Friday, January 29, 2016

Sacrifices Hidden and Ignored.

I composed this picture yesterday afternoon in a glow and gloat, watching the media storm.  It was amazing because this time, instead of it being a calculated meme they were playing over and over in their psy-opts regimen, they were all off their game, wondering what Donald Trump was going to do. They were all tentative about their predictions instead of their usual cock-sure acts. Pundit after pundit had to admit that they were clueless about what was really going to happen.

The CIAmerican Media was so freaked, the evening before they sent out their psy-opts "confuse and defuse" operation and Alex Jones confidently announced that Trump had made a deal with Fox and would be at the debate.  Then he said a lot of other screwy stuff, like he always does, so that by the end he could claim that he had said anything, by pulling out the 20 second portion that would prove it. But here is the open audio of that announcement.


The Trump team left them with near silence, as they pondered, "Will he really skip the debate?"  "Will he arrive at the last moment?" etc., etc.  I think the Alex Jones stunt was to try to get a response from the Trump team.  They got crickets . . chirp, chirp. 

When I found out that Trump had issued a very short statement on the afternoon of the debate, saying, "My plane will arrive at x point at y time, and I will take the stage at z time" etc, I knew that Trump was in total control not just of the debate, but the entire media and had already won, not just the debate but the evening. In my mind I could literally picture the results of the debate; that it would look like a kitty show, two thirds of the energy sucked from the room and that anyone who dutifully watched it, out of loyalty to their particular Meat Puppet, would see the old politics as usual, canned idiots spouting practiced one liners, trying to look natural, as the moderators appeared like Olympic god's firing their questions like bolts of lightening from on high.  

I knew the "trap" would be revealed, which they had set for Trump. I knew this because I knew that for appearance sake, he could not be the only one sandbagged.  So we saw the new sandbagging device employed, which was edited video of the candidates taking positions presently denied. This tool is very dangerous since so many times the truth is destroyed in the editing, or as I sometimes say, the truth is in the eye of the editor. As we all know the "truth" is in the eye of the psy-opts media handlers.

What I wasn't prepared for, and what has cost me a night's sleep is the profound impact of Trump simple veterans event, and the genius of it. (As I sat death watch for a favorite cousin.)  It took me off stride, as I watched it, wondering why the production value was really poor.  It left me writing this about 11pm last evening:

BTW, have any of you noticed, how totally absent of Psy-Opts glitz and Hollywood type phony production Trump's "events" are? Except for recorded music played for the waiting crowds, there is NOTHING show business, or Broadway Stage about it. It is most times a single man walking on stage and talking. Even tonight's Veterans Event, was low key, still very moving. Especially John Wayne Walden's speech." That was all I could process then. Then the tears started to flow. I'm not talking about John Boehner's primping unresolved childhood issue tears, or any other self absorbed drivel

No, I'm talking about subconscious deep grief, causing tears, while the conscious mind is wondering what is irritating the eyes?  Slowly over night the weight of it caught me, the cost of the carnage of our Criminal Government, the human suffering cause by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the cold calculation of George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton, always sneaking the war dead home, in their draped coffins in the middle of the night, the sight censored from the media, barely allowing any mention of it, censored, under the authority of National Emergency provisions, 1976 National Emergencies Act.

In this sick censored STATE, just like they painted the parent-actors of Sandy Hook as "light and life" and spouting New Age Bovine Excrement, with insanely gleeful eyes, they did the same with Veterans, and created only the "positive stories" always celebrating the "heroes," picking out the "wounded warriors" whose stories were inspirational, but most times lacked realism, just like the Sandy Hook parents.

Watching John Wayne Walden pacing the stage last evening, like a caged tiger, on one real and one artificial leg, as he recited the time place and graphic nature of his injuries, a very gritty and brave speech, describing the difficulties of retaining his manhood, continuing to be a father and husband, facing the dark night of the soul and surviving it, only to face the everyday struggles, "how to earn a living for his family." He spoke of the frustration of waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to just walk to the bathroom. That image hit me hard.

Physical handicaps and struggles, assault the soul everyday.  The loss of any previously solid skill, to injury, stays with you.  He talked of wanting to play soccer which his son, and not being able to. What the "show" highlighted was the fact that on average 22 veterans commit suicide everyday, because of physical/mental struggles.

I have railed against the massive carnage wrought by our Criminal Government's operation of wars for empire building, unnecessary, and barbaric, creating a genocide and ethnic cleansing of Christians in the Middle East, and Africa, and ten times that much suffering upon the Muslims of the region. I have railed against the waste and maiming of our best, brightest young, to accomplish this Dystopian insanity. It is not as if I have NOT been in the presence of many wounded warriors. I've spent a lot of time talking to and listening to vets, many who were seriously wounded.  I met a young woman, who had lost both legs, was headed home for R&R, before being fitted with her artificial legs.  The military had assigned a soldier to carry her when needed, and wheel her otherwise, on her journey. She could not have weighed a hundred pounds. I wrote about her.  I instantly love her, we talked for three hours.  I could see she enjoyed opening up to a "safe" old man - a father figure. We have kept in touch these several years. 
I remain very impressed by her courage and bravery. Two separate concepts you know. Courage is the moral commitment to face everyday with resolve, even if it means placing oneself in harms way.  Bravery is what is exhibited in the battle.   To my great surprise about a year after our 'in person' conversation, she returned to active duty.

So what struck me about Trump's Veterans Event, more than Donald Trump's Maestro-like Mastery of the media, was that rather than use the event for self-aggrandizement, as is the ubiquitous charge against him, he used it as an opportunity to circumvent the Emergency Powers censorship, and back the hearse up, and the ambulance up, and let the American people hear and see a single example of the real COST of their previous apathy, allowing the NeoCon and Marxist Globalists take control, without rising up!  He exposed them to the human side and the lasting damage of the cost of NEEDLESS war in a way that has been absent from the CIAmerican Media since 9/11/01.

So my tears are not tears of grief. I'm long past grieving; I've grieved for this nation for decades. No, these are tears of cold and determined anger, that I hope are shared by tens of millions across this wounded Nation.  It is time to save our Nation as a Nation, to un-scatter it from its Globalist Empire building and bring its broken and wounded home.

We have a Nation to SAVE, NOT a world to save. And in this knowledge:We will NOT Stand Down.  
We will NOT be Silenced. 
We will NOT accept the present Emergency Power Tyranny.  
WE WILL SEE Constitutional Governance Restored to our Republic and International Financial Interests, and their Dystopian goals and CARNAGE Removed from our Government and our LAND. 
So Help Me God! 




Donald Trump President 2016!

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