marxist Control of the Dialectic.

The erosion of free thought and expression - especially in the media:

No original ideas, or unique perspectives allowed, every report is uniform, fitting inside the orthodoxy of the Right/Left meme that ultimately promotes The Agenda. However, the Agenda is never mentioned or if mentioned, the speaker is attacked as "unorthodox and a conspiracy theorist."  

The media orthodoxy is to never mention the Cabal of International Money Changers who control the World's Finances, the real power behind ALL western governments, and in control of ALL third world countries – the greatest creator of poverty on the planet – presently conducting a multi-country genocide.  

Conservatives, Libertarians and Liberals inside the meme of orthodoxy endlessly discuss events and try to force them into a relationship with Constitutional Governance, which was greatly wounded in our country for decades and has been completely absent for twelve years. 

The orthodox message required of the Dystopia Makers, is:
whatever weakens the U.S.,
weakens the uniqueness of being an American Citizen,
whatever destroys any objective definition of "moral, good, reasonable and common sense solutions,"
whatever shows that the surrender of Liberty is "reasonable for safety's sake,
 because ordinary people cannot be trusted in the face of known and unknown enemies,
one way they are not trusted is to have thoughts outside the Dystopian orthodoxy";whatever weakens U.S. sovereignty,
whatever further enslaves the American people and paints them as incompetent to govern themselves, manage their industrial complex, and create a humane society.

Thus our need of Dystopian EXPERTS, administrators (CZARS) who can move above the constraints of our own confusion and incompetence and create "safety and peace" - which means in Dystopian orthodoxy, cooperation and submission to Globalist Internationalism.

THIS IS the message and goal of ALL mainline media, from Beck, Limbaugh, Alex Jones and Fox, to MSNBC, The Huffington Post and The Nation.  They, long ago, in the attack on language, killed the word "national" making it suspect and dangerous in the word "nationalism."  By now, after 60 years of assault on the word by the Council on Foreign Relations, in a grass roots campaign in every medium-to-large cities in the U.S., meeting with local public opinion molders, everyone knows that "nationalism" is dangerous.

  Haven't you ever thought that if this is really true it requires the dismantling of our nation in favor of something supposedly less dangerous? That is the premise upon which America has acted for 70 years and people have unconsciously submitted.  For how many decades, if the media wanted to picture a kook, they pictured an unkempt person holding a sign saying, "Get Us Out of The United Nations!"  Everyone knew such a person had to be a nut.   

"At any given moment, there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas, which it is assumed that all right thinking people will accept without question.  It is not exactly forbidden to say this, that, or the other, but it is 'not done' to say it . . . [And] anyone who challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness.  A genuinely unfashionable opinion is almost never given a fair hearing, whether in the popular press or in the highbrow periodicals."   - George Orwell. 

Facebook chooses "what is hot," in other words that which is promoted and spread about on facebook, and "what is not" that which is suppressed and made inconvenient to share on facebook according to the orthodoxy stated above.  And FB along with other social media was created to deal with George Orwell's concerns.  

Knowing that public opinion will not go away, that the strict Soviet Style state controlled media will only produce an alternative media even underground media, they created social media to rob alternative media of its power.  A REAL alternative media would have articles by people with genuine knowledge of the subjects they address, and by that measure, their words being confirmed by reality, by the facts on the ground, would have impact, would create as it were a collective "alternative orthodoxy."  

These Dystopian monsters are so smart, so versed in the Behavioral Science of B.F. Skinner's means of controlling humans - that they created for themselves the alternative media, and installed people like Glen Beck, Alex Jones, Fox News, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, and The Nation and then left everyone else the opportunity to express opinion via social media. 

Why social media is NOT alternative media: 

People like to pretend it is, but it is not.  People on social media, with generations of them having been taught to reason via the Hegelian Dialectic, believe that all opinions are equal and no one has the right to judge one opinion better than another, certainly no one has the capability of discovering inside the mass of opinions what is actually TRUE.

Opinions are merely perspectives and equally valid, and the truth lies somewhere in the cracks between all the opinions, mostly a mystery and unknowable.  So the knowledgeable person and the idiot are given equal weight.  

This sounds harsh but it is evident on nearly every FB political and religious group. So there is a mass confusion of speakers, few listeners, fewer learners, all are teachers, whether their information holds a ray of truth or not.

 And the majority of opinion expressed on social media is simply a rehash of what the “Controllers” have programed, via the “main stream media” and the left/right alternative media.  And those who speak with knowledge about the Dystopia makers, the ONLY TRUE Enemy of the American People, are floating in a sea of tinfoil hat folks who believe that the Pope is the Anti-Christ, the Vatican is Babylon, Jews are evil, there really are Space Aliens, and Elvis is not dead.

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