Thursday, November 19, 2015

Is Social Media a Means of Dumbing Down?

I suspect that this is why FaceBook suddenly appeared, when it did, at the HEIGHT of the American "Dumbing Down Program." When the Globalist Psychopaths were in total control of the Dialectic, and nearly everything the public believed was FALSE, here comes FaceBook and people start explaining (rationalizing) their psy-opts created opinions, writing them down and thus reinforcing them, furthering the Dumbing Down process, making new information more difficult for the average person to access.  New facts are instantly dismissed out of a sense of strong self-assurance. "I know I'm right, Dude.  Facts be damned." 

People were encouraged to Blog their opinions, and FaceBook arrived and TENS of MILLIONS of people began reducing to text many ideas that were previously malleable, cloudy, felt, emotional, changeable, but in the process of reducing them to text, to cogent sentences, the ephemeral became concrete, unchangeable without being first "shattered."  

This shattering, is the reason I very often call perfectly nice and "normal" people, "Idiots" "Clueless" "Zombies" "Hypnotized Robots" etc., trying to create a shadow of doubt in their artificially created "concrete self-assurance."  Without that "shattering" for so many, new information simply cannot be processed.  Hypnotized alternative consciousness IS the new "normal."  The new "normal" is intellectual paralysis. (More)

"The research from the University of Iowa is based on previous studies indicating that people are particularly likely to stick to their original viewpoint when they’ve had to write their beliefs down– a phenomenon known as the ‘explanation effect’, which also affects future actions." - Read it again.

People unlikely to change their mind, even when facts contradict their views - study

Take heart, their plan is failing, because of some very brave whistle blowers. Evidence of the mind-manipulation of the public is become so massive and obvious that even some of the dullest of the dullards are beginning to awaken from their "mind controlled" state.

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