Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Trump the Paradigm-Shifter

Necessary New Political Language. BDT - Before Donald Trump. ADT - After Donald Trump. Donald Trump has so thoroughly change the political model, the paradigm in which elections were understood and totally rigged and controlled, has so thoroughly SMASHED that system, and the media's part in it, that this new language is necessary to explain it. BDT and ADT.

Fox New's most watched show, Bill O'Reilly on a very, very good night will draw an audience of 5 million. The good numbers for MSNBC are in the mere hundreds of thousands. That is the BDT political world, and add to it the NeoCon rags and talking head radio and altogether in a days time they are all having a GREAT day if they COLLECTIVELY reach 20 million people.

Donald Trump tweets a thought and more than Ten Million people instantly get it, direct communication without editorial filter. Add to that the other more or less instant communication devices Facebook, etc. and the number he reaches directly, if not in instant time, in a matter of minutes for most, is more than 20 million people. All that is re-tweeted, and shared and otherwise passed along and who knows the total number of people in the U.S. and around the world that are interested and know what he has communicated, within moments of him expressing a thought . . . surely the number exceeds a Hundred Million.

This is the ADT model, and we will never again return to the BDT model. Trump is a paradigm shift in politics and the only Candidate operating in the New ADT paradigm. An article in the Hill points this out very well, written by a man named, Eddie Zipperer. I've included the link.…/267142-why-trump-has-already-won-tomor…

Trump who IS the news, will not miss out on anything by not attending the Republitard Debate, and it will merely be an example of Trump operating in the ADT world, and the Debate stuck in the ancient BDT world. Amazingly True.

This is not just a movement, it is a political and social paradigm shift. 

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  1. The presidential debate paradigm has been a joke for many election cycles. The journalists set themselves up as prissy moderators with their dos and don'ts, their time limits and buzzers and bells, and it was inevitable that someone would eventually come along and smash it up. Frankly I'm glad to see it go -- the debates we got were hardly Lincoln-Douglas affairs, and more like dog shows officiated by fussy "experts".... In an age in which everything is held up to question and challenge, why not the format of these joke debates as well?


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