Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Left Not Buying Charlottesville Psyop

Moochele Obumber made that enigmatic statement shortly after Obama was elected, talking about all the "work ahead" she said that we would have to "rewrite our history." Most people just scratched their heads or dismissed her/his statement, as ignorance and stupidity. I knew full well what he meant. The Marxist Text Book Industrial Complex, (and it is far more than mere publishers but the Marxist Think Tanks that write the curriculum) went into high gear, and very shortly we began to see the elevation and even Glorification of Islam in textbooks and and even Islamic worship in "practical curriculum exercises." It was really one of the things that sparked the Tea Party movement.

Barry started making historically ridiculous statements about the "place of Islam in American History" which anyone with an ounce of education knew was pure fiction. Fast forward a few years . . . It took the mind-controlled shooter in Charleston blowing away some black people before that attack turned to the Confederate Memorials and the dismantling of American History began in a big way. They could not have pulled the trigger on this psyop in Charlottesville without these years of preparation.

The united voices of ALL the Globalist Puppets in the Media and Politics blaming Trump for Charlottesville is not working on any on the right who are not fake opposition, nor is it working on Black folks, or the left. Even though they cannot connect the dots to the Cultural Marxist origins, that is the attack on American History.  Confederate History IS American History, just like Black History is American History, just like Catholic history via Our Lady of Guadalupe is American History, just like The Revivalist Movement and its ugly step-child Biblical Fundamentalism and Evangelicalism is American History, just like the Industrial Revolution is Ameran History, etc., etc., etc.

I am reading articles and seeing videos from people on the left decrying the event in Charlottesville as STAGED, design to divide and conquer. They are mocking the FAKE MEDIA narrative. This is a really healthy sign.

Linked here is an article by a Black Man, a Liberal.  Let me just share a couple of pertinent paragraphs from the article entitled, "
Peddling Dissension: Charlottesville, Demagoguery and Using Hate as Click Bait" by Teodrose Fikre - August 12, 2017. [LINK]

"But in all honesty, this is beyond politics. What is being foisted on us as a people is a pervasive system of divide and conquer where our emotions are agitated and dissension continually peddled in order to keep us at each other’s throats. This is why a couple of hundred people protesting in Charlottesville is pushed as a national story as if the Russian fifth division has just landed on the shores of Jersey. Invariably, people return hatred with yet more hatred. This is how fellow victims of this economic warfare—which has been loosened on us by the powerful—end up attacking each other instead of uniting to take on their tormentors."

I stated in the video I made yesterday, "It is a process of amplifying natural animosities." He has that part right. Skipping a paragraph he continues:

Please wake up my people, on all sides the elites are playing us for fools and idiots. In the process, they are using our pains and our struggles as cash registers. They do not care about us; they only see us as stepping stones. Here is a sure fire way to separate the real from the charlatans. If they are getting paid by the very system they are expressing outrage over, discount them as frauds. Thus pundits who are on the payroll of the Corporate State Media, politicians who are dependent on the largess of plutocrats and social activists who are being pushed by the status quo, these people are no friends of ours—they are only using our struggle as a way to fracture humanity and sow yet more division."

You may enjoy watching the Sane Progressive grabble her way through the Psyop. She gets partly, the fakeness of the event at Charlottesville, and the intent of the event, and the Elite Media's demonic use of the event, though she does not get the Marxist history, I outlined in the first paragraph.  Still, very perceptive, very perceptive.





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