Monday, April 10, 2017

The Trump Paradigm. Until you get this, you cannot have a clue what is really happening and you will remain "reactionary" constantly "triggered" by the FAKE NEWS narrative.

I wrote this to a friend yesterday and I think it is apropos to all defeatist comments. People do not realize that we have moved into a new paradigm and judging present events by the history and patterns of past events simply does not work to create any TRUE assessment or analysis.  Most people living today have spent their entire life with the Globalist Elite in power, controlling everything. They are clueless what a challenge to that power looks like and what sort of asymmetrical warfare has to be fought for LIBERTY.

"Immediately following Trump's election I told you that for the first time in many years I was in uncharted territory. I realized that the game had been so consistently rigged for so long, I could look like a prophet/genius while being actually intellectually lazy - the plot and the mechanisms had become so clear, it was like boring plodding evil, obvious to the spiritual intellect and "reason" . . . then Trump won. I said that the next day to you, expressed my unease and called it, "uncharted territory." It took me two days of fasting and prayer before I could write the entry, which has proved profoundly prophetic, "Trump Victory - The NEW CIVIL WAR."

"Now in this uncharted territory, inside the most sophisticated, convoluted and complex war to be waged in human history (I wrote that today or yesterday) we are left to find center gravity, be anchored when everything seems an illusion and or chaos. The anchor is prayer, honest assessment, and the right kind of non-delusional HOPE, the kind that requires THE FAITH, ONCE and For All, delivered unto the saints. The unease is GOOD, it proves the events are not the same plodding evil, everything is moved to a new paradigm AS WE KNEW IT WOULD BE, removing all our stock and canned answers and assumptions, causing us to both reason and intuit, with a modicum of FAITH. Without it, we are merely reactionaries, and wasting our breath."

With this new paradigm in mind, here are two videos you need to watch to have a clue what is really happening.

This history of the CIA in Syria.

The meaning of Donald Trump bombing an Airstrip in Syria.

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