Tuesday, August 1, 2017

GREAT NEWS! Only 27% of Muslims in the America Want to Kill US.

The Cultural Marxist press, that supports the assault of Jihadis upon Europe and America, the aim being to destroy Western (Christian) Civilization to make the population more easily controlled, prints the most INSANE articles, most touting the BIG LIE in the Headline. For the Marxists, the Chaos and Violence you see spread all across the Middle East and now Europe and to a lesser degree, but REAL in the U.S., is preferable to a rational ethical society provided in a Christian Culture. As G.K. Chesterton said, "Only Christianity can create a culture where both the Christian and the Pagan may safely play."

Look at this ridiculous headline published by Ben Cohen, "
Decisive Majority of US Muslims Oppose Violence Against Civilians, New Survey Shows" WOW! WE CAN ALL CELEBRATE, Ghosh darn, those sweet and kind Muslims.  "We love our Somalis, We love our Muslim, OH there so good, OH there so sweet!"

But wait, if 73% of Muslims in America don't want to kill us, faced with going on record in a national survey, are they all telling the truth, or are they saying what they think we want to hear. And does that mean that 27% DO WANT TO KILL US?

The IDIOT Ben Cohen writes after his celebratory headline: "
The survey, released on July 26 by the Pew Research organization, revealed that 76 percent of respondents agreed with the contention that “targeting and killing civilians can never be justified to further a political, social or religious cause.” Eight percent believed such actions were justified “rarely,” while a further 12 percent believed terrorist killing is “sometimes” or “often” justified."Let's see, 8% + 12% = 20% of American Muslims are willing to go on record in a national survey to say that killing YOU is JUST FINE.

When are we going to wake up to the reality that the problem IS ISLAM, and most MUSLIMS are infected with this SICK ideology?



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