Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charlottesville a Staged Cultural Marxist Psychological Operation

Charlottesville weekend event was staged by the Marxists, most likely with George Soros and the CIA organizing and financing both sides. A Classic Marxist Conflict Theory operation.

They are operating an overarching Classic Marxist Conflict Theory operation over the entire nation, targeting the one culture that is to be isolated, systematically dismantled, its history destroyed, named an enemy to humanity and its heritage called HATE. That culture is White and proud of its Conferate History. It is the Fox in this hunt, and for every Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Leftist, Cultural Marxist, Browntoned Hound, that Fox is fair game. The masters will protect the Hounds, but not the Fox since the Cultural Marxist Masters called the Fox Hunt.

How DARE these Foxes to rise and protest the destruction of a statue of General Robert E. Lee. How EVIL can those foxes be!

The Deep State Globalist/Marxist Masters have been trying for months to create chaos to halt the America First War of Independence, (or as you know it "The Trump Agenda") that is, extricating our Liberty and American Sovereignty from the Deep State Globalist Apparatus.  So this Marxist operation in Charlottesville is obvious in its purpose and design.
Remember SOROS/CIA and compare Maiden Square, Kiev, Ukraine demonstrations, created to topple the Ukrainian Government and Charlottesville, Virginia. Identical construction, identical goal, and you can bet identical financiers, organizers, and operatives.

Is it not ironic that SOROS/CIA/U.S. State Department backed the NAZIS, the "Nationalists" in Ukraine, but when it suits them to stop Trump, they make them the "whipping boys" in the Charlottesville riots.

Could it be that the next thing to come in Charlottesville is CIA sniper fire from the rooftops, like in Kiev, killing people on both sides, making each think the other is responsible?

The deaths today in Charlottesville . . . well, how many times have I written and stated, "Just because it is a False Flag Operation, that does not mean there might not be a stack of corpses."

Update: My premise has been proved right. We know that Antifa and BLM are Cultural Marxist organization in the control of the Globalist/Luciferians. Now the provocateur who staged the Unite the Right side has been exposed.

Now we know. Kessler, the Unite the Right Organizer, who was openly, publicly far left, until a supposed "Red Pill" conversion in November of 2016 - Oh wait, what happened in November of 2016? Oh yeah, Trump was elected and they knew they were going to need trusted provocateurs inside the conservative ranks. Remember, this Leftist Mole is who the FAKE MEDIA is smearing US with, as White Nationalists and White Supremacists.

Reference "Daily Caller" post about who he really is.


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