Sunday, January 24, 2016

Dystopian Orthodoxy HATES Donald Trump


The question is: Do we want National Sovereignty, that is to save our Nation as a Nation, or do we want to continue down the path of Dissolution of Sovereignty and accept Globalist Dystopia?  This is not an Orthodox Question.  You will NEVER hear this VITAL question discussed on any of the CIAmerican Media. The underlying philosophy is that Globalist Empire is simply irresistible, a foregone conclusion in the context of every conversation on air, and every article written in the Dystopian Media and that anyone who resists it is simply CRAZY.  

FACE THE NATION, A young commentator just opined that the reason for the Trump Phenomenon (doing something NEVER done before in the history of primary elections), is that "we are in a climate, where if you say something stupid you rise in the polls." 
I've heard this echoed by people on the right and people on the left and people in the middle. One can't help but ask what such people hold in common that they would parrot one another in this thought. It is further curious since polls show besides Trump's massive lead with Republicans and people on the Right, that Trump has wider support among democrats and independents and minorities, than any Republican candidate on record. So what is that common "something" held by those who believe as our young commentator does that Trump's success is due to the stupidity of his supporters.

I would submit that this young man may sincerely believe what he said. For him raised in Cultural Marxist Psychological Conditioning, called Political Correctness, and taught WHAT to think, instead of gaining Classical Education that taught critical analysis, based upon facts, that a great deal of what Trump says must seem to him the speech of an Alien Being, outside his ability to process, outside the artificial mental bubble of Political Correctness created for him, in him.

I would challenge all these people and say, "What if, it is your perceptions that are ill informed?" They would immediately reject that with pride and anger, because they have their particular level of education, they watch all the CIAmerican Media, they are familiar with all the Dystopian Orthodox books, and read the Dystopian Orthodox periodicals, all INSIDE the P.C. Bubble and believe themselves extraordinarily well informed.

I would challenge all these people and say, "What if, the Politically Correct Bubble, which I also call, Globalist Dystopian Orthodoxy, does not match reality?" They, being brainwashed, that is a concept that cannot and will not compute, except to say I have made a stupid statement.

I would challenge all these people and say, "Do you honestly believe that the only acceptable thoughts are the thoughts commonly accepted? Has there ever been a time in history, and the history of a nation that what most of the population believed proved to be false?" Again prideful dismissal - a conditioned response. 
Then I would submit to them, that rather than Donald Trump being the stupid man, the mad man, the next Hitler, as some very prominent but ignorant and/or "conditioned" talking heads have opined. Instead WE are presently in our NAZI period, having wrecked havoc across the Globe from the time of George Herbert Walker Bush, through the time of Clinton, GW Bush and Obama, actually creating a genocide of Christians, cooperating with, financing and arming those who have been slaughtering and persecution Christians and ten times the number of innocent Muslims. And Donald Trump is our path out of this Dystopian Globalist NAZI Orthodoxy, offering us SANE and RATIONAL Patriotic America FIRST Nationalism, Economic Sovereignty and a return to the foundations of our Culture that create a Strong and Open Society.

ISIS is the Blunt Instrument of the Anglo-American/Muslim Brotherhood NEW WORLD ORDER.

You might ask:  If P.C. Brainwashing drives Donald Trump's critics on the right, left and middle, what unites Donald Trumps supporters that are from the same demographic. After all, Trump's very strong supporters are both conservative and liberal, few "libertarians" but many, many independents.  The answer is simple.  The CORE of Traditional American Conservatism and the CORE of Classical American Liberalism are the same. That CORE is National Sovereignty, without that, all else is over. Globalism is an existential threat to that CORE.

Let us be perfectly clear. All the Utopian models offered to mankind have proved brutal and cost the lives of millions, tens of millions and hundreds of millions of people and George H.W. Bush's New World Order, and the outgrowth of that, the Project for the New American Century, is no exception to the rule. 
Mankind cannot create Utopia, only Dystopian HELL, (World Communism, Crony Capitalism, NAZISM, and NWO-ism all prove this) and this time we have wounded Europe, maybe beyond repair, and completely destroyed the greater part of the Middle East and North Africa.  
And because of the Left/Right Hegelian Con Game the Globalists have used to control American Politics and Government, for a generation or more, every time we have voted for president we have simply been choosing between different levels of Globalist Evil. With an America FIRST Nationalist at the top of all the polls, this is the first time in my voting-life that the choice is something besides Dystopia EVIL, and the carnage and heartbreak it represents. 

Why do you think that Donald Trump's heart is so drawn to the wounded warrior?  It is not JUST that these brave men stood and fought, willing to sacrifice all for their NATION. There may be some personal guilt in this as well, that he didn't speak out loud enough in his objection to the Second Iraq War, that he waited to run for President, when in his gut he knew what was coming down on us all. In any case, it is the recognition that so many were needlessly used, so many maimed, so many destroyed, for the Goals of Dystopian Evil, and NOT for the protection of our Nation as a Nation.
VOTE TRUMP 2016.  Help us bring the Dystopian Madness to an end.  Help us break the bonds of P.C. Mental Conditioning and restore common sense to our Children and Grand Children. Help us destroy the Cultural Marxist Apparatchik that controls and is destroying American Education.  Help us heal and save our broken and suffering Nation. 


  1. the clear choice was rand paul, but now we get lesser of two evils again, way to go

    1. You have not been paying close attention, since Rand Paul CLEARLY sold out, proving himself an open borders Globalist hauling water for Jeb Bush.


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