Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Katy Turd@Trump Marshalltown, IA Rally

I watched ten minutes of the Chris Matthews' show on MSNBC, this evening (replay) and I can't remember when I enjoyed so much, watching CIAmerican Media.

Katy Tur(d) a lesbian, who is totally offending by Donald Trump's Alpha Male existence, grimaced into the camera hoping to go for a Trump "Kill Shot," hoping to paint him as cringing before the threat of interrogation by the FEARSOME Megyn Kelly. <smile>  She was reporting live from Trump's Marshalltown, IA, rally.  She HATED on her last entry to confirm that the Alpha Male, Donald Trump took a definitive Alpha Male stance and would NOT be participating in the FOX News, Faux Debate on Thursday, January 28th, 2016.

The mere fact that an Alpha Male EXISTS, reminds Katy, that she does not have a penis, and has to fall back on the replicas, the plastic models from her on-line sex store, which she can strap-on.   
Chris Matthews on the other hand, finds Trump's Alpha Male existence interesting even admirable. Yes, he admires Trump, and secretly wishes he had a tenth of Trump Maleness. Chris Matthews LOVES the fact that the Alpha Male Donald Trump is confounding Fox News. Trump's confounding of Fox News, gives Chris a Tingle up his leg and possibly . . . likely a hard-on.

Chris, HATES Fox News with a passion, because they have hammered him for eight years, with his "tingle up my leg" reaction to Obama's canned teleprompter speech at the Democrat National Convention in 2008, where he expressed getting a hard-on. . . I mean a tingle up his leg, from the magical Oral . . I mean Oratory of one Barack Obama. He was giddy that night, like a little girl, who will never recover even a hint of his Alpha Male potential.

It has had REAL consequences upon Chris Matthews' career; marginalizing him to the swamp of MSNBC, instead of his rightful place as an NBC Anchor. Chris Matthews is a natural talent, and if it were not for his "cuteness" . . . his willingness to be "cute" for the leftist agenda, he would have naturally inherited the dignified role of this man. But Chris screwed the tingly-leg Obama pooch. So sad.

The dynamic of Ms Turd's live shots at Trump's Marshalltown, IA, rally, is she wants to paint Trump as weak and cowardly, afraid of the slut, Megyn Kelly.  (A meme that is ludicrous on the face of it.)

For these people, these sad leftist mouthpieces of the Controlled Opposition, the left side of the Hegelian Dialectic, the feud between Fox News and Donald Trump is like the battle between the Terminator and the Alien.

Well,  except Chris Matthews is part Terminator and understands Donald Trump's Alpha Male existence and admires it, and Katy Tur(d) is more than part Alien to human nature, and HATES Donald Trump's Alpha Male REALITY and existence with every fiber of her being, knowing in her gut, she envies it, and can never BE it.

What strange times in which we live.

Roger Ailes/Fox News Obituary

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