Thursday, November 12, 2015

Deportation: Humane or Inhumane?

I notice that today the CIA/Corporate/Media is harping on the "inhumanity of deportation." They are summoning up the dark images of Project Wet Back. So let me ask you, how humane has our open border been?

Answer: Instead of maintaining humane control of immigration and our border, we turned it over to barbaric organized criminal human smuggling cartels. Do you really believe this is the preferred situation?

I think NOT!

Published reports say that 80 percent of the women in the hands of these cartel smugglers are raped. The media is sighting 88 dead due to Project Wet Back, but THOUSANDS have died on our open border. Immigrants left to suffocate, starve and rot in shipping containers is axiomatic with the trade. So is sex slavery axiomatic with the trade, and that includes those coming over the borders and the cute blonds from savaged Ukraine and poverty stricken Eastern Europe.

And there is other kinds of slavery. My God, in the last two years we have seen multiple members of the Saudi Royal Family either charged or deported (if they had diplomatic immunity) for keeping house slaves! This is the abomination of lawlessness and we have not even mentioned the government-corrupting power of the massive billions of illicit drug money.

That drug money corrupting influence was so powerful in the state of Georgia, in the 1990 (last I knew the statistics) that every one of Georgia's 157 counties, had experienced the country sheriff, or his immediate deputy, and/or a police chief, indited on charges of drug trafficking, human trafficking, and/or money laundering, sex slave prostitution rings, etc., etc. In Georgia is a prison populated ENTIRELY by ex-law enforcement and ex-government officials. There were even three former prison chaplains in there.

This is a mini-picture of the cost of open borders and NOT deporting the present organized illegal alien criminal element. This is like a cancer, some healthy flesh has to suffer when this extraction occurs, but it will be HUMANE by comparison to the present situation.

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