Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Mythology of Peaceful Islam

A great many Americans are simply Dhimmis by virtue of purposeful or inadvertent conformity to Cultural Marxism, you know as Political Correctness. A friend wrote an article on the pros and cons of accepting "refugees" from the current Mid-Eastern, North African migration. And in this article he offered this statement. I thought the statement and my response would be instructive as to what being a Dhimmi is and how one can be this, that is, an apologist for Islam, without even realizing it.

Here is his statement:
"Obnoxious and ignorant books, posts, and videos that lump all Islamic people into terrorists are wrong. When Christians who do not even speak Arabic make claims about the Koran as if they know what they are saying in defiance of scholarship, they shame us with their ignorance."

My response:
That is a typical Dhimmi line, and Muslim taqiyya propaganda meme, the idea that one has to read Arabic to understand Islam. That would mean hundreds of millions of Muslims would have no hope of learning their own religion. You can dance around the violent core of Islam, dance around the fact that most violent terrorists leaders were/are highly educated, like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the head of ISIS, who has a PhD in Islamic studies from the Islamic University of Baghdad, (according to all reports in Arabic), and the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing is/was the most respected Islamic scholar in Sunni Islam, head of Koranic Studies at Cairo University for two decades.

So I would challenge you as to who is more knowledgeable about Islam, you who cannot separate and make a distinction between Islam and Muslims. Or these and many other of Islam's top scholars and religious leaders who advocate Jihad, that is death to the Kafir everyday.

A great many Muslims are not religious at all, but if they are religious, they are Jihadis. It is that simple. Jihad is one of the five pillars of Islam, hidden in the pillar called "compulsory giving." Jihad is mentioned as a spiritual struggle a few times in the Koran, but it is mentioned as violence against the kafir many times in the Koran, and specifically, violence against Christians and Jews by name.

Islam is not truly a religion, unless you would call Secular Humanism a religion, Marxism a religion, Communism a religion, and Globalist Capitalism a religion. All these have implications for society and ambitions for world domination, and have an element of "true belief" about them, and in action, in history have slaughtered hundreds of millions of people. They are geo-political movements. Just as Islam is a geo-political movement, whose entrance into the movement is unadulterated and pure Islamic devotion, which requires civilization jihad and the material/financial support of violent jihad, or the personal sacrifice in personal actions of violent jihad, with NO exceptions.

For further understanding of Islam

CLEPING ISLAM - It is not difficult or obscure.

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