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Our New War for American Independence and Debugging the White House.



Transcript below for my friends who are hearing challenged.

I wrote about a year ago, commenting on an article about Trump intending to "renovate the White House" . . . It was spoof-put down article, with a picture of the White House with a gaudy "Trump" sign on it and everything turned to fake gold. I said:

"If he is smart, he will not occupy the White House until it has been gutted and debugged."

The Deep State Media has tried to cover this gutting of the White House as Trump Elitism, claiming that he said the place was a dump. No, it is not a dump, it is a "studio" with every corner of it wired for sight and sound. Well, at least it was until last week, Friday, August 4th, 2017

The DEPTH of the Deep State . . . the level of the Deep State's Insurgency and CONTROL is reflected in the fact that the previous White House Puppets, lived in a Puppet Theater, with the Puppet Masters aware of every word and every action of their puppet.

President Trump left the White House last Friday on for an extended “working vacation” you would think, “yawn.” But what makes it really interesting is that his entire staff in Washington had also moved out of the West Wing for a series of “renovations”.

The Press is reporting that immediately on Friday they began ripping out the 27 years old heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) - that some major work.

This Hill reported that - “White House deputy press secretary Lindsay Walters told reporters that the South Portico steps on the South Lawn will also be repaired and they were refurbished 60 years ago.

What is reported next is the most interesting to me. Some of you may remember that one of the facts uncovered by the Watergate Hearings was the long standing place of Naval Intelligence in the installation and maintenance of in the old days the White House's “telecommunications systems,” up to and including the old “Hot line” to the Kremlin. All of the encryption machinery (back then) was under the supervision of Naval Intelligence. They installed all the Information Technology, Operated the Information Technology and Maintained the Information Technology. So, as we learned during the Watergate hearings, that primitive recording system Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon operated in the White House was installed, operated and maintained by Naval Intelligence. Naval Intelligence has been on the cutting edge of IT development for 8 decades. There is little reason to believe things are different now. After all, the most powerful computers in the world are not operated by the N.S.A., but by Naval Intelligence.

I've given you that background so you can understand what I see when I read the next paragraph. This is from the publication, “The Hill.”

“Among the other facets of the White House that will be refurbished are the Navy mess kitchen, (That's nice. And the fact that the Navy has a separate mess in the White House lends a lot of credence to information I just shared. Naval Intelligence runs the day to day physical operations of the White House.) "The next thing on the list is . . . wait for it . . . a restaurant in the West Wing run by" who? The U.S. Navy.

They immediately ripped out, the entire Information Technology System (IT) in all of the West Wing. Sooooo, It appears that the purpose of this “major renovation” is the complete replacement of the entire Naval Intelligence White House Information Technology operation, and taking no chances they have invaded other areas of the White House exclusively controlled by Naval Intelligence, the Naval Mess, and a Restaurant in the West Wing run by the Navy. That's what is publicly reported.

We know from the nature of the animal that much of what is happening at the White House is Classified. So in real terms, we cannot know how deeply this purging and debugging of the White House goes. We know that specifically in the West Wing it is a deep purging. We also know that the largest part of the West Wing is underground, and few have a clue of the massive operations complex under the White House. It is not just as you have been told, a few communications bunkers and escape tunnels.

We know from the reports last year that Trump planned this gutting of the West Wing from the beginning. The more Trump operates the more the image of him as the verbose Orange Man with the funny hair recedes and the purposeful calculated genius appears. I can give the example of Trump's genius using the Sunni Arab Nations to help take down CIA/Globalist/Rogue operations in Syria and Iraq, and isolating their base in Qatar, and further, Trump smiling while he signed the Congressional/Russia Sanctions, knowing he was giving Vladimir Putin political cover to GUT the Soros/CIA operation in Moscow by kicking 755 of their agents out of Russia. Of course, these were reported as "American Diplomats and support staff." Problem is, as has been reported, we were not supposed to have that many "Diplomats" in Moscow. Remember when people are expelled from a country as Persona non grata, they have to be identified by NAME.

So the media is speculating:
While the renovations may have been planned for months, the timing is extremely interesting, especially when you consider that General Kelly was recently named the new chief of staff. I don't believe this at all. So, let me give you a different scenario.

Trump realized when the transcripts of his supposedly “secure” communications with the leaders of Mexico and Australia were published, that the Deep State had the White House Secure Systems compromised. There was no choice but GUT the West Wing, rip out ALL the Telecommunications Systems, all the Information Systems, rip out anything and everything that was under the control of Naval Intelligence, and start from scratch.

Why is this so important? If you don't know pay attention. You cannot govern without secure communications, both secure communications within the White House itself, between the president and all his advisers and department heads, but most especially between the President and his Military commander and between himself and foreign leaders. Without secure communications, every foreign and domestic enemy can preempt you, thwart you, counter your every move before you decide to make it, while you are deliberating and coming to your conclusion. Secure communications for the President is as vital as the security of our own circulatory-vascular system in our own bodies. If it is leaking, we are in trouble. The POWER, the force of the American Presidency was directly challenged by those two leaked transcripts of his conversations, his negotiation with foreign leaders. The Deep State CIA Psyops Media made a big deal out of the fact that in those conversations "Trump appeared weak."

THINK! In negotiations when you hold the lion's share of the power, and you are seeking cooperation from people who hold far less power, but can be cooperative or stubbornly recalcitrant, is your best option to try to boss them around, or to paint yourself in the same boat with them, just trying to figure out how everyone mutually wins? If you are not familiar with the psychology of “win/win” read about it. In fact, read Donald Trump's book, “the Art of the Deal” and better than that Sun Tsu's “The Art of War,” or Machiavelli's work by the same title “The Art of War.” Negotiations require strategies that REQUIRE secure communication or you cannot govern. Hear me, OR you cannot govern.

The leaking and publishing of these two transcripts, that prompted the quick action by the Administration to GUT the West Wing, was not an attack on Donald Trump, or even on “President Donald J. Trump” but was a frontal attack upon our form of Government, an assault upon the Power of the Executive Branch, and a crippling assault upon one of the three branches of our Government, an attack upon the OFFICE and Legitimate Authority of the Presidency. That is why you saw both Republicans and Democrats condemning this action of the Deep State.

So what we know, is this episode in American History confirms the fact that the legitimate Government of the United State, together with the American people are operating a War Of Independence from the Deep State, that has been in complete control of both the American government and the American People since November 22nd, 1963. That was the day the Deep State accomplished a Coup d'etat and overthrew the legitimate Government of the United States.

Now follow me. The Deep State Marxists got push-back from the Legitimate Government, in a decade the Legitimate Government had the CIA before Congress and the controlling mechanisms were exposed; the fact that the CIA controlled the Media, exposed; that they were running hellish Mind War experiments on the American people and people all over the globe, exposed. That they had not only engaged in the over-through of multiple democratically elected leaders, they operated targeted assassinations. They had a hit squad. And history has exposed to those of us outside the FAKE NEW Matrix, that they assassinated, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy, Congressman Larry McDonald, and a slew of others.

Literally while the Church Committee Hearings were happening in the Senate, exposing the CIA/Deep State Apparatus, and the Pike Committee Hearings were happening in the House, exposing the CIA/Deep State Apparatus, the Deep State did an end run, and created right before our eyes the new form of their control, called the National Emergencies Act, passed on September the 14th, 1976.

That push back in the seventies was destroyed by the Reagan administration when he chose for his Vice President one of the Blood Line of the Godless Globalist Luciferian System, George H.W. Bush, who was groomed by the Deep State from early childhood, his father and uncle part of the cabal that created the Modern iteration of the Deep State. George HW Bush's first company Zapata Oil was a CIA Front operation, and guess what, that is how Rafael Cruz ended up in Canada running an oil exploration company, rushed out of the U.S., following the assassination of J.F.K. With Bush's control of both foreign policy and international covert operations, he managed to take control of the Nation's K-12 Education System (reference the very well documented work of Charlotte Iserbyt. (The Dumbing Down of Americans). Further George H.W. Bush set up the first "no choice" Presidential Elections.

What do I mean by no choice?
At the end of Reagan's second term George H.W. Bush understanding how brainwashed the American population was, knew that the Democrats did not have a viable candidate and with the massive resources of the media, immediately turned Dukakis (A Neo-Liberal Puppet) into a Clown. He never recovered, he was destroyed in that election. They operated a Ritual Defamation psyop on him. They planted in everyone's mind that Dukakis was a clown.

And the next election, What was the Choice? The Former Head of the CIA, an early agent of the Modern Deep State going back to the 1950s, or a Totally CIA invented person, and Deep State CIA Puppet, Bill Clinton, a coke-head and notorious pervert. No Choice, a Globalist Neo-Con, or a Globalist Neo-Liberal. The REAL choice of that year, Ross Perot, was not ARMED, and was mind-controlled, and went and hid out on his ranch, frightened he and his family were about to be assassinated.

The then next Election Bob Dole, ( a deep state puppet or not, I don't know) against the Deep State Puppet Bill Clinton. This time Ross Perot was used under duress as a vote spitter to keep Clinton in power.

2000, Bush – Gore. Two groomed Globalist Puppets.

2004, George W Bush and John Kerry, two Luciferian Globalists "Born Again" in the Crypt room Skull and Bones.

2008, John McCain, the most power Neo-Con Globalist Puppet, literally the BOY of George Soros, financed by him, and Barrack Obama, a totally CIA INVENTED person, and BOY of George Soros and the rest of the Globalist Cartel.

2012 the Globalist Mormon Puppet, Mitt Romney and the Totally CIA Invented Person and Globalist Jihadi Puppet, Barrack Obama.

You know in your gut, that 2016 you were supposed to get the Globalist Puppet, grandson of one the founders of the Modern Iteration of Globalism, Jeb Bush or the Globalist War Mongering Zombie, and Luciferian Hillary Clinton. Always, the choice has been, Globalist A, or Globalist B.

Instead, Trump SMASHED the system. In doing so he started our Second War of Independence. And this time it is not the British from whom we intend to extricate our Liberty, but the New World Order Oligarchs, who took partial power with an assassination in 1963, and full power by the National Emergencies Act in 1976, and have ruled with an iron fist ever since.

However, now we have elected our George Washington who in this new war of independence, is both President and Commander and Chief, and he has already won several very important battles. If you want to understand the battle victories so far, scroll down on my Bond Robin Channel and watch Donald Trump's Six Month Report Card. (Or click on this link)

So, as you see, there is a War of Independence raging, and when Trump Isolated the CIA's operations in Qatar, and GUTTED their largest covert operation in history in Syria, in effect GUTTING the CIA's Jihadi Legions that have been harassing the innocent people of the middle east, and creating Christian Genocide (I do not exaggerate here) and creating Christian Genocide, they turned on him and attempted to castrate him, by removing from him his ability to govern. Presently working out of his own resort, Trump is operating the government upon emergency backup status, of this, I am certain since all the technology of the White House GUTTED. Folks, this IS WAR. Stop watching the enemy's media, and learn the truth about what is happening.

As Rex Christi says, “At this moment, Trump's success is our only hope.” If Trump does not succeed, we will not long have a nation, we will quickly become a sharia compliant, dhimmi vassal state in the Globalist Collective and Lucifer will be in charge of your health, your home, your community, your schools, your universities, and we will enter a period of techno-dark ages, about which NO human has truly envisioned it horrors. It will be a sub-human age, and humanity might never recover.

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