Friday, January 15, 2016

POLITICAL BLINDNESS: Hypnotized Submission

I have written many times in the last six months this following statement:
Here is what true American Patriotic Liberals and true Patriotic American Traditional Conservatives SHARE, which is different than what Neo Conservatives and Marxist Leftist share.

Now don't laugh, there are Patriotic Liberals.  John F. Kennedy was one.  He was a patriotic nationalist that was not guided by some internationalist utopian ideology. He thoroughly believed in the Constitutional Rights of every individual. 

Here is what True Liberals (not Marxist Leftists Globalists) and Traditional Conservative (not Neo-Conservative Globalists) share:

(1) True Sovereignty, which is Sovereignty in military command, Sovereignty in Governmental and Political matters, which includes economic Sovereignty
(2) Truly Secure Borders, because without secure borders none of the above are possible
(3) Exercise of that sovereignty creates protection American Business and Industry.
(4) Which as a secondary effect protects both the American Middle Class and American Labor.
(5) Respect for the Bill of Rights, and all Constitutional Principles.

NeoCons and Leftist Marxist share the goal of Utopian Empire Building. And they are willing to make America and Americans suffer any price both in body bags and in wealth to accomplish their Conquest of the World. The Bush's New World Order, and Universal Marxism are the SAME THING. That is World Government Controlled by the Globalist Financiers.

Trump is challenging this "empire building." He has a 30 plus year history of standing against Globalist Policies that have destroyed the American Middle Class, caused nearly 30 percent REAL unemployment (according to the President of Gallop) and plunged our Children and Grand Children into generational debt slavery. Trump is an America FIRST nationalist, and his willingness to take the abuse (and real dangers) of this presidential run proves he is also a Patriot.

Real people, not leftist ideologues on the left, have the ability to recognize the glossy veneer of the Neo Con Globalists, who wrap their Globalism in a blanket of warm fuzzy God, Country, Mom and Apple Pie hypocrisy.  (George Bush, Ted Cruz as examples.) They more than most conservatives quickly came to understand what was happening in our country as our was Republic conquered by Globalist Power. They had the villain of George W. Bush whose very persona irked them, making it easier for them to see the "wizard behind the curtain of shiny hypnotic illusions."

Conversely, Real people, not Neo-Conservative ideologues on the right, have the ability to recognize the fake glossy veneer of the Leftist/Marxist Globalists, who wrap their Globalism in bleeding heart sentimentality (example Obama's recent tears as he tries to further his gun confiscation agenda), whose every visible concern is for the "people" who are unable to care for themselves, the challenges of the needy and the handicapped and the environment.  They more than Liberals quickly came to understand what was happening in our country as our broken Republic was purposely weakened and humiliated by the power of Globalism, as our rights were systematically removed.   Of course they had the villain of Barack Hussein Obama whose very persona irked them, making it easier for them to see the "wizard behind the curtain of shiny hypnotic illusions."   

It is high time that we stopped being political children, naive, stupid and hypnotized into submission to powers that mean us NO good.  It is time that we begin to see that the American Patriots on the Left, and the American Patriots on the RIGHT, share a challenge to reconstruct Constitutional LIBERTY,  to breath the democratic processes and rule of law, (not of men) back into the Branches of our Republic, to shatter the Globalist Control Mechanisms that have been set in place and have Crippled America.

Donald Trump is not running for the office of President, that is just the visible side of what is happening. Trump and the Movement behind him is mounting a counter-revolution, to UNDO-the Marxist Globalist Apparatchik installed in our nation by BOTH George W. Bush and his Czars, and Barack Hussein Obama and his Commissars.  Be not blinded by hypnotic delusion, we HAVE experienced a very sophisticated Coup D'Etat, and the true power of our Congress and Courts has been destroyed.  Nothing BUT a peaceful counter-revolution can place us on the road to liberty, without blood running in the streets.  Were we to fail in the next months to properly mount this peaceful counter-revolution, that has already begun with these mass rallies, that now has to move into overwhelming the political process,  . . . Well,  I can't even state the reality of such failure, the cost in blood, human suffering and sacrifice. The scope of which would be simply too much to describe in this short note, and too horrible to be believed.

Take the time to view this video, and understand that she tells only HALF of the story.  This was made in 2008, and many on the left and right have been awaken over the last seven years of tyranny and poverty, and Marxist conditioning and lies, we also know part of the story.  It is time we learn ALL of it, so that we fully appreciate what is at stake in THIS election.

READ MORE ABOUT IT:  The Ghost of the Republic


I do NOT like Donald Trump

Massive Media Psy-Opts: Destroy Trump! He's Finished!

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