Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Breitbart Dot Com


NOTICE: Andrew Breitbart is not channeling from the grave. He has been DEAD for four years, and a world of disclosures and events have happened since then.

 Anything that Andrew Breitbart has to say, was in a context of 20 percent of the knowledge we hold four years later.

  Those people who paid his WIDOW for the rights to his brand name and the name Breitbart Dot Com - are NOW the mind behind the name.

  Who is that mind, who is NOW behind the Breitbart Brand Name? He is the Open Borders, Globalist, Hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer.

When you see the name Breitbart, you MUST erase from your mind Andrew, who was our hero, who we all loved, and replace it with the image of this man. This Open Borders, Globalist, Hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer, who OWNS Ted Cruz.


  1. Mercer's high risk investment has turned out to be a bona fide natural born citizen of Canada and ineligible for the office of President.

  2. Wondering if Mercer hedged his bet? Jeb maybe? (bwahahah)

  3. Cruz a vote splitter with a built in "Kill Switch." Financed by the establishment in the tens of millions of dollars. Just like a few weeks ago they pulled Carson's kill switch to benefit Crux. The comical thing is that instead of the Establishment pulling Cruz's kill switch, to benefit Rubio, Jeb or Christie, AS soon as Donald Trump learned he was beating Cruz with the Evangelical vote two to one, Trump pulled the kill switch. You are going to see Cruz's campaign implode. Mercer's Brietbart, is publishing articles now questioning Cruz's "natural born" status. Cruz is toast.


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