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Christian Right/Neo Con Front Groups

How the Christian right was conquered by the Globalist/Marxists, personified in the candidacy of Ted Cruz, and the Christian Right's unwavering support for NeoCons who created and support Marxist Globalism.

The co-opting of the Christian Right by the Luciferian Globalists is an interesting story. In short you pass a law, passed by President Lyndon Johnson, making any political speech from the pulpit grounds for the loss of that church's tax exempt status. Or as LBJ said, "Let's put the fear of the REAL god in those sons-bitchs."

Since most "ministries" were/are about the bottom-line the priests, bishops, pastors etc, using the excuse of "being good stewards" cowered in the face of the god "Uncle Sam" and shut up. They abdicated they bully pulpits. Where do you think the phrase bully pulpit comes from? 

Having remove politics from the Churches - a perfectly correct place for it, NEXT through Paul Weyrich a CIA SLUG, co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, and Traitor to Christianity and his country, they the CIA, created the astro-turf Christian Right movement, and placed them in service to the NeoCons, who are Globalist Marxist and we have the horrors of today. Luciferian Globalists running for office claiming the power of the Holy Spirit to do so.

Definition of Neo-Con -Neo-Conservative (go to the bottom for the definition of a Traditional Conservative.)

(1) a Rhetorical Conservative (God and Country) who advocates the assertive promotion of democracy (Read American/Globalist Control) and United States Government-Corporate interests in international affairs including through military means, using the U.S. military as the police force of the Globalist Financiers. Often accomplished under the cover of U.N. Mandate. 

(2) One who advocates U.S. Empire building in the form of U.S. economic, political and military dominance using occupation or other means of total influence and dominance, making of foreign nation states, mere Vassal States of the Anglo-American Globalist Empire.

(3) One who increases American National Debt for the purposes stated in 1 and 2.

How Does the American Empire (New World Order) Function?

Conclusion: Ted Cruz Supporters are Blithering Idiots. Why do I make such a harsh statement.  It is CERTAINLY not an anti-Christian statement, but a condemnation of the CIA/Globalist Establishment co-opting the Christian Right, and using it as a propaganda force FOR Luciferian Globalism. 

Chris Anonymous writes: But, but, but.. he is God's chosen one.. we must follow him !!!!! ha, ha, ha..

How do you spell C.U.L.T. ??

Cruz Father: Ted Cruz "Anointed" To "Bring the Spoils of War to the Priests" (10/15/13)

Christian Dominionist Cult, founded by the CIA. Founder Paul Weyrich, life long CIA Asset and CIA Front man to the Christian Right.

Jerry Falwell

"The Moral Majority was formally initiated as a result of a struggle for control of an American conservative Christian advocacy group known as
"Christian Voice" during 1978. Robert Grant, Christian Voice's acting President, said in a news conference that the Religious Right was a "sham... controlled by three Catholics and a Jew." Following this, Paul Weyrich, Terry Dolan, Richard Viguerie (the Catholics) and Howard Phillips (the Jew) left Christian Voice.

The same three, 
"During a 1979 meeting, urged televangelist Jerry Falwell to found Moral Majority (a phrase coined by Weyrich). This was the period when the New Christian Right arose." 

Back up a little further, and "Christian Voice is an American conservative political advocacy group, known as part of the Christian right within U.S. politics. It is a project of the American Service Council. In 1980, Christian Voice claimed 107,000 members including 37,000 pastors from 45 denominations. Christian Voice was headquartered at the Heritage Foundation in the 1970s and 1980s and is currently located in suburban Washington, D.C., in Alexandria, Virginia."  BTW "Christian Voice" the first Christian Right Political Group, invented the Concept of the Congressional Report Card. Which is a political propaganda tool. 
Chuck Baldwin
Why Congressional Scorecards from any think tank or watchdog group is meaningless, except as lying propaganda.  And BTW the author completely misses it when he says that there are possibly 100 congressmen and senators that are not controlled.  He is being very kind.  I would guess the number is closer to 20 or less, after all every Republican senator voted to kill the Disclose Act. That was a direct vote against the American people, so their Globalist masters could continue to hide their puppet strings.

Paul Weyrich

Wow the "Christian Right" Originally flowed from "The American Service Council - and the Heritage Foundation. The Heritage Foundation was founded by the same CIA Front man, Paul Weyrich. So what is the American Service Council? It created "the Christian Voice" and many of the key members of Christian Voice fled to form the American Freedom Coalition with funding from Unification Church leader Sun Myung Moon, another CIA front, which owns the Washington Times, provides talking heads to Fox and CNN and presses a Globalist agenda. All these groups are incestuous and CIA linked.
Terry Dolan

Here is one of founding fathers of "The Christian Right" close buddy (wink wink) of Paul Weyrich, instrumental in the founding of "The Moral Majority." 
"John Terrence 'Terry' Dolan (1950 – December 28, 1986) was an American New Right political activist who was a co-founder and chairman of the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC). Dolan was also, during the mid to late 1970s, in the leadership of Christian Voice, 'the nation's oldest conservative Christian lobby".

While Dolan was a proponent of family values and the organizations he led were persistently critical of gay rights, he was revealed to have been a closeted homosexual who frequented gay bars in Washington, D.C. He died from complications of AIDS at the age of 36.

Richard Viguerie
Here is another founding father of "The Christian Right" - close buddy (wink wink) of Paul Weyrich, instrumental in founding "The Moral Majority." 

"In 1977, Richard Viguerie worked on a project to raise money for Sun Myung Moon's Children's Relief Fund, which reportedly only received 6.3% of the $1,508,256 raised. $920,000 went to Viguerie according to New York State charity auditors.

Here is another founding father of "The Christian Right" close buddy (wink wink) of Paul Weyrich, instrumental in founding "The Moral Majority."
Howard Phillips. "During the Nixon Administration, Phillips headed two federal agencies, ending his Executive Branch career as director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) in the Executive Office of the President for five months in 1973, a position from which he resigned when U.S. President Richard M. Nixon reneged on his commitment to veto further funding for Great Society programs begun in the administration of Nixon's predecessor, Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson."

At the very core of the Christian Right Movement with Weyrich was Robert Grant an ordained Baptist minister. He was the religion editor of the Washington Times, (owned by the Sun Myung Moon Cult) and is a Judaized heretic, leading over 125 pilgrimages to Israel. He was the founder of the California Graduate School of Theology. He is a member of the Religious Roundtable. (The Religious Roundtable is a covert Gay Agenda, media group.) He was a founding chairman of the Coalition for Religious Freedom and the American Coalition for Traditional Values, both with Tim Lahaye. He founded the United Community Church of Glendale, California. He was also a founding member of the Heritage Foundation - he and Weyrich were the Heritage Foundation's co-founders along with others who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Billed as anti-CFR, it was founded with CFR members on the board.   

BTW the fear mongering Rapture Cults are part and parcel of the Globalist Propaganda empire, designed to keep Conservative Christians paralyzed in fear, and thinking that nothing they could do would really effect the course of our country. They have succeeded in creating generations of Christians frozen in fear, whose common brainwashed state makes them cynical observers of "the end times entertainment," fatalists who spout prophecy to justify their inaction. They are devoid of the possibility of becoming intelligent, informed, wise engaged citizens.

 The Problem with American Christianism.

So we see the "Christian Right" was created by the CIA, using (1) Phillips, a Jewish Federal Bureaucrat turned politician, vote splitting founder of the U.S. Taxpayer's Party, which became the Constitution Party; 
(2)Viguerie a degenerate thief, and Weyrich asset. 
(3) Dolan, a sexual degenerate who died of AIDs and Weyrich asset. 
(4) Grant, a Judaized heretic and Weyrich asset. 

All in the control of Paul Weyrich CIA front man, Rockefeller henchman, founder of the Heritage Foundation, the Free Congress Foundation, and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) - and many more groups. ALEC is without a doubt the most subversive of all the groups, literally writing the majority of corporate legislation for the legislatures of all 50 states for decades. Paying state legislators, inviting them to posh resorts where they would be given the legislation to pass.  Weyrich was one of the Founders of the "New Right" which is synonymous with the Neo-Conservative (NeoCon) movement, whose objective was to appear to be about "family values" while making globalist conquest for the New World Order. These men are EVIL to the core.

BTW the Heritage Foundation is openly supporting Senator Ted Cruz for his presidential bid. 

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