Saturday, November 14, 2015

People of France, Open Letter.

An Open Letter to all of Good Will, in France. 
Speaking of the Paris ISLAMIC Jihadi attacks:

Dear People of France, you have the CIA, Obama, and the U.S. State Department to thank for the events in Paris on the evening of 11/13/2015.  Yes, it was fully ISLAMIC, fully Jihad, fully Muslim Terrorism. But it is the Globalist Criminal Psychopaths' USE of the same.  This is the DIRECT result of Obama's Arab Spring speech, where he invited the Muslim Brotherhood to take the most prominent seats for his speech and unleashed across N. Africa from Morocco to Egypt/Syria/Iraq a major JIHAD.  Jihadis were created, armed, financed and politically supported by the American not so Secret Criminal Government, operated by the CIA and the U.S. State Department.  This destabilization of Northern Africa and the Middle East purposely created a mass migration of Muslims into Europe and hidden in that migration was an army of Jihadis. 

As an American citizen, I apologize to you for the actions of the psychopaths who have taken control of our government.  I praise Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian People for actually taking on ISIS, which is merely the CIA's Arab Legion.  Please understand that the majority of American people are unaware of their own culpability in these criminal actions of our Government, but just like the German Citizens of the NAZI regime, we cannot claim total innocence.  

As an American Christian, I am most ashamed of the blindness of American Christianism and its support of these Luciferian policies of our government. Like Dietrich Bonhoeffer to Hitler and the NAZI regime, I personally disavow the legitimacy of this criminal government, and recognize it as an enemy of the American People and an enemy to the people of the world.   And this condemnation of our Criminal Globalist Regime extends not only to the Obama Administration but the previous three Administrations, Bush, Clinton and Bush, who destroyed our Constitutional Republic and created for we Americans, and you people of Europe, an Omni-Surveillance Globalist Police State.  

If you have read Machiavelli you understand who ISIS is, and the meaning of America's public assurances of comfort and support.  People of France, your chains as a Vassal Status State, inside the Globalist Criminal New World Order, are about to increase exponentially.  Our prayers extend to you, especially since we have a mutual enemy and that enemy is not just Islamic Jihad, but the Criminal Globalist forces that are using Jihadis to their Machiavellian ends. 

Archpriest Symeon Elias.

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