Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fundamentalists Clowns in the Service of the Culture of Death.

Fell asleep with the T.V. on watching "Justified" - a crude, violent series about the Detroit Mob's ties to Eastern Kentucky, something that interests me from actual and scary life experience. Anyway, I awake at 3:20 CDT, and am greeted with a character named "Rubin Israel" on a show called "Brand X" . . .  never heard of either. Rubin is a "preacher" like the myriad dupes of the modern paradigm, spouting ignorance from his egocentric interpretation of the New Testament - easy prey for the Satanic forces that make Christians look like idiots. He was introduced as a "homophobe" and the audience was asked to play along, to condescend to his sickness by being kind to him.  Whether this fellow is a total sham and Hollywood creation or a self-invented clown, his words (all based on the New Testament - according to him) are ignorance personified. He said, "I go to Marti Gras and preach about drunks, I preach against Mormons and Catholics . . . "  THIS ignorance is portrayed as the Christian's answer to the Culture of Death, when it holds little in common with the Wisdom of the Ages contained in the TRUE Apostolic Faith.  

This FOOL has turned the Bible into a Koran, and speaks of it with the same hatred filled ignorance that a Mohamedian Imam speaks from the Koran.  When -  if ever,  will BIBLE ONLY fundamentalists realize that they have been ISLAMICIZED; they have joined the ranks of the Iconoclast, which root is ISLAM; they have reduced the riches of THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH, which holds THE FAITH once and for all delivered unto the saints, against which the Gates of Hell CANNOT prevail - - which they may rightly claim - into the poverty of Islamic style interpretation of a BOOK. They have minimized THE FAITH, once and for all deliver to the saints, into a narrow and ignorant "religion" of their own making, raping the Apostolic Grasp of Jesus' Sacrifice, turning HIM into a Gnostic God, rejecting of humanity, rejecting of creation, unknowing, unseeing, un-powerful, and unloving.  

This man, may be sincere but truly IGNORANT; he described his faith as "BIBLE BELIEVING" which puts him on par with any number of religionists who believe that real FAITH may be derived from writings.  (The Bible, The Koran, The Vedas, The Asvesta, The Literature of Buddha  the Tao Te Ching, the Philosophy of Confucius, Kant, Skinner, Darwin, Nietzsche,  Hegel, Marx, The Book of Mormon, The Pearl of Great Price, L Ron Hubbard's Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (Scientology),  Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures (Christian Science), The Urantia Book, The Course in Miracles, etc, etc. . . ) The list of "book believers" is endless.

REAL Christianity is NOT about TEXTS, it is about the experience of the healing power of Jesus Christ and the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit present with us, THROUGH the Church. It is ORGANIC - that is, IT IS ALIVE.  In the last fourteen hundred years, "radical individual spirituality" and "radical individual interpretation of texts" has not withstood the Satanic-Islamic onslaught, but THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH HAS.  What is the "great masonic movement" but a form of Islamization of the Christian Faith! What is the Unitarian Movement, but a form of Islamization of the Christian Faith!  What is Biblical Fundamentalism, but a form of Islamization of the Christian Faith!

When one can casually equate Mormonism (an egocentric cult - centered around the writings of ONE SINGLE MAN) -  with the Christian Church of HISTORY, born of the Prophets which have been from the beginning of time, who prepared the way for the work and suffering sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Apostles and their successors, in LIVING EXAMPLE, one has become Islamicized.  - That is, believing that "Faith" may be gained by "radical spiritual individualism" and by egocentric understanding of a TEXT.  

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