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Despite a rigged system, Trump was elected to dismantle the Deep State. Yet, whenever his rhetoric or his actions appear to be out of sync with the ideology of his supporters, they become prigs erupting in paroxysms of paranoia. Perturbed by perceived betrayal they bray in a banal salvo of bromides against their own bifurcated perceptions under the pretense of perplexity, which appears to be little more than a pretext for angst breathlessly waiting to be unleashed at the President for his much-anticipated equivocation.

Bannon warned, “If you think they’re going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken…every day, it is going to be a fight.” Our war against the Deep State was never going to be easy, it wasn’t going to be a clean break with globalism. Defeating the New World Order is complicated business and nothing is as it appears to be. Either we leverage the election of Donald Trump or we succumb to invisible tyranny. If we give in to fabricated strategies of tension, we will capitulate to capturing ourselves in our own private gulag, one in which the doors are unlocked, the chains unclasped and the inmates feign to desire escape but only muster enough human will to complain about the entertainment.

A global corporatist empire demands a global currency and military hegemony while appearing to be democratic, liberal and market-oriented. Shadow Government operatives ‘leak’ gossip to the Deep State Media on the Left and the Right in order to move public opinion against our own interests. Within this false dialectic there is no escape. The only question is: can the New World Order matrix be used against the Deep State? This is war. The era of empty talk is over; now is the hour of action!

President Trump declares, “there is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship” and the Deep State trembles. The power is not in the courts, it is not in Congress and it certainly isn’t in an eighteenth-century parchment; the real power is in the stealthily stratified permanent administrative state and the billionaire globalists who fund and guide it. The idiots that killed the Republic and brought us into Empire NEVER expected Trump....he is the Emperor they never wanted. SMASH!

Americans finally have a champion to lead the America First movement and dismantle the fake stream news, the Marxists in both the Democrat and Republican Parties and the military-industrial-intelligence complex-the real enemy-the Shadow Government embedded in the Deep State and the entire hidden apparatus of the nearly defunct New World Order globalists. The stage is set for regime change right here at home simultaneously yielding financial collapse and genocide across the globe to end America First and nascent nationalist movements resulting in the restoration of the New World Order.

The lines have been drawn.

The gauntlet is thrown.

The Lion has roared....

...this is war...

...Release the Kraken....SMASH!!!!

Politics is about power; Trump has the power. Will he hold it and use it to restore America, or will you allow it to be taken back by the globalist oligarchs?

The globalist establishment’s lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, technocrats, propagandists, useful idiots and their fellow travelers on both the left and the right hide in the shadows of the Deep State apparatus embedded inside what appears to be the Federal Government, free press and independent think tanks; they will continue to undermine, thwart and attempt to defeat Trump and the America First movement. Victory is ours, but only if we never let up. Ladies and gentlemen, we are at WAR.

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  1. Following Trump Syria bombing despite the loud roar from his base, 96 percent of Trump voters are saying they would vote for Trump again. In fact in the internal of the poll, Trump is getting 60 to 70 percent approval on key issues. (Reported by ABC)


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