Saturday, January 23, 2016

Teddy Cruz: My favorite FAKEspearian Orator!

TED CRUZ SUPPORTERS, who have harangued me for MONTHS, claiming that Teddy would be Trump's Vice Presidental choice. (Especially you IDIOTS who are so stupid that you presented yourself to me as BOTH a Trump AND Cruz supporter) I've told you for those MONTHS that you were dreaming, and that Trump was fully aware that Ted Cruz is a Globalist SNAKE.

Guess what?

This afternoon in Iowa, Trump stated that not only would he not choose the Globalist Puppet, Teddy Cruz for his V.P., but also, that were Ted the nominee he would not VOTE for him.
Way to go DONALD!
I have told you MANY times that I would not VOTE for Cruz either, under any circumstances.

If the Dystopian Globalists Psychopaths gave me the choice of voting for Ted Cruz or 20 years in prison (for me a life sentence) I would not vote for Teddy.
If the Dystopian Globalist psychopaths gave me the choice of voting for Ted Curz or DEATH. I would NOT vote for Ted Cruz.

Why? Do I hate Ted Cruz?
I do not hate Ted Cruz, rather, I RECOGNIZE HIM. He is a sad case, an opportunist son of an opportunist liar. The Son of a Father who holds NO relationship to the Truth. A Father whose entire life narrative is a LIE.

Rafael Cruz, Ted's Dad, discovered that he could support himself and his family, on the Evangelical Revival Circuit, with a totally invented biography and testimony. He created such an impressive Circus ACT that it drew the attention of Paul Weyrich and the CIA. THEY create Rafael Edward Cruz, a CIA invented person, groomed to be a Puppet of the Dystopian Globalist Elites.

I DO NOT HATE Ted Cruz. For me he is a victim of horrendous evil. That makes him sympathetic in my eyes, a poor unfortunate to be pitied, but it still totally disqualifies him for ANY public office in my eyes. I would not trust him to be my lawyer, must less my president.

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