Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Russia the World's Greatest Threat!

November 2015:
Fresh back from Kiev, Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley called Russia “aggressive” and “adversarial to the interests of the United States,” claiming that having nuclear weapons and the ability to use them makes Russia the foremost threat to the US.

The Orthodox Christian Philosopher (OCP):

Really?  Really? Hummm . . . 

Show me the Russian bases in Canada and Mexico. Show me the military WAR GAMES, played with the Central American Treaty Organization (SATO), on our border with Mexico, a military alliance with all the closest nations to our south. Show me Russia's 800 military bases around the world and the Russian bases that surround the Continental United States and THEN you can call Russia an "aggressor" you propagandist ASS-WIPE. I CAN show you the reverse, our 800 military bases around the world, the bases surrounding Russia/China, and NATO/American WAR GAMES played ON RUSSIA'S border.

Show me the FSB (formerly the KGB) revolution in Canada, and the FSB created war in Quebec, the FSB Nazis installed in a puppet government in Ottawa. I can show you the CIA created revolution in Ukraine, the CIA created war in Eastern Ukraine, and the CIA Nazis installed in a puppet government in Kiev - you worthless propaganda ASS-WIPE.


800 bases around the world..

Approx, $600 billion a year spent of war (more than the rest of the world added together.

Approx. 134 military conflicts going on right now that congress did not vote for and the population is clueless about.

NGO's.. Tens of billions spent interfering in sovereign country's internal politics and society (Including the CIA infiltrating Christian organizations & missionary work)

Uses the banking system to threaten, coerce, and sanction countries to force them to comply to our politics or companies.

Know everywhere around the world for funding and training both sides of every conflict in countries that are in serious political trouble.

The question is.. why do people in this country (especially Christians & conservatives) think "all this" is OK, and has anything to do with spreading democracy or freedom, or stability ?

All empires, rise, become prosperous, have an age of enlightenment and peace, then fall into internal disintegration and corruption, and end up warring with everybody, then they destroy their economic system attempting to maintain that empire.. and then they collapse or get destroyed by the enemies they create.

"Uses the banking system to threaten, coerce, and sanction countries to force them to comply to our politics or companies." Which includes, LITERALLY not figuratively, GENOCIDE.

Chris Shipler:
New report.. 60 million people displaced around the world in conflicts.. "spreading democracy" at the end of a gun.

RT Reporting that one Greek Island has run out of burial space, having buried so many corpses washed ashore from the CIA create migration.

Europe is over.. this is the beginning of the end.. They are already breeding themselves out of existence, by not repopulating.. It was a planned invasion.. The world has no clue what Bush and now Obama has done. Clash of cultures.. and Obama is doing it in this country.. but he didn't start it.. and contrary to popular belief.. the GOP is fully on board with this.

The Islamic/Nazi ties go back with the Bushes to the 1920, and the Dulles families to the first world war. The OSS and then CIA was/is controlled by the same Nazis with their extensive Islamic ties. It is an immoral system of governance controlled by International Criminal Financiers, the Bush family is part of the controlling Oligarchy.

What is the difference between moral and immoral "leadership."  I submit that Vladimir Putin is a moral leader, acting for the protection of his country and that modern Russia is anything but aggressive, common sense clearly demonstrates this.

In response to a philosophical anarchist, who believes that every leader (or politician) is a sociopath because he/she desires to control others. This label applied to Vladimir Putin, since he is viewed as a very effective leader. 
S.P. writes: I respect Putin, but nevertheless as a political leader he is a sociopath
All politicians are sociopaths at some level. Desire to rule others...how does putin fare towards russians? What do they think of him?
He is as popular as Joseph Stalin, which proves nothing since one was the dictator of a Totalitarian State and mass murderer of epic proportions and the other the moral leader of the Constitutional Republic. And by your lame theory, everyone who desires to raise a child, every patriarch or matriarch of an extended family, every priest and clergyman who desires to have a good effect and influence in the lives of others is a sociopath also. It would make Jesus Christ the greatest sociopath in history.

Your position is that of an anarchist who believes in the absolute autonomy of the individual, which is a death engendering and anti-human philosophy. Humans care for one another, which at times infringes upon absolute autonomy. That care for reasons of biology, survival and peaceful society, is not always on an equal basis, but that which best preserves life, best preserves the natural rights of the individual and best served to protection and propagation of humanity in general.

Participation in Good Governance, no matter what form the government takes, is a humanitarian act. Participation in Bad Governance, no matter what form the government takes, is an act of humanism, or some such other failure of moral philosophy.

And as to what is good governance vs bad governance the answer is quite simple. Do the people flourish? or Do the people languish? The Russian people at this point in history are flourishing after a long period of languishing.

The American people languish by every known measure, after a long period of flourishing. In fact languish is a mild word for the degrading of our institutions, public health, public life, and even public safety, which is maintained only by a high percentage of incarceration, the destruction of the family, and the insane social experimentation by psychopaths (not sociopaths) seen as "experts" in our socio-political structure.

And for the anarchist who believe in radical autonomy, it should be noted that the more moral the governance, the greater autonomy is experienced by the largest numbers. The more immoral the governance is the least autonomy is experienced. There is no autonomy left in the U.S., and by mental manipulation accomplished by the psychopathic "experts" in our socio-political structure, people are too hypnotized to know it.

Besides the psychotronic hypnosis of mass media, one in every four American Adults is on some form of psychotropic (mind altering) drug.  One in every five minors in America is on some form of the same poisons. Not to mention the mental herd effect created by fluoride in EVERY municipal water supply in our nation.  It is the systematic doping and dumbing down of American citizens, the work of psychopathic socio-political manipulators. It is the work of the Corporate Control Structure, which is welded to the CIA, and the rest of America's Shadow Government. What we see as Government in the United States, is just as false as Aldous Huxley predicted it would be. We are experiencing in our hypnotized state, the final revolution.

Is there a counter-revolution?  Are some people snapping out of years and decades of hypnosis. Are some people sobering up and wising up?  Yes! or maybe.  There appears to be a Vladimir Putin type leader, who loves his country and grieves at the state of our nation and her people.  He rightly describes this state as "Crippled."

The psycho-political manipulators are using every brainwashing tool to destroy him.  It is the largest psychological operation in my life time (with the exception of the grand daddy of them all 9/11). With such effort from the criminal establishment, it is hard to believe he is not for real.


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