Monday, April 22, 2013

The Truly Dangerous Open Door Policy

I know an inmate whose son was killed in CPS Foster Care. Wife imprisoned, other children abused in the system. All told, it was a horribly sad and needless story. He was a very intelligent and likable man at the height of his prime with amazing engineering skills, sentenced with maximum sentences for relatively minor crimes. I said to him one day as he sat across the desk from me, "Charles (not his real name), how did you end up in the system sentenced to 62 years?" He got tears in his eyes, sat for a moment obviously unable to speak. I felt guilty that I had asked. He motioned for me to watch and gulped, "it was this easy." He stood up, walked to the door and opened it. He walked back to the desk and sat down in silence. When he got himself together, realizing I was clueless as to his actions he said, "Honest it was that easy. I knew who he was, and what he was, but I opened my home's door to Satan, cause the stuff he was providing was fun. He made a knock down drunk of me, a whore of my wife and I helped, he left my children in danger and confusion and I helped, and when God in his mercy imprisoned me, Satan killed my 9 year old boy, foster father crushed his skull on a stone fireplace. The others have been abused in the system far worse than anything that happened to them in our home. I sit watching and am powerless to do anything about it. And every bit of it is my fault, I opened the door thinking Satan was just a good-time friend wanting to destroy my soul with vices. I thought I would out smart him, have some party years and then reform. I had no idea his real motive was to destroy us all."

This is also the story of the demise of our nation. It is just this simple. All the outrages you witness on the news, the massacres, the terror attacks, the common ordinary hellish crimes against children and the innocent, each one, are the dynamic of the SAME story.

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