Monday, November 16, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust: Trey Gowdy

Just like Bachmann and every other Congressman or Senator that has truly demanded real oversight of the Administrative Branch, oddly and without real reason, they resign or announce their retirement. The last Benghazi public hearing proved he had been COWED as he played the Globalist Game to make Hitlery look good. This is PRISM and XKeystroke at work, this is blackmail via NSA data treasure trove.

WE have to give Trey Gowdy credit, since he is the ONLY Congressman who was willing to stand in the Well of the House, and openly challenge his National Security Gag Order, and turn his gag order restrictions into questions, technically not breaking his Gag Order, but dancing around it with skillful verbal gymnastics, asking questions instead of making statement: 

"If Obama has the power to unilaterally change immigration law. Does he have the power to unilaterally change other laws. Can he change, say, election laws? 

"If Obama has the power to arbitrarily change laws passed by the Congress, like sections of ObamaCare he simply changed on a whim, by the stroke of a pen, Does he have the power to change election laws?"

Had he correctly answered those questions he would have been subject to immediate arrest or execution. His DHS Security Letter Gag order, is WAR TIME LAW, with Martial Law, War Time consequences. This is the present situation in our Ghost Republic. 


Of course the answer is, under the open Declarations of National Emergency, under the National Emergencies Act, Obama can do damned well what he pleases and has only the worry of any tin-horn dictator, (1) What will be people allow before the openly revolt. (2) what will the military allow before they openly revolt. (3) How much can I get away with, without being assassinated.  Obama answers solely to the Criminal Globalist Financiers and the Secret Government authorities who placed him in his puppet office. He like the candidates of BOTH parties are constructs, of the Globalist Powers, Puppets, was it were. Well, All but Donald J. Trump who by virtue of his philosophy and financial strength is outside of the Globalist Control Mechanism. He is an America FIRST Nationalist.  His proposed policies will SMASH the stranglehold the Globalist have over our Government and Both Political Parties.  IF God in his mercy allows Mr Trump to survive and avoid the CIA's heart attack gun and other means of assassination. 

This video is censored at the moment Trey mentions Mandatory Minimum Sentences.  It is clean otherwise.

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