Friday, April 7, 2017

Archpriest Symeon here:  Trump's Bombing Syria, the Dumb Fucks, the Reactionaries, the Neo-Con True Believers, the Pie in the Sky Trump supporters, vs a realistic analysis.

Please indulge me for a moment. Thursday, April 6th was an emotional and challenging day for me, for several reasons it left me emotionally raw all day.  The sense of unease was palpable.  The day started with 6 AM driving a Pissit Hound (Pit Bull and Basset Hound Mix), with whom I am in love, 30 miles in early morning rush hour traffic to be spayed, part of the adoption agreement.  When we arrived, we placed her immediately in a "travel crate" and on a huge moving van, loaded with dogs of all sizes and a few cats, headed to some anonymous vet, to be neutered.  I denied every instinct I owned, to honor my wife's wishes, and she was the adoptee.  I wanted to grab that little life and spend the extra three-hundred dollars to our private vet.

The sight of that cage and that moving van summoned up every emotional psychic key the Zionist lobby has spent BILLIONS installing in the psyche of this Baby Boomer.  That Van was a cattle car on the way to Doctor Mengele.  I could hear the screech of the cattle-car wheels against the rusty rails as that van left the little idyllic setting of the Southside Rescue facility.  (A beautiful place by the way.)

All day I experienced "unease" the images of that beautiful and spirited puppy hauled away on that van.

For a NEWS CYCLE, following the False Flag Chemical "bombing" in Syria, I had been struggling with Trump's apparent capitulation to the New World Order Globalist "DIALECTIC."   Why do I emphasize "DIALECTIC"?  Well, because the use of a DIALECTIC and CAPITULATION to an AGENDA are not synonymous.

The most hopeful statement about these events was stated by my friend Rex Christi of Liberty's Thunder Radio ( 8 PM on Sunday evenings) "The target of this operation was not a desert airstrip. Just remember the 'Trump campaign colluded with Russia' bullshit, did not originate with the Democrat Party nor the Fake Stream News; it began in the same place as ISIS: Langley, Virginia."

That statement is fact, i.e. Trump just KILLED the Deep State's Trump/Russian Collusion psyop, by launching a few cruise missiles on a Russian ALLY.  In realistic terms, dialogue with Putin would have been impossible without it.

Speaking emotionally - something I seldom do:
Trust me, it was very difficult listening to the Rubio/Cruz/Jeb Bush supporters who have been PRAISING Trump for his assault on Assad.  It was like waving red in the face of a rutting bull.  These war mongers have nothing to say but, "Oh God Yes, harder, faster  . . . hurt me, if your penis is big enough." They are a society of cucks.

Speaking emotionally - something I seldom do:
Trust me, it was difficult on Facebook seeing how many of my friends are NON-critical thinkers, blindly following the Golden Cafe, Donald Trump.

Speaking emotionally - something I seldom do:
Trust me,  I was difficult seeing how many folks' analysis does not extend past the common mythology Fox is pressing.

Speaking analytically:
I have to paint myself into the category of the reactionaries, at least in part.  NOTHING stung more than hearing Donald Trump mouthing the Neo-Con, Globalist, War Mongering DIALECTIC.  Face it, in the last 48 hours, by surface analysis, Donald Trump has capitulated to every lying Neo-Con War Mongering Meme.

As I said in the beginning, Capitulation to a DIALECTIC and Capitulation to an AGENDA are not synonymous.

Now we are left to discern in time, whether Donald Trump's capitulation was to the Neo-Con DIALECTIC or the Neo-Con Agenda.  If the former is true, it will justify every positive word I have ever written about Donald Trump.   If the latter is true, it will prove me a Fool.

Four dimensional chess vs checkers.  We the public see in checkers terms, but the deep state and Trump are playing four dimensional chess.

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