Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Is Trump Really Viewed As a Weak Leader Abroad?

Same people who claimed Obama was viewed overseas as a strong president are telling us that Trump is viewed overseas as a weak president.

Fact: Obama suffered total collapse on the international scene at end of his first term. His first Brandenberg Gate Speech in Berlin nearly one million people showed up. His second Brandenberg Gate Speech less that 5k showed and they were mostly E.U. and German government officials and functionaries.

Fact: Donald Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia and the entire Sunni Arab world bowed to him there.

Fact: Donald Trump traveled to Poland and the Three Seas Nations bowed to him there.

Fact: Donald Trump showed up at the G20 and leaders of the wealthiest industrialized nations jostled to be pictured with him.

Fact: The most powerful Asian Nation just voted with the U.S. for the first time, issuing sanctions on N. Korea, and last Sunday gave N.Korea a warning very much like Trump gave them yesterday. IN fact, the Security Council voted unanimously against N.Korea for only the second time in history.

Fold all that into the label "weak" and you are writing fiction.

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